Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 trade package #11: check out my Gibby from GSNHoF

My next two-part trade package comes from that smelly state underneath mine, but Tim, who runs the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame, is an outstanding and very generous trader that exhibits all of the good qualities typical of a person from anywhere other than Ohio.  The SpastikMooss has found his calling as a flipper on COMC, balancing collecting and selling in a way most of us could only dream of, and that leads to some great trades between us.  Most recently I sent him a group of cards centered on one of his newer PCs, Shyrone Stith, and in return he sent back some stuff he was nice enough to track down for me on COMC.  Seriously, take a gander at his port once in a while--it's something I enjoy doing because it changes so often!

Because he's cool enough to put in the effort to find my Michigan guys, most of my haul is over on TMM as usual, but I did notice a card in his port one day that I knew I had to ask him for, and Tim was generous enough to include it in this very package:
Kirk Gibson 2002 Stadium Club World Champion Relics jersey
Kirk Gibson cards are nice.  Kirk Gibson Tigers cards are nicer.  Kirk Gibson Tigers hits are nicest.  And Kirk Gibson Tigers hits celebrating the 1984 World Series are the nicest-est!  I thought Topps did a nice job of designing this relics set back in 2002, and I think well enough of it that this is now the third card (Trammell bat, Maddux jersey) I've acquired, and there's others I'd love to add, especially Lou Whitaker's; Gibby also has a bat version I'll try to find.

I'm happily adding this to my Gibson PC, which I recently pretty much completed scanning.  As one of more than 100 cards it's my eighth hit, comprising three autographs and five relics.  Speaking of the latter, this one is noted multiple times on the card as "regular season game-worn."  I don't particularly care that it didn't come from a postseason jersey from that year, but the fact that it might actually be "game-worn" is nice!

Tim, thanks again for a fun package, and hopefully I can contribute more to your PCs, especially the new ones!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

2015 trade package #10: Cards on Cards sends Tigers cards and PC cards

Recently I received another great two-part trade package from a fellow baseball/college collector, Kerry of Cards on Cards.  Kerry is a bird enthusiast that chases Cardinals of the St. Louis variety as well as Ducks native to Oregon, and that means our collecting mindsets are similar enough to make trading go very smoothly between us.  You might even say we're birds of a feather!  (Ok, I'll quit with the bird stuff now.)

Please don't forget to take a gander at the Wolverines Kerry sent my way on this evening's TMM post.  Meanwhile, here's the excellent baseball portion:

First up is what looks like a team set of 2015 Topps Tigers:
There were 10 cards so I gave the team card its own scan.  I'm curious if this image is from either of the games I attended this year, one where the pictured Davis defeated Oakland with a walk-off slam, or the season finale when Detroit beat Minnesota to win the AL Central.
I do like the player selection here on the assumption that guys like Verlander, Avila, J.D. Martinez, and a couple of the offseason additions appear in Series II.  The inclusion of prospects McCann and Farmer was nice.  That design still melts my eyeballs, though!
It's time to get EXTREME with Topps Chipz!  Market research has determined that "Z" is way more extreme than "S" when making a word plural.  Kidz will definitely Facetweet their Chipz on their InstaTunez and MyTube accountz!  I did speak to a guy at a show recently who said his young kids do enjoy playing with these, though, so kudos to Topps for making something youth-friendly in an adult-heavy hobby.
Here's a bunch of Tigers favorites, including another Miggy from 2015 Topps (yay Triple Crown!) and a Cobb insert from the same product.  The Fryman card takes me back almost 20 years to the 1996 thorn-in-my-side Bazooka set (and the 90s Tigers).  Next up is a couple pairs of former Detroiters in Carlos Guillen from UD and Austin Jackson from Chrome products, including a Refractor, one of the best inserts known to man.  Then we head further in the past with two of three Kalines Kerry sent my way, including a 2013 Topps sticker, which reminds me of the fun I had filling up my Panini sticker books of the early 90s.
More Tigers, picking up where we left off with Kaline, this time an Archives reprint that includes Elston Howard, Jimmy Piersall, and former teammate "Stormin'" Norman Cash.  From a newer Archives product, 2013, comes 30-game winner Denny McLain in the form of an SP from that set.  This trade adds a couple more pairs of recent Tigers in Magglio Ordonez, including a Sweet Spot numbered insert, and 2B Placido Polanco, a couple guys that helped bring the Tigers back to respectability.  Finally, we end with a couple members of the last few seasons' rotations that moved on, Porcello and Scherzer.

