Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015 COMC purchase: Sweet SweetLou's Baadasssss Post

Although Barry Larkin's post featured the most cards, I figured I'd end this series with a bang by posting the 34 new Lou Whitaker cards I nabbed for his PC.  That's nearly four full pages and I managed to fill in a lot of gaps in Lou's run over his entire career, not just from the 80s or 90s alone.  (NOTE:  there's actually 35 cards in the scans below, but I added one via trade before posting these, so I'll note that below.)  Here they are!:
(NOTE:  card #4 in this scan is Whitaker's 1995 Upper Deck base, and that was already sent to me by GCRL in this trade.)

Lots of variety here, from 1984 all the way through 1996, plus a 2014 Leaf buyback numbered 4/5 (which I nabbed for an insane $3.29!).  Mixed in are some Glossy and Tiffany parallels, lots of different brands, and an extremely cool "turn two" photo on his 1996 Upper Deck issue (second-to-last card in the last scan).

Those of you who remember that I'm supercollecting (LOUpercollecting?) Whitaker might be curious how much these additions help with my progress on that project.  Wonder no more, friends:  I now own 174 of his 292, good for almost 60%, and that's before accounting for another little bunch on the way out of my next COMC package!

That's all for this time, but watch for more COMC additions soon (when I get around to scanning 200+ cards), and make sure to check out today's TMM post, one that ends its own COMC series with a bang!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

2015 COMC purchase: Grandy and the Juniors

It's the middle of August and I'm quickly running out of cards from COMC to post, though that won't be a problem in a few days.  In the meantime I have a few cards to show off to y'all today and then one grand PC finale (though I have a few more over at TMM, including this evening's post).  Pennant races are taking shape, September callups are right around the corner, and we haven't quite hit football season yet, so let's have a gander at some baseball PC stuff!
Curtis Granderson 2009 Finest Refractor
I don't find reasonably-priced Granderson inserts on COMC too often, but once in a while I can grab a gem like this Refractor.  I actually already have the base version so this works out nicely.  While more photo and less design would have been preferable to me, I'll still bask in its Refractoriness!
Ken Griffey Jr. 1995 Sportflix Hammer Team and 1997 Topps Season's Best
It's about time I created a tag called "90s inserts rule" because these are excellent examples of the fun stuff collectors could pull during that decade, one where Junior was MLB's deserving poster boy.  The Sportflix Hammer Team card brings to mind Super Mario Bros. 3 while the Topps card also features another example of Kenny's textbook swing!
Cal Ripken Jr. 1993 Leaf Gold Leaf Stars (with Barry Larkin)
Cal Ripken Jr. 1996 Fleer Golden Memories
Here's another pair of Juniors--Cal Juniors.  You saw that first insert in my post from last Sunday, and of course I love cards that double-dip like this one as it features two of my all-time favorites.  I think you can all take a wild guess as to the "Golden Memory" covered on the back of the '96 Fleer insert?  Maybe something that occurred during the '95 season?

Stay tuned for the big finish this week as it'll focus entirely on a baseball PC guy you have yet to see in any of these posts!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

8/2/15 card show report: something old, something else old, something Ginter, something Blue

There's still a COMC post or two to go but since it's already been more than a week I didn't want to forget to cover my haul from the monthly show I attended last Sunday.  There wasn't a lot going on but I still managed to bring home a nice bunch of cards for myself along with some trade bait for a few of you.  I'd say the best stuff is over at TMM this evening, but these are pretty nice too:
Barry Larkin 1996 Score (#5)
After showing off 36 Larkins the other day I suppose just one is a drop in the bucket, but it's still significant to me, even if it's "just" a base card.  This is one of three in that year's Score entry--another typically strong one from that manufacturer--along with this subset.  Make it 314 of the star SS.

