Saturday, March 28, 2020

3/7/20 show report: pre-corona bonanza

I'm gonna try to keep cranking out posts to catch up on the piles of cards sitting on my desk.  But first, today I'm giving a shout out to Jay who blogs over at Card Hemorrhage.  Jay's back in the hobby and PCing some Giants of the San Fran variety, and since he was nice enough to contact me (among others, I'm sure!) and mention that he's following, I thought giving him some free pub would be fair.  Welcome, Card Hemorrhage!

And for today's content we'll go way back to earlier this month when things were much, much different.  I headed east to Taylor on the first Saturday of March looking forward to another afternoon of poring over boxes, and that's exactly what I got.  My usual guy got $50 of my money, broken down into $40 of dimes, quarters, $0.50, $1, and $2 cards, plus one "bigger" card.  I also returned to the vintage guy whose tables are behind that one and took advantage of his $1 and 8/$20 deals to the tune of $25.  As usual I was happy with the results:
I believe I found the Kinsler Triple Threads base in a dime box and I was happy to add it to a collection I still enjoy even though Ian has since left the team and retired.  Griffey makes just one appearance today in 90s insert format.  Meanwhile Mr. Padre gets three, including the multi-product 2K insert offering, a Plum Border Diamond Kings card, and yet another Topps reprint.  Two new Larkins made it into my box, one being a Museum Collection base that's growing on me a bit in the face of the all-over-the-place Inception.  And the one vintage item I kept for myself is a new Willie Horton base from '66 Topps.  I've come to appreciate Horton more as I've gotten older so I'm unofficially working on tracking down at least all of his playing days cards, such like this subset issue that notes he was second in the AL in RBI in '65; He held the same position in HR as well that year.
I had another good day of digging out some Maddux cards, that's for sure!  The first is a '93 Stadium Club Master Photo Winner redemption card, which is a cool piece to have even before considering I previously picked up an actual Master Photo to go with it.  '96 Topps Chrome's Masters of the Game insert takes me back to that brand's debut and a nice insert design.  Speaking of that quality, recent Gallery and Museum (again) looks, plus a Panini Leather & Lumber insert, also look great.  Cal tags along as the second '95 Ultra All-Star, plus I added a relatively plain Optic insert.
JV gets his own scan with four Topps branded products.  2010's National Chicle is a solid art set compared to some recent efforts, plus it's always nice to add stuff of his from earlier in his career.  Museum Collection--one more time--and last year's Archives are also eye-pleasing, while Bowman Platinum has the shiny part down but doesn't do much for me otherwise.  Still, I wasn't gonna turn it down for a dime!
That "big" card I mentioned earlier is this 2015 Leaf cut auto of one of my favorites to don the block "M" and olde English "D", Charlie Gehringer.  I know people's opinions of the brand and this kind of autograph aren't generally high, and in some respects I agree with them.  But maybe their thoughts will change a bit when they find out I was able to tack this on to my purchase for a measly $10.  I'll take a HOF cut sig for that price any day, and that's exactly what I did, making this Mechanical Man auto #9 for me!
Naturally I worked on taking home a bit of football content as well.  Former #1 recruit Rashan Gary gets another RC added to his collection in the form of his 2019 Panini Illusions card, one I think looks pretty good--at least as much as one can when it doesn't offer a college photo!  The next four are recent inserts I was glad to see.  Two of those star stud Eagles DE Brandon Graham, and they're the Jumbo versions of the Artist's Proof and Gold Zone parallels, set apart by their numbering.  RB Karan Higdon's card is a Mirror Silver parallel of his 2019 Certified RC, based on the numbering /299, 100 copies rarer than the first-year version.  And sticking with RC parallels, CB David Long's 2019 Panini Phoenix card you see above is a Purple version /149.  To that I added a signature from Panini Unparalleled's Rookie Autographs Cosmos set for my second such card of the former Wolverine.

