Saturday, May 23, 2020

2020 Facebook Marketplace purchases: pre-pandemic panic purchase

After a lot of work sorting, sorting, sorting some more, and scanning, I'm finally ready to show off Facebook Marketplace buy #2!

Just a couple days after this one I came across another interesting deal: a guy a bit east of my usual card show was dumping three roughly medium flat rate-sized boxes for just $10. While I don't know that anything really stood out to me, not all of it looked like the usual junk wax crap, plus some newer cards were peeking out, so I thought it would be worth the low price and drive. Granted, the cards were mostly flung willy-nilly into the boxes, so I could expect some condition issues. Still, why not see if there was anything useful for me and in terms of trade bait?

As it turns out the seller was trying to make a few bucks getting rid of these after selling his better stuff earlier. I didn't think to screenshot the Facebook post before he deleted it, but this might give you a good idea of what I brought home:
With the exception of some of the stuff in the upper-right corner, this is it. Yes, plenty of junk wax-era stuff, and I've filled up more than one of the boxes so far with stuff that was damaged. But before taking into account anything else, I'm happy to say that I was able to parlay some 600-800 of these cards (plus a few more I had on hand) into my (at-the-time) biggest TCDB deal, one I'll show off soon. In addition, I've got some fun stuff to add to future trade packages, plus a nice chunk of set-fillers I'll likely toss on TCDB. Before I do that, if you have wantlists for the following, please feel free to send them my way:
  • Baseball:
    • 1989 Bowman
    • 1991 Donruss (lots of both series)
    • 1991 Fleer (~50ish)
    • 1993 Pinnacle (series 1)
    • 1994 Topps (series 1) plus some Gold
    • 2015 Topps (1, 2, and update)
  • Basketball:
    • 1993-94 Topps (series 2) plus some Gold
  • Football:
    • 1992 Pro Set (series 1)
  • Hockey:
    • 1992-93 Ultra (series 1)
    • 1992-93 Upper Deck (series 1)
    • 1993-94 Stadium Club (series 2)
I'm still going through everything once in a while to pull teams/players that I know some of you collect, and trying to weed out more of the stuff that's damaged enough that it's worth tossing.

Besides all that I kept some stuff for myself. A lot of it was like the rest--fairly dinged up cards from the late 80s/early 90s, but I enjoyed adding new items for some of my favorite players, especially some of my neglected Tigers PCs. Here's a look at all of that:
Item #1 is a near set of 1993 Pinnacle Series I baseball. Of all the sets that were pretty close to completion, this is the only one I kept since I couldn't see putting in the time or resources to chase the ones I wasn't interested in that much. Made a year before Pinnacle switched to a design that I think really improved things, this one's still pretty sharp, and the 310-card series includes some very good names, some of which I collect. I want to say after accounting for what I already had handy I'm about 20 cards away from this one, most of which are naturally bigger stars the seller pulled, but that's fine, I'll get 'em eventually. And look at all the new additions above, including guys I'm putting more focus into recently, like Tettleton and Palmer, plus a Barry Larkin I somehow didn't have!
Now we get to the first of five scans of general baseball additions. You'll see some of these guys a few times, like former All-Star C Lance Parrish, on '87 OPC and '91 Donruss, which was the biggest source for new stuff this time. Palmer's from a '90 Score boxed set that wasn't too far from complete, but pretty distant from being in reasonable shape in general! I even found a couple new Gwynns, and cards of former Tigers with new teams like Nokes, another fun catcher.
Tony Phillips is another guy whose collection I've added to lately, and he's part of a trio that finishes up '91 Donruss. Then we get to the love-it-or-hate-it Fleer set from that same year, as well as Leaf's second standalone issue, which include another Gwynn, even more Nokes, and the first of a couple Maddux adds. HOFer Jack Morris makes his first of a couple appearances too, besides the '93 Pinnacle you saw above.
I seem to have forgotten just how many of the cards I kept were from 1991! The top two rows here finish up that year, with more Leaf, plus Score, and UD. It was great seeing the versatile Phillips back in a Tigers uni, maybe as much as it was weird to see Brookens playing for Cleveland. Gwynn gets a second appearance while Cal makes his lone cameo today, continuing his march to 1000 items in my PC. Then we jump ahead to '92 with Conlon and Donruss' Triple Play. Lawson was a Tigers pitcher in the '30s while Mullin pitched in the opening decades of the 20th century and put up some nice numbers, plus he no-hit St. Louis on Independence Day of 1912. Tanana was in his eighth and final season in Motown when the card above was made, and the next year was his sunset season.
Future Tigers 3B Dean Palmer was one of 80 members of Pinnacle's Team 2000 insert in its 1992 debut release, then made the cut for the following year's 30-card Team 2001 insert. I did a quick check and I believe only five of those 30 failed to have a career that lasted at least until 2001. The back of Morris' '93 Triple Play card notes that the former Tiger who'd just won his second straight ring had set an AL record by making his 13th straight opening day start. Fryman was the only '94 Topps Gold card relevant to my collections

