Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 eBay purchases: F$!k yeah Friday! OR A Very Brady Christmas

I already posted this over at TMM tonight since it belongs there, but this is a pickup that's too crazy awesome not to share.  I am a non-zero percentage excited about owning the following trading card:
Tom Brady 2000 Fleer Tradition Autographics auto

That's right--I exchanged money for this card, and now this card is in my possession.  And it's signed by future-HOFer and three-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady.  And it's on card and he's in his Michigan uniform.  And it's autographed.  And it's Tom Brady.  F$!K YEAH!

I don't anticipate topping this pickup for a while, but that doesn't mean I won't try.  I hope everyone else remembers to treat themselves to a most wanted card this holiday season too!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014 trade package #36: I got Razzed with Tigers!

My first trade package of December arrived a bit earlier this month out of the blue courtesy of Chris over at the Raz Card Blog.  I had commented on a couple of his 2014 Topps Mini break posts letting him know I was looking for three of my Michigan guys, and he was nice enough to send over one copy of each player, all of which you can see tonight on TMM.  He then upped the stakes by throwing in a trio of some guy that plays for Detroit too:
Justin Verlander 2014 Topps SP
Not only is this a very cool card for commemorating JV's second no-hitter three and a half years ago, it's also short-printed which makes it a very nice get indeed.  For those of you that need a refresher, Verlander no-hit the Brewers at home in '07, then followed up that gem with another in Toronto four years later.  That means this shot was staged later in Detroit, but it's still a great idea for a card.
Justin Verlander 2014 Topps Stadium Club Triumvirates Luminous
I love the timing of Chris sending me this sweet insert because I showed off Justin's base card in my last trade post.  As much crap as I give Topps, I commend them for finally giving in to reason and bringing back the Stadium Club brand AND resurrecting some of the cooler inserts, especially the Triumvirate concept.  By the way, if you're curious like I was regarding who completes the trio, the other cards are Stephen Strasburg and Adam Wainwright.
Justin Verlander 2014 Topps Mini Relics jersey
If this package was a surprise (and it was), then this was the surprise icing on the surprise cake--a JV jersey!  It's my eighth Verlander relic and 14th overall hit of my favorite Tiger.

I must say I was thrilled to add three great new cards to my Verlander PC, especially from a package I wasn't expecting.  Thanks a ton for a great trade, Chris, and I'm happy to say that you should be receiving a fun envelope of your own very soon.  Readers, go get yourselves Razzed over at the Raz Card Blog right now!

Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 trade package #35: Sports Cards From the Detroit Store

First, just a real quick note that all 25 (I didn't do that on purpose, I promise!) packages are in the mail as of this morning, and I think more are due to arrive in the neighborhood of Monday/Tuesday, so enjoy, and Merry Christmas to all!

Meanwhile, Doug over at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store sent me the usual M-Bomb of Michigan PC guys in late November, and I'm showing off that haul over on TMM tonight, but I did also want to highlight the Detroit stuff he sent my way:
First up is a trio of Wings cards representing one of Doug's favorites in Daniel Alfredsson, who appears to have finished his career in Detroit, and puck-handler extraordinaire Pavel Datsyuk.  The second Datsyuk is a cool sticker from this year's OPC set.

Of course the highlight for me is a pair of cards of this here blog's namesake.  The insert on the left is a Cut Above card from 2012 Topps, and better yet Doug flipped me JV's base card from the excellent looking 2014 Stadium Club set.  It's about damn time Topps brought back TSC, and I'm happy to see that Justin's card came out great thanks to the solid photo and typically excellent design.

Thanks for not forgetting my other collections, Doug!  Readers, we all know the NHL is full swing, so check out the hockey action over at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store now!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

TMV presents Too Many Christmas Cards!

I may be slacking big-time on getting other things posted, but I'm happy that I can finally make this announcement today so I'm bumping everything else for now.

What am I announcing?  Nothing major, just free Christmas cards for a whole bunch of you is all.
I know, right?

Back in November I thought about coming up with a contest where the winner would end up getting $20 worth of their wish list cards off of COMC because promotions were right around the corner.  In the end I didn't like how it looked, so instead I decided to do something that would benefit way more of you.  As a matter of fact, I made it my mission to send at least something small to every single person who sent me cards that I showed off on this blog and/or TMM.  I've loved trading with all of you and this seems like a perfect time to give back.  That evolved slightly into a list of lucky recipients that includes all of the above plus a few other favorite bloggers.
Wow.  Such MSPaint.  Very quality.
In the last few weeks I've landed cards from shows, COMC, eBay, Sportlots, and other sources with many of you in mind.  Some of you might just get a PWE with a few things, many of you will get a bubble mailer, and at least one of you has at least a smallish box to look forward to.  The common denominator is that each person will get something(s) tailored to their PC(s), and in most cases that will include at least one hit.  I won't go into details, so if you're getting something you'll just have to wait and see what it is!  I thought about surprising people but I think it'll be more fun for people to get to anticipate something besides coal in their stockings this year, so if your name is on this list, congrats!:

$30 a Week Habit
2x3 Heroes
Angels in Order
Baseball Card Breakdown
Bob Walk the Plank
Brad's Blog
Cardboard Collections
Cards on Cards
Chronicles of Fuji
Enough Already
Garvey Cey Russell Lopes
Great Sports Name Hall of Fame
Home Run Apple
My Cardboard Mistress
My Sports Obsession
Nachos Grande
Nomo's Sushi Platter
Off Hiatus Baseball Cards
Play at the Plate
Raz Card Blog
Sports Cards Ate My Brain (I need your address, Scott!)
Sports Cards From the Dollar Store
Reader Eric Eckstein
Reader Mark H.
The COMC package was the last piece of the puzzle and since that arrived today I expect to start sending cards out by tomorrow.  Probably not all at once--have you seen that list?!--but I'd like to have them all out by Friday at the latest.  I hope everyone enjoys the free swag from their not-so-secret Santa!
Merry Christmas from TMV!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 trade package #34: GCRL out of nowhere!