Although shows appear to be out of the question for quite some time now, I'm glad this post allowed me to enjoy the one I attended earlier this month.  And looking on the bright side, I can use the money I would have spent in the next few months on future shows or other sources!

But first there's still plenty to catch up on, and I'll do my best to be diligent about posting so I can keep getting stuff put away.  Thanks for reading and please keep social distancing!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

2020 trade package #6: The Angels, In Order

Well, it's happened.  I keep getting more cards in and then not posting them, so they keep piling up!  A couple recent purchases have a lot to do with that as I've been spending a good amount of time related to them on TCDB.  But I can't keep putting off showing off trade packages and other stuff, so let's go!

I can speak for everyone when I say I'm glad to see the return of Tom of The Angels, In Order, to blogging and trading after a heartbreaking loss in his family.  In the face of something like that, anything like collecting takes a back seat to more important things like taking care of your family, but sometimes the distraction can be nice as well.  And in my case, when my stepdad passed more than a year before I was blogging here, looking over the boxing autographs I bought for him helped remind me of the fun we had watching the sport together.

With all that to deal with I wanted to emphasize that I appreciate Tom being back and I hope we can all help him in some small way.  For my part I'm looking forward to sending him some more of the Angels, Patriots, and checklists he loves to accumulate.

I definitely need to do that anyway since he was nice enough to send me a PWE filled with Tigers.  "Happy new baseball season!" said the note, sent well in advance of the coronapocolypse.  Oh well, we'll get back to sports when it's time, and for now I'll enjoy some new cards:
Part one is a nice bunch of 2019 and 2020 stuff.  Talented up and coming P Matt Boyd, a.k.a. John's guy, reps the former on a 2019 Rainbow parallel.  I hope over whatever portion of the season gets played he shows more of the stuff that got folks excited about him last year.

The 2020 stuff is split into flagship and Heritage, and I believe all of it is new to me.  Miggy hits both with a Turkey Red insert and Heritage base, the latter done up in the classic '71 Topps design.  The Turkey Red cards are interesting because they maintain the look of past versions other than the matte finish.  Three guys give me examples of the 2020 flagship base Tigers--utility dude Niko Goodrum (nice action photo), Paul's favorite, JaCoby Jones, and--barf--Jordan Zimmermann.  JZ and his albatross contract will at least be gone after this season!

Joining Miggy from the Heritage set are OF Victor Reyes and P Drew VerHagen.  Detroit plucked Reyes from Arizona in the 2017 Rule 5 draft, and he put up a decent showing last season over 69 games, so he may have a shot at a bench spot.  VerHagen was kind of a swing guy and was released by the team late last year so he could sign in Japan.
That pile was nice enough but this quartet of TTM/IP autos totally surprised me!  I'm familiar with all except Saucier, so it's off to Baseball Reference once again!  Lynn Jones, who signed his '81 Topps card, was also a Rule 5 guy, and was in Motown for five seasons, missing out on the '84 team but earning a ring with the Royals the following year.  His younger namesake Todd ('07 UD First Edition) was a notable closer in Detroit after coming over from Houston, and was reacquired for the 2006 World Series season.

Saucier ('82 Donruss) joins his fellow players from the decade in a "How 80s can you look?" contest, and he apparently came to the Tigers from the Rangers after being a PTBNL in their deal with the Phillies, with whom he won a ring in 1980.  And lastly, Searcy's ('89 Topps) name is one I remember well from the junk wax-era cards that touted him as a "future star".  Though he didn't live up to that billing he did last five seasons with the Tigers and Phillies.

Tom, once again it's great to see you trading and writing, and I'll certainly be returning the favor with some cards for you once I have the ability to accumulate more to go with a few I already had set aside.  Welcome back!

Friday, March 20, 2020

2020 trade package #5: My Sports Obsession

It's certainly been an interesting couple of weeks, to say the least, but I'm finally back today with a new post after once again using a lot of my card time on TCDB (with positive results!).