Then there's a big jump forward to 2008. I like how that year's Topps Opening Day base cards had red borders, differentiating them from flagship nicely. The white V-Mart card is a gold parallel /2199. J.D. and Nick start a little run of Topps cards of former Tigers from the last decade.
The last of the baseball concludes with this interesting mix, including four more ex-Tigers from 2015 Topps/Update, with A-Jax making a much appreciated appearance. An unlicensed Ernie Harwell Bible verse card makes for an interesting find and marks the end of the verticals. The horizontal stuff offers yet another Lance Parrish item, plus a 2012 Opening Day base of JV, and those two sandwich Griffey's lone spot in the lot, on the very cool 1993 Upper Deck Iooss Collection insert, which featured images by the noted SI photographer. That means my favorite quartet of Griffey/Gwynn/Maddux/Ripken was represented completely here!
The other sports weren't nearly as represented, which is fine because I still found some keepers. I pulled three former Michigan Basketball guys from the '93-'94 Topps pile, including '89-'89 champs Rice and Robinson. On the NFL side, AC and Vaughn came from the huge stack of '92 Pro Set and Owens was from a group of fairly rough '90 Topps cards (on a design I definitely prefer to that year's baseball version). Meanwhile, PC guys Griese and Shoelace got adds from 2001 UD Rookie F/X and 2013 Prizm HRX Rookies.
Last up is hockey, which was mostly a Red Wings affair. That's no big surprise given how close this guy was to Detroit. A good bunch of what I kept came from the sets I mentioned above in terms of what's available, which is awesome since Stadium Club and Ultra offered some very nice photography and designs. This group is a who's who of 90s Hockeytown greats, plus I snuck in a new card of former Wolverine Jeff Norton for good measure.

Hours (days?) of fun and a huge TCDB trade easily made this lot worth more than the $10 I paid, and I look forward to enjoying it even more by sharing more of it in trade packages with many of you. While I don't expect to find anything as good as the two purchases I've posted recently again soon, it's nice to know it's still possible. While I keep looking, stay tuned for that enormous TCDB trade recap whenever I get it all organized and scanned, unless it's interrupted by a new blogger trade package, which is always welcome!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

2020 trade package #11: Brad's Blog

I'm currently awaiting my end of a pair of TCDB trades, currently sitting on "In transit, arriving late" and "Delivery date unknown" statuses, but that doesn't mean I'm being deprived of cards in my mailbox. Not if Brad of Brad's Blog has anything to say about it! The Phillies collector/Ryan Howard supercollector surprised me with a mailer that arrived yesterday, one that was both beneficial to one of my PCs and easy to scan:
I've long since stopped naming my trade posts, opting to stick with just the blog/sender name, but if I hadn't, I'd probably call this one "two (of) many Verlanders." Eh? Eh? This is quite the pair of cards of the pride of Manikin Sabot, Virginia, and Goochland High, Justin Verlander. Hailing from approximately opposite ends of his career we get to see young and old versions of Mr. Kate Upton.

#1 is a 2005 Bowman Draft Gold parallel, which would have come out after his RC-not-(RC) from the regular Bowman set (which I still need!). I like that the Team USA jerseys kind of ended up being Tigers colors back then. In this case "back then" was 2003, when the collegiate team participated in series with Japan, Mexico, and a couple tours, then competed in the Pan American Games. Verlander has had the best career of that roster, which included fellow stars Dustin Pedroia, Huston Street, and Jered Weaver, plus future busts Jeff Larish (Tigers) and Jeff Clement (Mariners). By my count 10 of the 20 team members were selected in the first or second rounds in the '04 and '05 drafts, so it was a pretty good group. Anyway, it's a nice parallel of one of JV's earliest mainstream cards.