I split up everyone else in the package as they go towards my PCs.  Kerry was very generous here and certainly didn't disappoint.  He hit four of my Tigers guys, starting with Gibby, Granderson and Trammell.  The Granderson is one I was close to picking up online recently until I landed it here, and it's from 2002 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres, making it one of his earliest issues.  Tram comes from the 1995 SP set and includes a very nice photo.
Four many Verlanders!  Kerry managed to spit in the face of the Toppsopoly with a sticker from Panini's kid-focused Triple Play sticker set.  Everything else was Topps, including JV's 2014 flagship base card, a 2014 Heritage Chrome (still love those!) numbered to 999, and the third Topps Chipz of the package!
He didn't forget my non-Tigers PCs, either!  Here's a pair of Gwynns from 1995 Sportflix and 1998 Fleer SI.  While I have the '96 Sportflix set, I never chased the previous year's reboot so I loved getting this one.  The SI card is one of a few Gwynn has in the cool glossy set Fleer produced a few teams in the late 90s.
Keeping with the HOF theme is Greg Maddux with one of his more notable clubs--his second stop with the Cubs--plus a more obscure short-term stop with the Dodgers.  The 2005 Opening Day card was new to me while the '07 flagship saved me from having to scan one from my complete set!
Finally, eight is the correct number of cards of #8 to send in a given package, unless you'd like to send more, in which case that number is also correct.  These Ripkens are, in order:  1989 Fleer Heroes of Baseball, 1995 Sportflix, 1996 Zenith, 1997 Donruss Update info card (more below), 1997 Stadium Club, 1999 Pacific, 2000 Fleer Focus, and 2001 Fleer Game Time.

Here's a closer look at the Donruss Update card:
Unlike normal card stock this is very thin, but the front still shares the image of one of Cal's cards in that set while the back talks a bit about the set, one I enjoyed busting quite a bit almost 20 years ago!

Thanks a ton for the amazing package, Kerry, and I'm happy to report that I've got a nice start on a little envelope to send back your way before much longer!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

2015 trade package #9: these Tigers are mine, Nachos

Chris from Nachos Grande is back at it again as he sent me a nice envelope a few weeks after gifting me a nice little haul in January.  Part of that package was a couple Barry Larkin needs from '93 Topps, and then I happened to comment that I didn't have their base versions.  Generous guy that he is, Chris sent those to me and much, much more!

I've posted the Larkins over on TMM for your perusal while highlighting the plethora of Tigers he sent my way right here:
Here's some of the Tigers I collect enough to keep sorted by player.  Henneman, Herndon, Lemon, and Sheridan are guys that didn't get much cardboard while with Detroit since they were with the team before the 90s explosion of products.  Parrish played long enough that he has a pretty good number of cards, many of which are when he was with the Tigers.  Fryman and especially Ordonez individually probably outmatch the other players combined!  Clete Thomas is not a guy I collect anymore but I'm keeping this 2008 Topps Gold parallel with my other unsorted Tigers inserts.
Here's what I believe to be part of a team set from 1998 Collector's Choice--I'm not sure since the set was split into two series.  Anyway, the point is that Chris sent me six Tigers, all of whom are familiar to me, including pitcher Willie Blair, who inexplicably won 16 games in '97, the awesomely named Raul Casanova and Frank Catalanotto, slick-fielding Deivi Cruz, Bob "How the hell was this guy a Rookie of the Year" Hamelin, and once-promising pitcher Justin Thompson, who was sent to Texas in the ill-fated Juan Gonzalez deal.