Today's post is brought to you by buddy of the blog Jeff who runs My Sports Obsession.  He's another one of those guys that's great to trade with since we have a bunch of PCs in common, including Jim Abbott, Barry Larkin, Cal Ripken Jr., and all Michigan Wolverines--all of which you'll get to see in this here post!

Jeff sent me a nice bubble mailer stuffed with goodies a couple weeks ago, hitting three of the major sports and multiple collections:
I mean, I said Abbott, Larkin, and Ripken, right?  The '97 Pacific of Barry in the middle of the top row brings me back to buying a few packs of that product back then, so while the design isn't one of my favorites I like it for the nostalgia factor.  And I was surprised to find that I needed all four Cal cards you see up there, with my favorite being the '93 Ultra.  That gives you a good look at the beginnings of some manufacturers dragging themselves out of the dark ages of junk wax designs.
Moving over to basketball we get our first Michigan uni card thanks to a sweet insert of of program legend Trey Burke out of Contenders, followed by a Prizm parallel of him.  Panini's also responsible for a great overhead shot of THJ going to the rim.  Speaking of Junior Hardaway, Jeff was nice enough to toss in a 2018-19 Prizm jersey relic of him (just my fourth, and 7th hit overall), plus a cool purple Kings swatch of Sauce Castillo (4th, 9th) from Hoops.  He's skilled at finding good deals and doesn't mind ending up with dupes as he can often send them to me (and vice versa) which, again, makes him an ideal trade partner for me.
Football part 1 is this great looking bunch with even more Wolverines uniform love.  Crable didn't end up on a ton of cards but the lesser-known '08 draftee did make it to an Upper Deck Starquest insert that year.  Former #1 Devin Funchess looks just fine in Refractor form with Orange and original flavors of his '15 Topps Chrome RC.  RB Karan Higdon went undrafted and doesn't have much cardboard either so that 2019 Contenders Draft insert is much appreciated.  Big Mo Hurst's 2018 Prestige base is a sight for sore eyes as it knocks another RC off his list, plus it's yet another nice college action card.  Talented jackass LT Taylor Lewan makes two 2014 Bowman insert appearances with a Black parallel and '50 Bowman card.  And do-everything dude Peppers comes in with a pair of cards I accidentally scanned in reverse:  '18 Contenders Draft (awesome design and college uniform!) and '17 Donruss RC, another one I can cross off the list!
This nice little blowout ends things with a bang.  First is a great Shoelace four-pack, including his 2013 Select RC--which leaves me chasing just the retail version of his Absolute RC--plus one of his two SAGE HIT base cards I somehow didn't have.  SAGE has its ups and downs but that one looks good in my book partly because I don't think anything got airbrushed.

Then we move on to even more hits.  I'll start with the super cool Channing Stribling Elite auto as it worked well scanning it next to Denard's horizontal offering.  I came home from a show last May with my first signature of the DB, but this Elite Draft Status Die Cut Purple is undoubtedly cooler, so I really have to thank Jeff for sending it my way.  Next is a nice jersey relic of WR Amara Darboh from 2017 Certified on a design that's fairly typical of the brand--which I say as a positive.  I believe both of our Darboh collections skew heavily toward the hit side, which is a cool situation.

If that 2017 Contenders Draft Ryan Glasgow auto looks familiar, that's because Fuji sent me the Blue Foil parallel that I posted earlier this month, and now I've got the base version to add, which is outstanding.  I really value brands like this (and the occasional SAGE and Leaf product) for producing autos of guys that likely wouldn't get any, especially when it comes to those who play defense.  A higher drafted DL that did appear on a nice number of hits his rookie year and then pretty much nothing else, Mike Martin, closes out the post with a 2012 Gridiron Rookie Autographs X's signature /499.  It's definitely been a good while since I called his name on either of my blogs, but this does give him a solid 14 hits (all autos) to his name.