Today's other contender may look like a regular 2018 Topps base appearance, but what if I told you his actual "regular 2018 Topps base appearance" looks like this?:
2018 Topps - [Base] #650.1 - Justin Verlander (Orange Jersey) - Courtesy of
(I had to grab that image from COMC--I don't actually have this one yet somehow!) I couldn't say for sure before looking it up, but given how nice #1 was, I had a feeling Brad had sent me a short print, and that hunch proved to be correct. This horizontal issue with JV celebrating with his (new) teammates is the "SP" version with an even rarer SSP available to boot. I think I may have just one other JV SP, whose cards still sell quite well, so this was another generous offering by Brad.

Thanks again for a fun surprise envelope as I was anxiously awaiting a couple other packages, Brad! These are excellent additions to my Verlander collection, and as the name implies, I can't have too many. While I don't have more than a couple things set aside for you at the moment, I'll work on a response to send back your way whenever I can!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

2020 trade package #10: Cards on Cards

Cards on Cards
With a bunch of stuff due to show up this coming week maybe I can put a little effort into what I haven't posted yet!

A couple weeks ago I was checking my Informed Delivery and noticed that I had a package on the way from Oregon. That pretty much meant a coin flip between the two guys I trade with most often out there, and as it turns out, this time it was from Kerry of Cards on Cards. As I probably say every time I cover an envelope from him, he's easy for me to trade with since he also collects an MLB team plus a college.

Today's bubble mailer included my local MLB squad, plus a few of my player collections to boot:
We'll start with those Tigers, and it was largely a 2013 Pinnacle affair this time (including another card you'll see below). Somehow these are my first from that base set to go into my collection despite my predilection for the brand name. Though the design doesn't bring to mind the product's glory years in the 90s, I'm glad Panini brought it back, including some of the inserts. Dufex rules, and you can see that feature on the Fielder Slugfest and Garcia Museum parallel.

Miggy's the only guy from the Pinnacle group still with the team--no surprise as we're almost 10 years on from the release--and he also popped up in the package on a 2020 Heritage Chrome parallel (#d /999), a perennial insert that still looks terrific. His young teammate, catcher Jake Rogers, is the other guy here, on a 2020 Topps Stickers card he shares with the Reds' Joey Votto.
When I tweeted out a thanks to Kerry for these when they showed up I teased that he sent me too many Grandersons, and four is certainly enough to warrant that! Curtis' Mets quartet includes 2015 Stadium Club and Opening Day, plus 2016-17 Bunt. I do love me some Stadium Club, and I'm glad to have more cards of Grandy, especially of the non-Yankee variety.

Then it's time for the Juniors, Griffey and Ripken. George Kenneth's appearance comes from 2019 Topps Chrome Update's Family Business Refractor-y insert. I guess you could say a son following in the footsteps of his dad's excellent career with a HOF run of his own that included the pair going back-to-back could be called "the Family Business."

Next you'll see four of the six Iron Man items Kerry sent. The very cool outlier is an oddball for sure out of 1988 Donruss Pop-Ups. I know I have various items similar to this from that decade, but this is my first from the '88 set as Cal's the only guy on the checklist I PC. Similar to the Griffey above is a 150 Years of Pro Baseball insert highlighting Ripken's most famous accomplishment. And then we have a couple 2020 Donruss parallels: a Baby Shark border of his variation photo plus a Holo Pink, the later of which scanned closer to its true color than pink cards usually do!
Now we go from too many Grandersons to slightly fewer Verlanders. JV was the other representative from '13 Pinnacle, and Kerry sent both his base and Museum Collection cards, which is awesome. Maybe I'll try to track down his Artist Proof as well! Those are joined by Topps' most famous parallel, a Refractor out of '15 Chrome. It feels like it's rare at this point for me to get multiple JVs in a package and all of them are Detroit cards.

Before we get to the biggest surprises of this package there's another fun, oddball-ish Ripken to show off: his '98 Sports Illustrated Mini Poster. These were a great combination of useful, informative, and fun--the kind of thing I could see kids wanting to collect at the time.

