Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 trade package #14: Tigers on stickers and cards from Cards on Cards

Everyone's favorite Cardinals/Ducks collector Kerry from Cards on Cards sent another generous trade package southeast all the way across the country and to my mailbox a couple weeks ago, so now I get to have fun showing it off.  Here's the impressive stack of stuff he sent:
The package comprised about 99% Tigers, which was fine by me.  Here's a bunch of guys I like to collect, including current Tigs Avila, Cabrera, Castellanos, and Davis.  The Sean Casey reminded me that I wanted to move his small collection over to my Tigers box thanks to good memories of his time here.  And though he doesn't pitch for us anymore I hope Fister gets healed up soon!
Remember how I said this was just about all Tigers?  It's also almost entirely Topps brands, with a few exceptions.  Iglesias, Kinsler, and V-Mart are the only current players, but they're surrounded by some of my favorites of the past in Guillen, Hunter, A-Jax, and of course, Kaline, in the form of a nice duo!
Down to just two current guys in V-Mart (again) and Anibal, but the other guys are definitely memorable, including the large-headed Polanco, new 2015 Red Sox starter Porcello, 2006 veteran ace Rogers, heterochromia enthusiast Scherzer, Rays up-and-comer Smyly, and power-hitting Delmon (the Young brother I actually liked on the Tigers).
To wrap up the Topps Tigers, here's a quartet of Heritage cards (with two variations?) bookending a trio of Topps/Opening Day inserts from this year, including OF prospect Steven Moya and ghoulish (but talented!) Michigan native Jack White.
The main non-Topps items:  these 1990 Panini stickers!  These are from an era where I actively sought to complete Panini's sticker books so I may have them in that form (which might make for an interesting future post), but definitely not in unstuck condition, so these are great!  The Tram and Sweet Lou go towards their PCs, and this one just happens to be Whitaker's 150th different item, so hooray for that!
Speaking of hitting my PCs, Kerry hit a couple others, including former blog namesake Granderson, seen here on a 2009 Heritage issue, along with...
SIX cards of current blog title honoree Justin Verlander!  These are from (chronologically, not scanologically) 2011 Topps A&G, Attax and Chrome, 2012 Topps Heritage, and 2012 Triple Play.
And finally, the Cardinals fan sent me a card of his favorite team's current skipper, though it turns out to be a Brewer on a card--Michigan Man(ager) Mike Matheny.  That's #56 in my collection of the catcher-turned-manager and features a great photo on yet another garish Pacific design!

Thanks a ton for, uh, a ton of great stuff, Kerry!  I've put together a few new things to send your way and will likely do so pretty soon after an upcoming show.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

2015 trade package #13: Saturday Night SCFtDS Fever

Canadian blogging superstar and all-around great guy Doug from Sports Cards From the Dollar Store sent me yet another in a long line of fantastic trade packages this month.  It may be after 10 (EST) on a Saturday night--a weird time for blogging, at least for me, but I don't foresee having much time in the next couple days what with Memorial Day festivities and the like.  So instead of taking the whole weekend off I'm showing off the contents of this package here and over on TMM with the added benefit that it'll get plenty of run at the top of the blog since I won't be replacing it for a few days!

The TMV portion of the package was smaller, as is tradition,
but there was still some useful stuff in it:
My first Tigers card of Yo-Yo Cespedes from this year's Donruss set (which makes me pine for the Donruss products of yore); a Bowman Chrome also from this year of Tigers #8 prospect (according to BA) Austin Kubitza--Detroit's 2013 fourth-rounder; and an '06-'07 base card of Wings defenseman legend Nick Lidstrom.

Oh yeah, and this bad boy:
Justin Verlander 2015 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relics jersey
My first 2015 Verlander card is a nice relic from 2015 Heritage thanks to Doug!  It's my 9th JV relic and 16th hit overall.  I hope this is a sign that Justin will be back from injury and giving the team a boost very soon!

Please don't forget to check out the highlight reel cards Doug sent my way over on TMM as well this evening.

Doug, thanks as always for keeping things interesting and fun!  I'll have a pretty solid response heading your way in the next couple weeks including a couple cards I know you'll enjoy very much (as is tradition, as is tradition).

Monday, May 18, 2015

2015 Justcommons purchase: lotsa Lous!

I'm still trying to get caught up on all the stuff I need to post, so here's all the Lou Whitaker cards I nabbed from Justcommons a few weeks ago:
(Those are mostly in order, though I accidentally put the '90 OPC in front of the Score 100 Stars card and the '94 Finest ahead of the '93 cards.)