Speaking of numbers, before I end things today so I can get to the growing backlog of things to be posted, I want to thank Jeff for sending me the Michigan Football hits that put me over the 1500-card milestone!  According to the Google Sheet I use to track everything, I now count 1501 different relics/autos/plates/more of 225 total players in that collection, numbers that continue to boggle my mind as they grow.  As I like to do whenever I announce these marks, I want to say thank you to all who have contributed to that collection through the generosity of your trades, making this experience even more rewarding (not to mention more affordable)!

And again, a big thanks to Jeff for sending another kick-ass trade package my way.  Jeff I have a very nice stack of stuff to send you at some point so I'm looking forward to returning the favor.

I'm also hoping to cover all the new stuff that's ended up on my card desk over the last few weeks before it gets overwhelming, so stay tuned!

Saturday, March 14, 2020

TCDB roundup: cards from C2Cigars and BKim

Image result for trading card database
I haven't done much trading on TCDB at this point, having made just one deal with someone other than Paul, but in the last few weeks I got cards from a pair of members there anyway, which was a great development for me.

First up is Chuck, a.k.a. C2Cigars.  If you're not a TCDBer but the name sounds familiar, that's because he's the member Paul and I met at Paul's local show late last year.  An older school collector that looks for vintage Mets, Raiders, and Sabres, plus Syracuse alumni, he followed up the vintage Michigan Football item he brought to that show with a bigger bunch of the same, almost all of which I needed:
Though none of these guys are new to my collection, it's generally been limited to their RCs, so this is certainly a bunch I can appreciate.  WR Doughty (card #2) and OG Mack (4) are from 1975 Topps on a design that's miles away from the baseball version.  RB Lytle (a dupe), OG McKenzie (3), and TE Seymour (3) feature on the '78 design that I think has a bit more going for it.  TE Mandich's (4) second-year '76 Topps photo is very similar to the one seen on his RC.  McRae's '69 Topps probably looks familiar since Jon sent it to me first and I showed it off in my last post.  And LB Nunley (3) and CB Rowser (2) both make appearances in '73 Topps, which was their second-year set.
This next group begins with a card I don't really consider vintage, an '84 Topps USFL of WR Jim Smith (3), but that doesn't make me like it any less, especially since it's a cool piece of history.  Then we return to 1973 for OT Steve Smith's RC plus S Rick Volk (5).  I somehow missed Smith on my RC checklist so I'm glad Chuck alerted me to that, especially since he appears to have only one other card to his name.  By the way, the colors used for the '73 set confuse me, so maybe someone can tell me if there's a rhyme or reason to what was used or if they're just random.  Anyway, I was also treated to a second card of Volk, in this case from the '75 set you saw above.  That gives me Rick's cards from '71, '73, '75, and '76, which is pretty good!
This last scan shows the other two cards from Chuck's package.  On the left is a '91 Pro Set of former QB and current HC Jim Harbaugh, but it's not just any card.  Instead it's from the Spanish version of the set, as indicated by some of the text you can see up front.  That's a fun addition to his PC (142 cards).  He's joined by recent DB Channing Stribling from Topps' coverage of the defunct AAF, the final dupe in the package.

Chuck's a great guy to deal with, as is pretty obvious considering the above, so don't hesitate to trade with him if you're on the site!

The other envelope that arrived was what the site calls a PIF, or "pay it forward."  It's kind of the site's equivalent blog trading's blind trades with the idea that you pick someone and send them something they'd probably like.  Member Robert (BKim), who seems like a good dude from what I've seen on the site, was nice enough to surprise me with this:
As I'm now actively collecting HOFer Ted Simmons--it took me a while to confirm he's a Michigan alum, though he didn't actually play baseball for the school, though that doesn't disqualify him for my collection--I'd updated my wantlist for the catching great, and Robert picked one of those needs and sent it my way.  This is Ted's card from Fleer's 1981 debut, another appearance where he looks high but at least doesn't have long hair like a hippie.  I'm glad to add it as the first Simmons in my collection that isn't included in one of my complete sets, giving me 14 overall.