And then we have the items I really didn't see coming: 2020 Topps RC Logo Medallions of Cal and the recently passed Albert William Kaline. If you somehow hadn't seen these yet, they're super thick reprints that include a chunky little "RC" logo medallion embedded in them. Kaline's is a reprint of his true RC while Topps opted for Cal's '82 Topps Traded issue, his first solo appearance but second card from the brand overall (the RC logo rears its ugly head again!). I'm glad to add these to each player's collection, and it's especially nice to have something new of Kaline in light of his recent death.

Kerry, thanks again for the fun surprise envelope that contained a bunch of great stuff for my collections! I actually have a good quantity of stuff to send back to you pretty soon, so be on the lookout for a mailer headed out west before too much longer.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

2020 Facebook Marketplace purchases: Go Blue? Don't mind if I do!

I'm now caught up enough for a minute that I can finally show off at least one of my two Facebook Marketplace hauls.

Way back in mid-March when "stay the hell at home" wasn't quite what it was now, I actually came up with a diamond in the rough of Marketplace's mix of scams, overpriced crap, and poorly-spelled listings:

Those of you who followed Too Many Manninghams for a bit would know that I absolutely love the TK Legacy Michigan product and am out to get everything I can from its base, insert, and autographed sets. So this was quite exciting indeed to come across before even taking into account the ridiculously low $20 price point. I'm generally willing to pay up to $5 for TK Legacy autographs I need, so I definitely consider this a steal. The image you see above includes 18 Michigan autos, three of Michigan State guys (Drew Stanton is pictured with the Lions), plus an Omar Vizquel IP/TTM. You can also see stacks of TK Legacy base and inserts for both the Wolverines and Spartans.

The in-person pickup went fine and I added the following new items to my collection:
This group includes three of what I consider the "base" cards (numbered with "L" for "Lettermen", I believe), one Coach, and five checklists. There are two new Braylon cards, one a checklist, and a Bo as well. TCDB tells me I now have 31 of 197 base cards, one of five coaches, and half of the 14 checklists.
This next group opens with four cards starring former Michigan fixture Bennie Oosterbaan. The player and coach whose name graces the team's field house is one of four players (Anthony Carter, Brian Griese, Mike Hart) to get the "Legend" insert treatment, and I only need card #3 in this set of five. Then it's on to a quintet of the eight "Game Day Diary - The Rivalry" inserts I added this time, cards that cover the storied back-and-forth between the Wolverines and Buckeyes. I particularly like the 1902 and 1940 game scores!
And here we have the rest of the inserts, including the other three rivalry cards, one of which covers the enormous 1969 upset victory for the good guys. I now have 10 of the 22 cards in this set, and in case you're interested, a similar one was made for the UM/Minnesota Little Brown Jug rivalry. The other five are from the Program Covers series, a very cool look at past programs. I have eight of the 56 made, and these are hand-numbered to either 400 or 250 copies each. For those interested, here's the games and their results:
  • Minnesota, 1923: 10-0 Michigan
  • Wisconsin, 1926: 37-0 Michigan
  • Ohio State, 1927: 21-0 Michigan
  • Chicago, 1905: 2-0 Chicago (the only points Michigan gave up that year!)
  • Ohio State, 1941: 20-20 tie
And last up are the autographs I needed, one each from five different sets. The one new Go Blue autograph is my first of the amazingly named Hercules Renda (named after dynamite!), a former player and assistant coach. His signature is beautiful and this is a textbook example of why this set is so great, besides covering players that wouldn't get cards otherwise: look at all the detail he put in, listing his playing years and jersey numbers, plus a notation mentioning his coaching. Wow! Speaking of being impressed, that's my 130th of 185 autographs in this set.

Next is my first All-American auto from a pretty solid 18-card set. Muransky--or apparently "Big" Ed Muransky!--was an OT in the late 70s/early 80s. I'm now short just his base card of his three appearances in this product as I've had his Go Blue signature for a while.

The Quarterback Club Autographs set (which is sometimes changed to "Quarterback Collection" as seen here) is a 30-card set, and David Hall ('82 and '83) is my sixth of those. These are hand-numbered in quantities between 50 and 500 copies, and Hall's is /200. As with Muransky, I already have his Go Blue auto and just need his base issue.

The most well-known player in this group is former WR #1, Anthony Carter, and my 10th of his autographs happens to be my first from the 10-card Playbook Autographs set, one highlighted by legendary coach Bo Schembechler. Each subject drew out a favorite play that got printed on the card, which they signed. The back mentions that this play "was used in a 9-3 victory over Ohio State in 1980 in Columbus," so that's pretty cool. It's also hand-numbered /300.

