Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another great MCG trade plus more mail stuff

But first...

Get in on Georgia Mindset's 2010 Topps Chrome/Triple Threads group break.  You wanna see some hits?  Here's some, including a nice hit, all from the Blowout Cards forums:
Another day, another great MCG trade

Brian of Play at the Plate had his eyes on my '73 Topps Pat Corrales (I couldn't imagine why) so we worked out a nice mutually beneficial trade.  I won't steal his thunder as he plans about blogging his end of the deal this weekend.  Here's an overview of what went down and my end, though:
As you can (possibly) see, the main attraction for me was the '73 Topps Horton, a nice older Tiger for my collection, and a 1968 champ to boot.  The other two were throw-ins with funny names, but Brian was nice enough to toss those in to make dealing an unusually popular (I'm guessing due to the nice shot) card a great deal for me.  Here's a better look at the Horton for those interested:
Once again, great deal (and easier to make via email than Topps' system, which I may now dub "Anonymous spiteful pissing match guess time".  Thanks again, Mr. PATP!

Mail call

1.  Contest winner Steve gets his package of 2007 Topps Series 1 gravity packs (and a set of the 2005 Topps Chrome A-Rod throwbacks, because why not?).  Enjoy those, Steve, and if you feel like it, let me know how you do.  You might be able to pull another Jeter SP. 

2.  Tim/SpastikMooss of the Great Sports Name HOF finally gets the package I owe him sent his way.  I found a few great sports names, including one of his favorites (God Shamgod) in a '97-'98 Fleer set, and I threw in a couple relics because those are always useful (note to Tim:  I don't think Cliff Floyd has a particularly great sports name, unless you count the fact that he shares a first name with Bill Cosby's best character, and you know, with the hippin' and hoppin' and bippin' and boppin', the kids don't know what the all about!

Anyway, I just threw that in in case you can use it for trade bait).  Enjoy those and thanks again!   


  1. Ooo cool, sounds good to me! I know a lot of the collecting world now treats relics like checklists, but I like them, so the more the merrier!

  2. Sounds great, I'll let you know. Thanks again!