I made sure to thank BKim in the forum's PIF thread and I already know to whom I'll be paying it forward very soon.  Thanks to both him and Chuck for making TCDB a cooler place to be!

With lots of cards in-hand still to be covered and the likelihood of working from home starting next week you may actually see more of me!  Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

2020 trade package #4: a Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts

If I decided to make a list of the top 10 best things about card blogging, numbers one through nine would be trade packages.  I've received so many cool items from all over the place since I got into this racket and it's made me a better collector.

My newest trade partner is Jon over at A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts.  I'd followed his blog for a while when recently he was nice enough to offer me a couple vintage football cards, one of which I needed.  Then he was able to tack on some cool basketball stuff to boot, which surprised him a bit but not me since that's definitely my smallest Michigan collection.  That was enough for him to be able to send a PWE my way:
The court stuff leads off with Trey Burke, somehow a veteran of five teams in six-plus seasons.  I always loved Donruss' Stat Line parallels when it came to baseball so this '15-'16 card, numbered /43 for his 4.3 assists/game (I guess you can't number a card out of 4.3), is right up my alley.  That's followed up by a shiny Red/White/Blue parallel from the same year's Prizm product, and there's plenty of that brand to enjoy today.

That's all thanks to our next guy, Tim Hardaway Jr., who's only on his third team in his seventh year.  The similar cards you see in a pair were released a year earlier thank Burke's, and they appear to be Blue Wave and Yellow/Red Mosaic Prizms.  These are confusing, but not Topps Tek confusing!  The last card of his trio is from the same 2015-16 set as Trey's card above, and from what I can tell this particular parallel is called a Flash Prizm.  It's definitely all about flash, I'll give it that!

Last up from the basketball group is possibly my favorite of the bunch.  Nik "Sauce Castillo" Stauskas is bursting through your screen in living color on a 2014-15 Donruss Rookies Swirlorama parallel.  I think the combination of a design that succeeds in grabbing me right in the nostalgia plus a funky parallel makes this a win.

And then we close things out with the card that kicked off this deal, a '69 Topps of former Michigan/Chicago Bears DB.  Vintage football is another weak area of my collection but it won't be for long if I have folks like Jon helping me.  This is a great looking card that's especially fun for me since I was primarily a baseball collector for so long and enjoy seeing the different looks Topps used between sports back then.  One feature you can often count on when it comes to old cards: awesome team logos.  Damn nature, you scary!  This is just my second McRae to go with his '64 Philadelphia RC and I appreciate Jon putting in the effort to note that he's a former Wolverine and offer it up to me.

Jon, thanks again for a great first deal!  You have an envelope heading your way as we speak (unless you're reading this after Thursday when it'll likely get delivered) that I hope you'll consider a good answer to this one.

As for me, I appear to be Marching into spring with lots more stuff to show off from a couple TCDBers, another blogger, eBay, and this past weekend's show.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

2020 trade package #3: Chronicles of Fuji

I count myself among the people lucky enough to trade with Fuji and I'm always glad to hear when he's sending something my way since I know it'll be great.  That was mostly definitely the case when Mark played Santa last month and sent out a fleet of envelopes all over the country.  Even with my expectations high Fuji's generosity always manages to surprise me.  Check out this latest mailer:
Make no mistake, this package was a hit parade, and this isn't even half of it!  We'll start with Michigan pitching great Jim Abbott on a signature from UD's Goodwin champions.  As usual with the brand the artwork is suspect but the auto is top notch!  Then there's a whole mess of Tigers.  The first of two Miggy relics from 2019 Topps is a jersey from the set done up in the '84 design, which reminds me of the Tigers '84 set I grabbed at Comerica Park last year.  Next is a 2017 Topps Holiday jersey of Michael Fulmer which is somehow my first hit of the former ROY whom I continue to hope returns to full health.