Last up today is former RB Billy Taylor from the M-Stat set that focuses on a key number or record tied to a player. Taylor's claim to fame here is a 102.4 YPG average (3072 rushing yards over 30 games (he didn't record a carry in three other appearances)). One of my favorites, Mike Hart, appears to own the record now. Anyway, Taylor has a great looking signature on yet another hand-numbered (/100) autograph, my third of the 34 in the set, and second Taylor to go with--you guessed it--an M Go Blue auto.

(I'll also mention in passing that a Kirk Gibson football card came up in the Michigan State pile so I decided to keep it but not show it here because this is a Michigan blog!)

In addition to what I showed off here there were lots more autos and other cards, and some of those are ticketed for future trade packages or TCDB, so they won't go to waste. Either way, I certainly got more than my money's worth and I'm thrilled!

Please stay tuned for an even larger recap of an even bigger haul coming up soon.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

2020 trade package #9: Sport Card Collectors

In the midst of working on a post covering the first of my two recent Facebook purchases I was happy to find a brand new PWE on Monday from Matt over at Sport Card Collectors. Let me tell you, when you're slacking on posting stuff these are a sight for sore eyes, plus the cards are always great!

This was another six-card version with each pair fitting in nicely in a third of a nine-pocket page, as is Matt's very effective style. And he made things nice and easy on me by focusing on one player, and even a single year of his cards: Justin Verlander. Here's some JVs from two years ago:
Card #1 is the only one that didn't come from a Topps brand this time as it's a Pink parallel from 2019 Donruss Optic, Panini's answer to Chrome. It's difficult to scan these and get the color right, but please believe me that it's pink and not purple, which is another parallel option.

Next is Justin's appearance in Topps Chrome Update's Refractory version of 2019 flagship's 150 Years of Professional Baseball insert. The back lists his "greatest players" credentials including more than 200 wins and 2500 strikeouts, two no-nos, an MVP and Cy Young (both in 2011) and 11-6 postseason record. Of course he can also add to that a ring in 2017 and another no-hitter in 2019, plus his 300 K's during the latter season got him over the 3000 mark. He's, uh, pretty good.

Then we have a pair of inserts from a Topps brand I loved in its early days: Gallery. (Which I appear to have scanned backwards. Oh well.) Up top is a Heritage insert, which is kind of a funny idea to me since that brand stands on its own and has had more iterations than Gallery. At least it looks cool. The other is an Artist Proof parallel, which perks up my ears since that was such a big insert in the 90s--beginning with '94 Pinnacle, I believe. This one isn't numbered but still looks nice.

Speaking of Heritage and well-known insert names, next up is Justin's 2019 New Age Performers chase card. The back on this one notes that 2018 saw him join the 200 win/2700 strikeout club (kind of a strange pairing), doing so while being three years younger than former Tiger Jim Bunning when he accomplished the dual feat.

And lastly for today we go back to Chrome and its Refractoriness for a Greatness Returns insert that pairs JV with former Astro (among others!) Nolan Ryan. This is a natural comparison that's been made before thanks to each being a fireballing righty that's thrown a bunch of no-hitters.

Matt, thanks for another fun surprise PWE! It's always nice to have a source for easy to show-off mail days that sends me stuff I can always use for my collection. It might take a while but once I can get back to a monthly show or two I should have plenty of fodder to return the favor.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

2020 eBay purchases: plates a-plenty and more!