Also in this group is a '90 Topps of "Ken Williams," and OF/3B with Detroit for parts of 1989 and 1990.  Why did I include him?  You probably know him better as the GM and Executive VP for the White Sox!
Here's three cards I decided to specially highlight as they go towards player collections.  The Gibby is a (very cool) dupe (though I'm still confused by the "THIRD BASE" thing), while the Verlander and Sweet Lou are new.  Well, technically I already had the Pudge/Verlander by way of owning the 2008 Topps set, but thanks to Chris I don't have to scan it!
Finally, it wouldn't be a trade package from Chris with minis, specifically the incredibly well done Munnatawket version!  I landed the highly sought-after Chris Reed autograph along with competitive eater/muu-muu model Prince Fielder and some pitcher I collect sometimes.

Thanks again, Chris!  I've somewhat started building a new package to send back your way and I'll keep working at it until I have something worthy of  mailing to you.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2015 trade package #8: flat rate Fuji's chronicle of craptons of cards

If you don't know who Mark from the Chronicles of Fuji is at this point and you're reading this, congratulations--you're either the title character of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (great show, by the way!) or just crawled out from under a rock.  Either way, welcome!

Everyone's favorite short, chunky Japanese guy who collects cards blew me away with a flat rate box of cards a couple weeks ago.  Truth be told, I was so overwhelmed I put off scanning and posting them for way too long.  Now that I finally got around to it I'm excited to be showing them off.  Mark did a great job hitting several of my PCs, so there's plenty more to see over at TMM as well.

Here's the damage from an extremely generous blogger this time:
Tigers part 1, including a pair of Bondos and Frymans (Frymen?) and a couple familiar Detroit HOFamers.
Continuing with a few more random Tigers.  Some of these came from what looked to be team sets (or maybe at least close), but I generally kept those together as you'll see in a minute.
I singled out these three cards as they're PC guys whose collections I'm working on scanning.  My favorite is easily the 1985 Diamond King of Sweet Lou!

Now we move on to the team sets!
1984 Topps Traded!  Definitely a good group of guys to have since these players went on to win rings that year.  The recently-deceased Bergman plus Evans and Hernandez turned out to be crucial pickups for the '84 Wire-to-Wire Champs.
1986 Topps Traded.  I actually have the complete box set but it's not like I ever thought to pull out the Tigers and scan them.
Jumping forward a few years (or, you know, 12), we have 1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars.  This is actually a pretty solid group considering how poorly the 90s teams treated fans.  I'm especially glad to land another Tigers card of base-stealer extraordinaire Brian "Money, Power, Respect" Hunter. 
1999 Topps Chrome.  It's possible I had a couple of these lying around but I generally didn't go after Chrome during this era so these are nice additions.  Love the shot of former prospect Gabe Alvarez rounding third.
2000 Fleer Impact.  I never cared for the border design on these, but I think the Prospects cards look good.  Bonus points for Dean Palmer!
2011 Topps Opening Day.  Of this quartet, three will celebrate 2015's opening day, two with teams other than the Tigers.
2013 Panini Hometown Heroes.  This is a fun set that includes a bunch of players I'm happy to remember.  I find it a bit strange that Scherzer is included with a bunch of guys that hadn't been in Motown since the early 90s, but I can't fault the player selection--Morris!  Petry!  Lance Parrish!  This was my second favorite set Fuji sent after the '84 Tradeds.
Speaking of former Tiger Max Scherzer, Fuji Bipped the hell out of me with 20 copies of his SI For Kids card!  If anybody would like to buy one, you can have a copy for $1 now with another $19 deferred over the next 10 years.