Going a bit older school we have what I considered a pleasant surprise:  a 2000 Topps Traded autograph of former catcher/infielder Brandon Inge.  He could be streaky but put together a few nice seasons in the mid-aughts with his best year coinciding with Detroit's return to the Fall Classic.  That's my first auto of BInge and only my second hit overall along with a jersey, so this was a great inclusion!

Last up in this scan is a trio of nice jersey relics of Trashtro pitcher Justin Verlander.  I may cover this more in a future post but for now to answer what may become a FAQ:  yes I still collect JV, though I've soured on him as a player given his lackluster reaction to his team cheating its way to a title.  Anyway, these relics are quite nice and hail from 2017 Ginter and Heritage and '19 Donruss.
And the bevy of Tigers doesn't end there!  Up top is a very cool acetate auto out of 2002 Topps Pristine of '01 first-round bust P Kenny Baugh.  In a round one short on quality regulars (Joe Mauer, Mark Prior for a minute, Gavin Floyd, Mark Teixeira) Baugh was still a bad miss as he never made it out of the minors, plus he was selected ahead of, among others, David Wright!  That see through auto card is super cool, though, and I'm planning on keeping it for now despite the fact that I rarely hold onto cards of such players.

The other two here are somewhat similarly designed jersey relics of former teammates Miggy and V-Mart.  Cabrera's is from 2019 while Victor's was made the previous year.  I may have looked this up and mentioned it before, but as teammates from 2011-18 they combined for 454 HR while seeing their production fall off a cliff after 2016.  By the way, this is just my second hit of Victor and first of him as a Tiger, so again, nice job by Mark!
And now we're on to the "other sports" portion of the package.  I thought the Jimmy King/Ty Wheatley duo card made for a nice segue between the two games seen her, and naturally I enjoyed the college photos out of the terrific looking '95 Classic Five Sport set.  Biakabutuka's card is also very interesting:  a $20 phone card inserted into packs of '96 Press Pass.  They apparently also could be found in values of $5, $10, and $1996.  Remember phone cards?  That's so 90s.

And I'll give the best card of this bunch its own paragraph.  Glen Rice is probably the best player from the '89 champs and I'm always happy to get new stuff of his, especially when I don't have to buy it myself!  This 2016-17 Panini Excalibur Calligraphy card is a textbook example of how nice his signature can look, and he clearly lives up to the set's name here.  This is my fifth auto of Rice and of course I want to keep adding more.
Last up is the football hits portion, or what I'm going to refer to as the "Long haul" for obvious reasons.  I wonder if any of you can picture my face after I pulled card after card out of this package and thought, "How much great stuff did Fuji just send me?!"  I mean, take a look at the previous three scans and keep them in mind when you look at this bonanza.  Yowza!

Let's start with Touchdown Tim in the upper-left corner.  You wouldn't know it from the looks of it but that card was made by Fleer during his rookie year of '96, and despite the plain look it's nice to have since he doesn't have a ton of signed cards.  Then we have what's just my second auto of DL Ryan Glasgow of the Michigan walk-on Glasgows.  The reason it's difficult to see his name in that scan is the color of the foil--blue, appropriately enough--since it's a parallel version of his regular auto in the set.  As usual with Contenders/Draft I think it looks awesome and love the college action photo they went with.

Before we get to the guy who had the biggest day I can cover two of his teammates and fellow '08 draftees.  #1 PC guy Chad Henne is first with a jersey relic out of that year's UD product and then we jump forward two years for a sweet dual jersey out of Sweet Spot of another top guy in Mario Manningham, a.k.a. the namesake of my defunct sister blog.  The latter looks especially cool with, yep, a great college photo.

And now to the man of the hour, Jake Long, who represents a quarter of today's hits, with all of them being autographed!  Two of them--'08 Stadium Club and '09 Topps Mayo--include "just" signatures while the other three--'08 Leaf Certified Materials, Bowman Sterling, and UD Premier--come with relic bonuses.  Again, pulling these out one at a time was a crazy experience, and I'm humbled once again by Fuji's trademark generosity, not to mention the effort I like to credit when people go above and beyond to hit my preferred college collections.