Vida Blue-Gene Tenace 1970 Topps RC
I was flipping through my favorite vintage dealer's discount boxes when I saw this excellent multi-star RC.  Old rookies are generally my favorite type of vintage to pick up, especially the multiplayer versions, and you just can't go wrong with this pair of Oakland greats.  Blue might not be a HOFer but he put up nine great seasons with the A's that included an MVP/Cy Young combo of a season in '71 and rings from 72-74.  Tenace, whose #1 comp is former A's/Tiger Mickey Tettleton, was an above-average catcher for a good chunk of his 15-year career, the first eight of which he spent in Oakland.  He won the same rings Blue did and was even named MVP in the '72 tilt.

Jim Northrup-Ray Oyler 1965 Topps RC
A different seller let this other vintage multiplayer RC go for cheap, and I couldn't say no to this rookie of former Tiger great Jim Northrup.  Jim spent the first ten-plus years of his career with Detroit and won a ring with the '68 team.  Oyler, a very light-hitting SS, was also a contributor to that team.  Another great add to my rookie collection!

Curtis Granderson 2007 Topps Allen and Ginter Autographs auto
Lastly, I managed to add another autograph to my Granderson PC.  I dislike about 98% of what Topps does with Allen and Ginter, but these framed autographs are still fantastic.  And can you believe that I picked up this signature of the former Tigers fan favorite at a show about 20 minutes from downtown Detroit for just $4?  My 85th Granderson is my 6th hit of the current Mets slugger and just my second featuring his signature.

Here's hoping I have this much luck next month!  For now, look out for more COMC pickups soon.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015 COMC purchase: LOL (lots of Larkins)

Quick mail note:  Three Jeffs and a Tony will be receiving cards from me this week!

Today's COMC post features the player for whom I picked up the most new cards this time, though it was close (as you'll see in a future post).  I present to you, for your Sunday viewing pleasure, lots of Larkins!:

Since that first card is double-sided and includes Cal Ripken Jr., (which you'll see again in an upcoming post) here's the whole thing:

Four pages exactly equals 36 brand spanking new Barry Larkins, and that sets his new total at 313.  Woohoo!  I passed the 300-card mark finally!  Maybe I can even sneak up on Chris at Nachos Grande since he's been doing the A&G thing instead of posting Larkins.  Ok, I'm probably dreaming, but that's not gonna stop me from nabbing fun stuff of the HOF former Wolverines shortstop.

Monday, August 3, 2015

2015 COMC purchase: I like the cut of your Gibby

And here we go--I'm finally posting COMC pickups from a couple months ago.  You'll see cards both here and on TMM, so keep an eye out for posts on each blog!

First up is a nice bunch of new cards for my Kirk Gibson PC:
Scan 1 includes:

  • 1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection:  I loved Pinnacle's '95 set, and especially the parallels (plus this one includes a Jim Thome cameo)
  • 1995 Sportflix:  This makes me wish these cards were still made
  • 1999 Upper Deck Century Legends Memorable Shots:  Which memorable shot?  Oh, yeah, THAT one!
  • 2001 Fleer Greats of the Game:  A classy follow-up to the equally great 2000 set.
  • 2001 Topps Gold (#0860/2001):  A nice throwback to when Topps first produced these parallels, and another angle of the same shot on the UD card
  • 2002 Sweet Spot Classics:  Kirk rained down a ton of high-fives in the 80s with the Tigers!

The cards in scan 2 are:

  • 2003 Topps Shoebox:  I'd never seen these before, but chalk up another rookie reprint!
  • 2005 Diamond Kings:  Definitely a more up-to-date image of Gibson, but good on Donruss for including him as a "legend" with Detroit
  • 2005 Upper Deck Classics Seasons (#1701/1999):  Not a bad season to remember if you're a Dodger fan, but why isn't this numbered to 1988?
  • 2006 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball Chronology Gold (#188/550):  There's some sort of theme to Gibson's Dodgers cards today, I just can't put my finger on it...
  • 2007 Sweet Spot Classic (#038/575):  Nice to see Kirk included in this high-end set that features numbered base cards
  • 2008 Donruss Threads Century Proof Silver (#076/100):  Now there's a familiar follow-through on this foil-riffic Donruss parallel
If you're an eagle-eyed reader and noticed that I deployed the "milestones" tag once again, then congrats on your excellent vision!  Also, I went over the 150-card mark to a new total of 152 for Gibby's collection!  I want to keep seeing it grow like that, so please send me anything of his you don't want.