Lastly the Tigers haul included a pair of hits:
First up is a 1999 SP Signature auto of former OF Juan Encarnacion.  This is my first hit of the player who went from being Detroit's #1 prospect to being included in the deal with the Reds that landed Detroit Dmitri Young.  Sadly he suffered an eye socket injury after being hit by a foul ball while in the on-deck circle during a game with the Cardinals in 2007.  It at least sounds like he's landed on his feet since then.  He has a nice signature and I've always approved of UD's design of this set.
Finally, the other autograph, hailing from 2002 Bowman's Best, is of former Tigers IF prospect Juan Gonzalez.  Obviously he's a different guy than the one that is most well-known for his time with the Rangers and Indians, but for all the good Juan Gone did in Detroit with his crappy play and attitude we might have had this guy out there.  Anyway, I've always been a fan of 2002 Bowman's Best and its shiny design and on-card signatures.

Thanks again for an amazingly generous and overwhelming package, Fuji!  Sorry I took so long posting it, but I'm glad to have taken the time to show off the scope of what you sent so others can be duly impressed.  By the way, I having the makings of a new (but far smaller) envelope to send your way, so hopefully that'll go out soon!

Stay tuned for more trade package posts shortly.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

3/8/15 card show report: Taylor trade bait

Two card shows in one week?!  Yep, after heading to the small show in Brighton last Sunday I went back to my new usual haunt in Taylor.  And this time almost all my money went towards trade bait so I can hopefully get more packages out in the next few weeks.

Besides the usual haul that can be viewed tonight on TMM, I did pick up one card for myself to show off here:
Greg Maddux 2008 Topps Chrome Refractor
Doesn't matter how many times you see it, it's still weird that Mad Dog was a Padre for parts of 2007 and 2008!  Anyway, I found this '08 Chrome Refractor for $0.50 and decided that the timing was right to add it to my Maddux collection.  I've still got something like 100 cards of his from complete sets to scan not to mention a bunch more singles, but at least this is a quick and easy one to show off today.

As I said, everything else is trade bait that's destined for new addresses soon, though I did find one hit that didn't have an obvious home but was worth landing for just $1:
It's a Jamaal Anderson 2007 SP Rookie Threads Rookie Lettermen Silver manupatch auto, #191/199.  If anyone would like to claim it in trade it's theirs, otherwise I'm fine sending it to COMC eventually.

Otherwise, some of you should keep a close watch on your mailboxes this month!  For now, though, if your neck of the woods is finally warming up like mine is, why not get outside for a bit.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Player collection scanning project: too many Grandersons or not enough?

A couple weeks ago I showed off my newly-scanned Kirk Gibson PC, and now I'm back with another one I completed this week, this time for Curtis Granderson, this blog's original namesake.  Curtis was with Detroit from 2004-2009 and has cards in that uniform from 2002 and 2006-2010; I've always limited myself to his stuff from his Detroit days because I don't care for the Yankees and Mets.

As with the rest of the players in this series, Grandy's PC includes cards from my completed sets plus singles I've acquired through purchases and trades over the years.  All told I ended up with 68 cards, including a few inserts and hits plus a RC that I'd previously had occasion to show off.  Just nine of those came from my complete sets, but that's mostly due to being limited to his Detroit years and my relative dearth of sets from that time frame.  Besides, I've received some great stuff in trades!  So while I don't feel like I can say I have too many Grandersons yet, I'm well on my way.