I need to post some cards so I can put them away, so here's what I purchased for myself on eBay over the first third of the year!
Card #1 is a 2007 Fleer magenta plate of blog favorite pitcher Rich Hill. I snagged this way back in January as my only non-show pickup for the month. I'm always up for a new 1/1 for my favorite PC, and a bit under $8 shipped was enough to get my first of this plate set, though it's my seventh 1/1 from that year. I still have some investigating to do regarding my 2008 Triple Threads 1/1s of Rich before I can get an accurate total, but for now he still rules the roost with 137 hits, 24 of the ultimate rarity.
I grabbed three more plates in February--two for myself--and one more the following month, giving me a fun run of five straight 1/1 purchases on eBay. The first was this J.J. Putz yellow version from Topps' flagship set, also out of 2007. Setting me back a little less than the Hill, this is my second oldest Putz plate, with one from 2006 Upper Deck taking the crown. That one is the only non-Topps card, oddly enough. While Hill has a commanding first place lead in 1/1s, Putz enjoys a smaller gap as his 11 in my collection have Clayton Richard's nine close behind.
The other card I grabbed for myself in February was a surprising win for me: I plunked down just $7.26 for my first plate of former Wolverine defensive beast Rashan Gary. This black plate was used to make his 2019 Donruss RC, but Panini's not the type to make things easy and actually inserted it as a hit in their Plates & Patches product last year. Both Panini and Upper Deck are known for doing this in some of their high-end products, which gives them a nice boost, though at the cost of the original sets that lose those potential pulls. Anyway, I was excited to get such a nice piece to add to the two autographs I own in his small collection, and I look forward to seeing what he could do in his sophomore NFL campaign (if there is one).
The last plate today stars former UM pitcher Matt Miller, one of many former baseball players of that name. This one was in the Brewers system for a while, plus he only appears on cards from 2010 Donruss Elite Extra and 2011 Topps Heritage Minors and Pro Debut, so he's easy enough for my to identify. I'm not even sure the last time I posted cards of him here (or on TMV) since I completed his 17-card run quite a while ago. Happily I now have my first plate to go with those, and the 1/1 Donruss EEE autograph I bought a while back, so I can lay claim to 20% of his 1/1s! By the way, at a bit over $5 delivered this one kept up my trend of declining final prices of cards I'd been buying on eBay, which was temporarily interrupted by a trade bait 1/1 I grabbed earlier this month.
Fortunately this non-1/1 got me back on track. My most recent purchase, made about two weeks ago, is a new Ryan LaMarre auto from 2012's unlicensed Onyx Platinum Prospects product. An Autographs Inscribed version hand-numbered on the back /5, this cost me a paltry $2.73 as I won it from my favorite eBayer, markaguirre22, from whom I've bought a bunch of very cool Michigan-related items. It also doesn't hurt that he offers free shipping! The design is about on par for the type of product, but I do love the gold ink, and the "Go Reds!" inscription is great. I'm glad to make it my 12th LaMarre hit, 10 of which include his signature.

In total I've spent under $50 on eBay over the first four months of this year and have scored six plates, one other trade bait item, and the LaMarre you just saw, meaning I'm still getting some good value despite my buying being way down.

Speaking of throwing money at cards, I think my next couple posts should cover some very cool Facebook Marketplace purchases, and I should be following those up with a huge TCDB trade. Should any trade packages show up in the interim, though, I'll happily give them priority. I hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy while they continue collecting as much as possible during these crazy times!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

2020 trade package #8: a Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts

You know, whenever I say "let's trade again soon!" in notes I include in my trade packages, I do mean it, I just usually don't expect it to actually come true that quickly.  And yet, just a few weeks after I posted cards from my first deal with Jon at A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts, another envelope with his name on it was in my mailbox!

He was nice enough to include a note that alerted me to the fact that one of the items could easily be lost.  Forewarned, I carefully extracted them:
First is a pair of new cards for my nascent Ted Simmons collection.  In case I didn't explain it before, I wasn't actively collecting him because I didn't think he had any affiliation with UM, and in fact he didn't play baseball for the Wolverines, but he was a student here, and therefore fits the definition of a Michigan alum and someone I collect.

Almost everything I already had of him was from my complete Topps sets from the 80s, so the two you see above are among the oldest of the 17 I have.  On the left is a '75 Hostess oddball--my only 70s card of his for now--with the usual inconsistent quality of the cut-out job increasing its charm.  The smaller item I had to be careful to remove is an '81 Topps Sticker of the HOFer, and I think he's wondering if you've ever played ball for the Brewers...onnnnn weeeeeeeeed?

The other card today is a 2013-14 Prizm HRX insert of THJ.  This is actually the fourth Hardaway insert Jon's sent me going back to the last envelope, which actually had three other Prizm inserts, all of which are different.  For those of you that never saw these inserts in the basketball/football/hockey products, HRX started out as a redemption for a card with an embedded video, then eventually morphed into what you see above, with a QR code on the back you'd scan to see an "exclusive video."  Kind of like UD's PowerDeck, but with more work!

Jon, thanks for getting me back with another envelope so soon plus adding to a couple of my smaller PCs!  I'll keep working on looking for some stuff you might like so I can return the favor when it makes sense.