The last time cards showed up in my mailbox from Jim over at GCRL, way back in August, I was pretty sure that I wasn't expecting them.  That's relevant because another envelope showed up in my mailbox the other day, and it included cards from Jim...that were definitely unexpected.  The very player-specific blogger was nice enough to set aside a few Tigers for me:
Vintage vintage, modern vintage, and modern modern!  Jim happened to send me two cards of players at each corner infield position (you'll see the other in a minute) from four very different eras in Tigers history.  A 3B you could nickname "A-Rod," Rodriguez was with the Tigers for nine of his 17 MLB seasons and is seen here on a '74 Topps card.  "Hammerin'" Hank needs no introduction and looks like the slugger he was in this sepia-toned 2002 SP Legendary Cuts base offering.  And Fielder, seen on a 2012 GQ Moonshots insert, did indeed hit some longballs during his two-year term with Detroit:  55 over two seasons, to be exact; he was also putrid in the playoffs and I don't miss him!

But a player I do miss and am happy to see join my Tigers hits collection is this dude right here:
Dean Palmer 2001 Fleer Game Time Lumber bat
Dean-o!  Palmer was with Detroit for just five of his 14 seasons, and really only played for two full years--1999 and 2000--due to injuries, but those two seasons were very good for him despite terrible Tigers teams.  After eight seasons with Texas and two with the Royals, Dean signed on with Detroit for five years and $36 million, which seemed reasonable after an All-Star 1998 campaign in which he clubbed 34 homers, his second-best total at the time.  The following two seasons with the Tigers, Palmer bashed 67 HR, including a new career-high 38 in '99, while eclipsing 100 RBI, all while mostly playing 3B.

His career quickly went downhill after that, but those two seasons provided me with plenty of good memories during an otherwise bleak era in Motown.  Considering his power, it's definitely appropriate that my first hit of him is a bat relic.

Jim, thanks again for the unexpected but much-appreciated cards!  I can already tell you that I'll soon have something headed back your way (which was already in the works before you sent these!) in thanks for being a great trade partner.  Readers, please point your browsers/feeds to GCRL and help add to the collection of a very focused blogger!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Who do you collect?

Just a quick post today as I work on cleaning up and sorting some cards as part of a couple projects I've got going on.

Like many of you I enjoy setting aside cards for team collectors, and for many of those traders I've done enough deals to know who they collect.  Still, there's other folks I don't trade with that often, or teams I pile up without knowing who to send them to.

I'll probably put together something more formal in the future and address player collectors then as well, but for now I'm looking for which teams you collect in terms of:

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • College (please specify individual sport(s) or general)
Please drop me a comment or email with your favorite teams from those sports and you may find some cards in your mailbox before you know it.  Please note that nobody is "claiming" teams here, so I'm happy to have multiple collectors per team!  Also, consider this one more way to publicly get who you collect posted and shared somewhere.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 trade package #33: $30 a Wings Habit

(Yes I still exist, I've just been busy with lots of stuff, which is normal this time of year, but one project in particular will benefit many of you, so stay tuned for that!)

Robert of $30 a Week Habit recently told me he was sending me an "envelope" that would hopefully boost my small Red Wings collection a bit.  Robert understated things a bit:
First up is a pair of inserts from 2008-09 OPC, and it just so happens both of these guys are among the greatest to play defense for the Wings.  '07-'08 was Cheli's penultimate season in Detroit, and his last "full" campaign (28 games the following year, then just seven with Atlanta the next to close out his career), which he completed at the ripe old age of 46!  He celebrated by joining the Wings in winning their most recent Cup.  Lidstrom, meanwhile, was indeed an All-Star yet again that year, and won his fourth and final Cup.

Hey, how about some hits?
Kyle Calder 2007-08 Upper Deck Game Jersey jersey
I do remember Calder, who last played in 2010, though I had to look him up to remember when he was actually with Detroit.  As it turns out he was flipped to the Wings in February of 2007 and was reasonably effective for them in 17 games, then he signed with the Kings over the offseason, hence the pair of teams represented on the card!
Chris Chelios 2006-07 Flair Showcase Showcase Stitches jersey
Hey, it's that Chelios guy again!  This is my first hit of the HOF D-man, and appropriately enough it comes in the form of a beautiful red jersey.
Henrik Zetterberg 2005-06 Upper Deck Ice Fresh Ice jersey
Hank is another member of the 2007-08 Cup-winning squad (his only one so far), keeping that connection going for today's post, and better yet he actually scored the winner that year.  He currently appears on two other cards in my Wings PC: this six-way relic and a dual with Johan Franzen.  His first solo entry is this great UD jersey from their Ice product, which was actually still in existence as of last year.

Oh yeah, and to add to the fun, he threw this in as well:
Ivan Rodriguez 2006 Ultra Ultra Fine Fabrics jersey
Keeping up the current-or-future-HOF-Detroit-athletes theme, it's a Tigers jersey relic of Ivan Rodriguez!  It's my third Pudge relic--a base and another jersey--in my Tigers PC, and it was certainly a fun addition to an otherwise hockey-centric package.

Thanks, Robert, for another fantastic package, which, by the way, wasn't an "envelope" but a bubble mailer filled with Detroit goodness!  Readers, head on over to $30 a Week Habit for some excellent blogging (and trading) tonight!