Here's a few highlights for you to enjoy, plus a reminder that you can view his PC album at any time as I add incoming stuff:
Curtis Granderson 2006 Topps Turkey Red
This is one of three Turkey Red inserts I currently own of Granderson, with the others hailing from 2007 and 2010.  I give this one the award for best background.
Curtis Granderson 2007 Topps Generation Now (#GN521)
Curtis had 31 doubles in 2006 so he has that many cards in this insert set that highlights accomplishments like that.  I own seven different versions, and though I'm not actively chasing the rest I wouldn't mind adding them in trades or via purchase, though I wouldn't pay more than a quarter for them!
Curtis Granderson 2007 Topps
Nothing too special here, just my favorite flagship base card photo of Granderson playing catch while looking like he's a catcher.  Is this during a rain delay?  You can clearly see the tarp on the field.
Curtis Granderson 2008 Stadium Club First Day Issue
Awesome Stadium Club photography plus great nostalgic throwback parallel equals perfect card.  If this was in flagship it would be vertically-oriented, Grandy's left leg would be cropped out, and the border would take up 50% of its area.
Curtis Granderson 2008 Upper Deck Documentary (#403)
Why did you make this misguided product, Upper Deck, WHY?!  I've got four of these and I'm definitely not proactively going after more since I'm already annoyed at having to chase down cards of a couple other PC guys.  BOOOOOO!
Curtis Granderson 2008 Upper Deck Heroes
I included this one to highlight Curtis' insane 2007 season, in which he went for 38 doubles, 23 triples, 23 homers, and 26 steals (with all but the home runs being career bests).  Frank Schulte of the Cubs became the 20-20-20-20 Club's charter member in 1911 (and won the NL MVP while he was at it), then some guy named Willie Mays managed the same feat in 1957.  A very cool accomplishment indeed.
Curtis Granderson 2009 UD A Piece of History Franchise Members Quad (with Ordonez, Cabrera, and Guillen) (#362/999)
I decided to include this because UD chose a very good group of Tigers to highlight on this four-player card.  It lacks pitchers because a quartet of them features on another card, and that's good since there were plenty of guys worth including that year.  Though the 2008 Tigers only went 74-88, Magglio followed up his 2007 batting crown with another nice campaign, Cabrera starred in his first season in Motown, Guillen got his second straight All-Star nod, and Granderson had a typically solid season.

And finally, a retrospective of Granderson base cards from Upper Deck, 2006-2010:
Curtis Granderson 2006 Upper Deck
Curtis Granderson 2007 Upper Deck
Curtis Granderson 2008 Upper Deck (#499)
Curtis Granderson 2009 Upper Deck (#131)
Curtis Granderson 2010 Upper Deck

Stay tuned for more players as I get them scanned and uploaded!  Trammell, Verlander, and Whitaker are likely next up in some order before I get to the big guns, Griffey, Gwynn, Maddux, and Ripken.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

2015 trade package #7: a February TPTP from SCFtDS (baseball)

That's right, it's another two-part trade package (TPTP) from Doug over at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store!  That means I have some cards to show off here and others that you can see this evening on Too Many Manninghams.

The trader from the Great White North--who's actually mostly east and just a tad north of me--sent me more great cards, some of which fit my PCs as shown on this here blog, namely:
A trio of Tigers.  All three of these guys were with the club this time last year, though of course AJax has since moved on to Seattle--and good luck to him in 2015!  He's bookended by two of the Tigers' most well-known core guys in Miggy and Verlander.

That wasn't all I got, though, as I have something oddball-ish to show off as well:
From the files of "I've never seen that before" comes this 1994 Super Slam framed...thing of Junior Griffey.  This thing is folded in half so you can display it standing up, which I might just do.  The front includes a framed photo--and a nice one at that--of Junior taking off out of the batter's box.  Here's the back:
I didn't end up scanning and cropping it so you could read the facts on the back because they appear to be the standard random answers--one of his hobbies is video games and one of his favorite TV shows is Fresh Prince.  No surprises for someone in the mid-90s.  Anyway, this is definitely a cool item that'll be fun to add to my Griffey collection, and better yet it's the kind of thing I never would have known about had Doug not sent it my way.

Thanks for these cards and everything else you sent, Mr. Canuck, and I happen to have good news for you as I dropped off a spanking new envelope for you at the post office just this afternoon.  It's chock full of stuff I know you like including another pretty big addition to one of your PCs.  Readers, if you're not already sick of winter like I am, head across the border to Sports Cards From the Dollar Store tonight!