Mark, thanks once again for this stunner of an envelope!  I'm not sure when or how I'll hit you back, but regardless of what you say I intend to do so one way or another.  And in the meantime I'm enjoying seeing the similarly amazing packages popping up on other blogs.  It's good to be a friend of Mr. Fuji!

Sunday, February 23, 2020

1/4/20 and 1/31/20 show reports: January Jonesing

I didn't have to wait very long this year to get to my first shows of 2020, getting east to Taylor on the first Saturday of the month and again on the last Friday.  Things just happened to work out that February's show weekend started in 1/31 and I went that day as I had friends in town the next day.

Because I wanted to get going on getting these posted I decided to just combine them, but I'll give a quick note on how both went.  I didn't want to miss January's event because my usual guy was doing his thing where pretty much everything was half its usual price, and that worked out quite well for me as I dropped $30 on mostly trade bait, some of which has already gone out.  Then at the end of the month I threw down $40 to the same guy for more goodies, many of which were $2 hits for my football collection.  To those I added a nice little bunch of vintage pickups (again, some for trade bait) for another $20, bringing my monthly total to $90.

Here's a look at the combined haul this time:
Trade bait, part 1: baseball.  I believe the last three cards here were $0.50 at the first show while the Ward was $1.  Why would I pick up what appears to be a base card for that much?  It's tough to see the stamp on the front if you're not looking for it, but the back helps:
This is a 2003 Donruss Atlantic City National stamped card /5 that I'm sure someone will want.
And part 2, the football stuff.  I believe a couple of these were just $0.50 too, and at most a buck or two.  As usual, please claim anything you like in the comments or via email and we'll work something out!

Now we can move on to the stuff for me:
You can see how that vintage purchase paid off in this scan, especially in the top row.  The Gehringer is from a 1961 set called Golden Press and I think it looks great, especially for the era, plus it's my oldest of the Mechanical Man so far.  Horton's card is from 1970 Topps (his oldest as well) and I'm kind of slowly working on his vintage stuff.  And the dual Tigers rookie is fun since I mainly needed it for my Fisher collection as he's a Michigan alum, but scoring a RC of excellent Canadian relief dude Hiller is a very nice bonus.

Down the middle we have three guys from some of my biggest PCs in Griffey, Maddux, and Ripken.  The Junior phone card might look a bit familiar since I picked up similar stuff recently from that '95 Classic set.  My fun with Panini's Leather & Lumber continues with a cool die-cut Maddux insert called Benchmarks.  And we head back to the '90s for Fleer's Emotion E-XL and a '96 insert called N-Tense.  The while the front and back "layers" of the card are die-cut those areas in the middle of the letter are paper, though it's still a very cool design.

The bottom row opens with another extremely cool vintage item, a '72 Kellogg's of Wolverines HOFer George Sisler.  These look awesome and I hope to add more of similar guys like Ted Simmons as I find them.  And last up is former Tiger and current Trashtro Justin Verlander on a 2019 Donruss 150th Anniversary parallel (#149/150).  The photo on this one is actually the variation of the regular base, though I'd assume that they have the same odds of being pulled.
Heading over to the gridiron for the non-hit football stuff I came up with this trio.  Shoelace's card is a 2013 Spectra RC (/99), though I didn't realize that when I picked it up, so that was a fun surprise, and leaves me just a couple short of all his first-years.  Bo's card is a Delong Gum insert from 2013 Panini Golden Age, a "baseball" product like A&G, GQ, and Goodwin.  And my favorite of the bunch is the last vintage item of the day, a solid '57 Topps base of former Wolverines DE Len Ford.  It's just my third card of his along with his '55 Bowman RC and a '94 Topps Archives reprint of this very card!
And the hit parade begins on the Y-axis.  Leaf Trinity's Clear autos look amazing, such as Chesson's (eight hits) above.  I picked up three new Braylon (89) items, two of them featuring a second player, and one of those is on display here in the form of a dual jersey with former Lions WR Roy Williams.  Williams was a guy who was fairly productive and then was flipped to Dallas for, among other picks, a first-rounder that Detroit characteristically wasted on TE Brandon Pettigrew.