Also, stay tuned for more COMC pickups, and don't forget to check out tonight's TMM post, especially if you're a fan of a certain Heisman/Super Bowl-winning CB.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2015 trade package #22: Tony's Ten Tigers are Off Hiatus

About a year (and at least one banner design!) ago I received my first trade package from Milwaukee fan Tony at Off Hiatus Baseball, one that was chock full of Tigers including Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander.  That package was the result of last year's spring cleaning giveaway and I was fortunate to add him to my list of trade partners.

Recently he shot me an email letting me know to expect some cards from him, and true to his word they showed up not long after:
Page 1 once again stars Miguel Cabrera, including a super thick 2013 Topps insert, rising star (hopefully!) 3B Nick Castellanos, current star OF Yoenis Cespedes, and former star OF Magglio Ordonez, with a photo taken when his Samson-like hair was growing out.
I then devoted the second scan entirely to a pair of PC guys--the ones who happen to be namesakes of this here blog.  There's a trio representing original inspiration Curtis Granderson, including the redundantly-named Opening Day parallel from 2008 Topps Opening Day (#d /2199).  Then of course we have the New Hotness (even if his results haven't been so hot lately), Justin Verlander, highlighted by a Refractor-like '72 Topps Chrome insert from 2013 flagship.

Thanks for the great stuff, Tony, and I'm pretty close to sending you a little return envelope as well, likely next week after hitting up one more show!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 trade package #21: a HOF package from My Cardboard Mistress

Adam from My Cardboard Mistress and I don't seem to trade quite as often as we used to, but that's ok because when we do, we make it count!  Exhibit "A":  the last time he sent me a package it included an entire set of 2001 UD College Legends football, which is just a top-notch set for collectors like both of us.

The man they call Spankee was at it again recently, sending me another great envelope filled with Tigers and Wolverines.  Here's the damage:
We'll lead off with Miguel Cabrera--yeah, that does sound weird, but with the way Brad Ausmus has been managing this season, stranger things could happen.  Anyway, Adam gifted me four nice inserts of the future HOFer, including a pair of Refractors sandwiching one of Panini's beautiful acetate cards which I can't get enough of, and finally a Topps Green parallel.  In the center square is HOFer Ty Co--
Oh hi, Prince Fielder.
Yeah, my bad, I was using it as a verb, not a noun.
Nope, not this time.
*Prince Fielder glares at me and then waddles away to wash himself with a rag on a stick*

Ok, so that was a weird interruption, but yeah, Prince made it into the package, which was mighty generous of Adam because those three cards probably added about $10 worth of postage.
Leading off in this scan is a guy who did occupy the top spot in Detroit's lineup for a while:  former blog namesake Curtis Granderson, in the form of a pair of inserts.  Next to him is a Panini parallel of HOFer (see the theme I've got going here?) of Tiger great Harry Heilmann, a 1952 honoree.  Below them is a pair of AJax inserts, highlighted by a 2013 Black Refractor numbered 001/100; nice find, Spankee!  Al Kaline, who put the OF in HOF, is next up with a couple inserts, and next to his Tall Boy is a Mini of fun-to-watch 2B Ian Kinsler.

All in all some really nice cards, but they can't help be overshadowed a bit by another (future) HOFer in one of the more oddbally forms I've seen recently:
Appropriately enough for representing Detroit, a Pudge Upper Deck issue (possibly custom-made for this product) is paired with a mini Ford F-150 in this UD venture from 2007.  It looks like other teams were available as were various vehicle models including a Ford Mustang and Peterbilt tractor/trailers.  Definitely a fun item to add to my oddball stuff!

Thanks for taking the time once again to send some stuff my way, Adam!  I have a few things set aside for you and will likely ship them your way soon.