That's a ridiculous (and very scanner-friendly) 63 new additions to my Whitaker collection which now stands at 139/290 (about 48%) and 149 cards overall!  I'll also have lots more on the way from COMC before much longer.

With these posted, hopefully I'll get to a few excellent trade packages very soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Completed set: 2015 UD football

A couple weeks ago I showed off the results of four 2015 UD football value packs, and now I'm back to report that for about the price of a couple more of those I've completed the 145-card base set, including the veterans (1-45) and non-SPed Star Rookies (46-145).  I found the 12 rookies I needed from one Sportlots seller and grabbed a veterans set on eBay to close this one out.  While the rookies I picked up include a few interesting names, such as controversial LSU OL La'el Collins, I didn't consider them worth showing off.  However, the vets are a nice multiple of nine which means they were screaming to be posted.  Here they are:

I like that Upper Deck mixed things up a bit this year with the player selection (despite the lack of Wolverine subjects), and my only real complaint is the inclusion of Saban.  Of course I also laughed at guys like Tim Couch and Joey Harrington because of how they turned out in the NFL, but as a college-themed set they certainly belong.

And that's another excellent UD football set in the books.  Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

5/2/15 card show report: baseball bounty

Ok, it's far too nice out for me to stay inside blogging, but I've been neglecting the blogs and have lots of great cards to post, so I'll make this quick.

Last Saturday I hit up the monthly show in Taylor for the usual:  cards for me and trade bait for others.  I did fairly well on both counts, this time with most of my cash going towards the latter.  I did have some fun finding stuff for me in dime/quarter/$0.50 boxes, though, all of which are useful for my various PCs:
Ken Griffey Jr. 1995 Ultra Hitting Machines
Mid-to-late 90s Ultra sets were chock full of inserts, especially the '95 and '96 versions, and that made for some hit and miss pulls.  I've always liked the Hitting Machines cards, though, which had some interesting designs over the years.
Ken Griffey Jr. 1998 Topps Stars (#5945/9799)
Topps Stars went through a bunch of different designs in the late 90s/early aughts, and some of you may remember that the entire run in the '98 set was serial-numbered, base and all.  I thought that would make this a fun pickup, plus it's another great shot of Griffey post-swing.
Barry Larkin 1991 Collect-A-Books
Oddball!  I believe this was the second year this interesting product existed.  The little booklet is eight total pages including the front and back, and it includes various photos of Larkin, personal info, a mini bio, career stats, a bit of trivia, and some highlights.  Kind of a cool piece, really.
Barry Larkin 1998 Sports Illustrated Then and Now
Then and Now was another Fleer/SI collaboration back in 1998, and it includes cool full-bleed photos on the fronts with interesting backs in which past players rate the subject on different skills.  In Barry's case, on a scale of 1-5, Harmon Killebrew gave him a 3 Power Rating, Lou Brock gave him a 4 for Speed, and none other than Brooks Robinson gave him a perfect 5 in Fielding!

By the way, I now have 275 Larkin cards (and counting)!
Greg Maddux 1995 Ultra Award Winners Gold Medallion (#18)
Just one of Mad Dog this time, but it's a cool one.  Hailing from the same product as the Griffey above, this is one of two Maddux Award Winners cards (the other is for NL Pitcher of the Year), plus it's the tougher Gold Medallion version, which was ten times tougher to pull.
Lou Whitaker 1988 Starting Lineup All-Stars
And finally, we go back to the realm of the oddball with this Whitaker from a 1988 Starting Lineup set.  These were from a game put out that year, and I'm glad the fronts look kind of cool (even sans logo) because the backs are extremely plain!

A few of you will also be getting cards from this show in trade packages eventually.  Also, please don't forget to take a gander at the rest of my haul over on TMM this evening!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

2015 Justcommons purchase: tons of Trams

First, to quickly explain away my recent lack of posting, the weather around here has been great and I'm taking advantage of it!  That said, I still have plenty to post.  Here's my penultimate post covering my recent Sportlots PC pickups, today focusing on Alan Trammell:
Alan Trammell 1986 Sportflics (#172) and 1987 Sportflics
Crazy hologram technology!  I picked up some of these 80s Sportflics (NOT "Sportsflics," guys!) cards of a few of my players and happily included Tram.  I noted the card number from the '86 set as Alan also appears on a World Series MVP-themed card along with Rick Dempsey and Reggie Jackson.
Alan Trammell 1988 Topps Mini Leaders
Moving up a year and towards the oddball realm is this mini '88 card.  The back notes that Tram was third in the league in batting average and hits in '87, fifth in OBP, and tied for 5th in game-winning RBI and runs.  A damn fine season for the should-be HOF SS.
Alan Trammell 1990 Score 100 Superstars
Also a bit oddball-ish is this '90 Score issue from a boxed set that included a nice number of guys I collect.  The back actually notes how well his '87 season went, which you knew if you looked at the card above this one!
Alan Trammell 1992 and 1993 Stadium Club
Early Stadium Club, late Stadium Club, doesn't matter--I'll always love this set.  Here in consecutive years we get a nice batting shot followed by a humorous post-play scenario where it would appear that the player made it safely to second, much to Tram's annoyance.