Getting back on track, it's unfortunately somewhat rare for me to pick up new Hart (69) stuff these days but I did luck out with his rookie year '08 Stadium Club Beam Team auto, a nice throwback to that brand's classic insert.  Lewan (15) gets a jersey swatch from last year's Certified that's about as big as he is a jackass.  Solid CB David Long is today's new player with his first hit, an autograph from '19 Prizm.  Former #1 overall OT Jake Long (86) makes a Michigan quartet from the 2008 UD Icons Rainbow auto set (with Arrington, Hart, and Henne), so I just need Manningham and Shawn Crable.  And probably the best of my trio of Chris Perry (55) items is this '04 Leaf Certified Mirror Blue ball/helmet/jersey relic, a card that's totally up my alley).
Pressing on with the horizontals, Jason Avant (63) gets a new jersey from '06 R&S, though I'd have a bone to pick with whoever would refer to it as "prime" if I IDed it correctly.  TE Jake Butt (6) joins former teammate Chesson with an amazing 2017 Leaf auto of his own out of Metal Draft.  Airbrushed helmet aside, the State Pride cards are super nice, though I wouldn't mind more of Michigan's motto on display.  Braylon's back for his promised third appearance, a Playoff Honors ball/jersey that pairs him with fellow Browns rookie Charlie Frye, a Cleveland QB that busted (go figure) even quicker than Edwards.

His more successful NFL counterpart, Mario Manningham (95) gets a "super" jumbo jersey swatch from '08 Gridiron Gear that I've labeled as "prime" since Panini didn't change the serial numbering (/50) from the non-prime version.  Oh, Panini....  It's a beautiful swatch and I'll put down a few bucks that Matt will have a positive comment about it not long after this gets posted!  Then we're back to Chris Perry's other two hits from 2002 Fleer's Rookie Throwback Threads insert.  The jersey/ball (/50) and leather helmet may be event worn/used but they're still plenty of fun to pick up.

David Terrell (45) didn't even up his hits total with counterpart Anthony Thomas's 53, but this 2001 Fleer Legacy Triple Threads jersey makes for some nice parallels as I now have a card like this for each player, plus they're both at exactly 150 in their PCs.  Michigan's former #1 had the worst career of the three as Gardner did decently well in four-plus years with Washington while Wayne was, uh, pretty good with the Colts, I believe.

Last up is RB Ty Wheatley (6) on a super nice shoe relic from 2001 Absolute Memorabilia.  This was from way back when Donruss/Playoff/whoever included a helpful image on the back showing the actual item the material came from, like-a so:
It's always fun to add something like this among the sea of less interesting relics like jerseys these days.

I think many of you will agree with me that that was a fairly productive pair of shows, especially since you haven't seen all the trade cards I've sent out or will be doing at some point.  Milestone-wise we're coming up on a pretty big one as I'm at 1495 football hits.  With the definition of some of those being a bit iffy in my mind these days (such as unsigned manu-relics) I'll feel a bit more comfortable about the number when I've eclipsed it by a bit, but it'll be worth a celebration no matter what!

Happily I'm just about caught up on in-hand stuff again with an eBay pickup being the only thing left for now, though I'm looking forward to a trade package in the next couple days and another eBay win.  After that I'm hoping to find some time to redo how I'm presenting my PCs, mainly to incorporate TCDB but also cleaning things up generally, plus I have a potential feature that may interest a lot of you, so stay tuned.  Oh, and welcome back, baseball!