Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Great Topps MCG trade and group break reminder

Reminder:  BUY BUY BUY

Georgia Mindset's group break team slots are going fast, so act now!  2010 Topps Chrome and Triple Threads, you know you want them. 

This MCG trade offer...DOESN'T suck?!

Peep this, loyal readers:

If it's a little hard to tell, I'm trading my '63 Topps Dom Demeter for a '59 Gus Triandos.  This might very well be the first card I've been offered for the Demeter that isn't A) 1989 Topps B) 1987 Topps C) 1989 Topps or any other unequal junk.  What's not to like with this deal?  I'm gaining four years and something like $3 in value, I've actually heard of Triandos and I could use more 1950s stuff in my collection (ie I might actually get this one, among others, shipped to me, if you can imagine) since the only other one I know of is on the MCG as well, a '58 Topps Don Ferrarese (vintage Topps Don's FTW!).  A close-up:

Bonus Triandos fact:  according to, the players he was most similar to when he was 28-31 were two of my favorite former Tigers:  Matt Nokes and Mickey "Greatest Batting Stance In the History of the World" Tettleton.

HT:  the Daily Shiv (apparently defunct)
Anyway I'm sure it's not even in the condition pictured, but still, pretty sweet, definitely the trade I've been waiting for.  Holy crap, enough writing, I'd better accept it before the guy changes his mind!

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  1. I would've signed up for that group break, but someone already up and claimed the Orioles.

    I'm willing to let it slide... this time.