Alan Trammell 1994 SP Die Cuts
I never did buy this product when it came out in '94, but I'm sure for those that could afford it, the combination of shiny and die-cut were irresistible.  Another nice shot of Tram in the field, by the way.
Alan Trammell 1995 Finest
Here's another Finest card that I really should peel and re-scan at some point.  At least Trammell didn't need people campaigning on his behalf for entry into the Finest set!
Alan Trammell 1995 Studio
It's the "love it or hate it" '95 Studio set.  Or, as comedy legend Mitch Hedberg said, "I played in a death metal band.  People either loved us or they hated us...or they thought we were OK."  I'm more of an "OK" on this one but I've always been a fan of Studio's offerings.
Alan Trammell 1996 Upper Deck (#106)
Here's my favorite card of the group, though apparently not enough that I thought to scan the back myself (thanks COMC!).  '96 Upper Deck included a fantastic 16-card subset called "Young at Heart" that highlighted players that had been in the game for a long time.  The beautiful, simple front is complemented by a back that features a photo of a younger version of the player plus career stats.  Tram's teammate Lou Whitaker is part of the group, and oddly enough, their '84 Champs teammate Lance Parrish was also around long enough to make an appearance!
Alan Trammell 2003 Flair Greats
Everything else from here on came out after Tram retired, and he was obviously still significant enough to the Tigers and the sport to be included in some greats-themed sets like...2003 Flair Greats!  This set features some cool sepia tones paired with great vintage photos.
Alan Trammell 2005 Diamond Kings and Diamond Kings Framed Red
"Legend" is damn right, Panini, and good on you for highlighting Tram in this set.  I grabbed both the base and Framed Red versions, with the latter differentiated by a raised "frame" and red foil.  Another classic Diamond Kings product.
Alan Trammell 2008 Donruss Threads
And lastly here's another set that included some very cool throwback photos.  The one on this '08 Donruss Threads issue looks like it came straight out of the 80s!

That's another 14 cards to add to my Trammell collection, and I still have a nice number to scan and post, so hopefully it won't be much longer before I'm showing those off as well.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2015 Justcommons purchase: 2 (times 6) many Grandersons

I'm back today (finally) with more player collection purchases from Justcommons, this time representing former blog namesake Curtis Granderson:
Curtis Granderson 2002 Bowman Draft RC
I've had the Chrome version of Grandy's RC for quite a while but until now had never pulled the trigger on the base card until now.  Both cards look great side-by-size in my baseball rookies album, and his other rookie from that year's Topps 206 product would complete the trio nicely.
Curtis Granderson 2006 Topps Turkey Red Red
Back in '06 Curtis had a Turkey Red card plus this RED Turkey Red version.  What's red squared anyways? 
Curtis Granderson 2007 Topps Generation Now #GN523, 525, 529, 530, 531, 532, 533, 544
No point in posting these individually!  I tracked down seven more of these Generation Now inserts from '07 Topps to give me a total of 15, almost have of the run--31 cards, or Granderson's doubles total in 2006.
Curtis Granderson 2008 Topps Heritage (#535)
"Happy Granderson in a Tigers uniform" just doesn't get old.  The '08 Heritage set looked pretty good too, so why not?  By the way, I noted the number here because Curtis also appears on a short-print with Magglio Ordonez.
Curtis Granderson 2008 Topps Opening Day Gold (#0064/2199)
I managed to throw in a numbered card for fun as well.  This Gold parallel from '08 Opening Day is pretty cool since I love the "real" serial-numbering, but I think I actually prefer the base version with its interesting red border.  While we're talking about Opening Day, let's take a quick look at Grandy's 2008 performance in that year's opener on March 31:  no stats.  Oh, he didn't play that day in an 11-inning 5-4 loss to the Royals thanks to Detroit's bullpen (which sounds oddly familiar, no?).  Oh yeah, he started that season on the DL with a broken finger after an excellent 2007, and the Tigers started the season 0-7 on the way to missing the playoffs again.

I'm happily adding today's 12 new cards to Granderson's collection for a new total of 81!