Monday, November 24, 2014

Who do you collect?

Just a quick post today as I work on cleaning up and sorting some cards as part of a couple projects I've got going on.

Like many of you I enjoy setting aside cards for team collectors, and for many of those traders I've done enough deals to know who they collect.  Still, there's other folks I don't trade with that often, or teams I pile up without knowing who to send them to.

I'll probably put together something more formal in the future and address player collectors then as well, but for now I'm looking for which teams you collect in terms of:

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • College (please specify individual sport(s) or general)
Please drop me a comment or email with your favorite teams from those sports and you may find some cards in your mailbox before you know it.  Please note that nobody is "claiming" teams here, so I'm happy to have multiple collectors per team!  Also, consider this one more way to publicly get who you collect posted and shared somewhere.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 trade package #33: $30 a Wings Habit

(Yes I still exist, I've just been busy with lots of stuff, which is normal this time of year, but one project in particular will benefit many of you, so stay tuned for that!)

Robert of $30 a Week Habit recently told me he was sending me an "envelope" that would hopefully boost my small Red Wings collection a bit.  Robert understated things a bit:
First up is a pair of inserts from 2008-09 OPC, and it just so happens both of these guys are among the greatest to play defense for the Wings.  '07-'08 was Cheli's penultimate season in Detroit, and his last "full" campaign (28 games the following year, then just seven with Atlanta the next to close out his career), which he completed at the ripe old age of 46!  He celebrated by joining the Wings in winning their most recent Cup.  Lidstrom, meanwhile, was indeed an All-Star yet again that year, and won his fourth and final Cup.

Hey, how about some hits?
Kyle Calder 2007-08 Upper Deck Game Jersey jersey
I do remember Calder, who last played in 2010, though I had to look him up to remember when he was actually with Detroit.  As it turns out he was flipped to the Wings in February of 2007 and was reasonably effective for them in 17 games, then he signed with the Kings over the offseason, hence the pair of teams represented on the card!
Chris Chelios 2006-07 Flair Showcase Showcase Stitches jersey
Hey, it's that Chelios guy again!  This is my first hit of the HOF D-man, and appropriately enough it comes in the form of a beautiful red jersey.
Henrik Zetterberg 2005-06 Upper Deck Ice Fresh Ice jersey
Hank is another member of the 2007-08 Cup-winning squad (his only one so far), keeping that connection going for today's post, and better yet he actually scored the winner that year.  He currently appears on two other cards in my Wings PC: this six-way relic and a dual with Johan Franzen.  His first solo entry is this great UD jersey from their Ice product, which was actually still in existence as of last year.

Oh yeah, and to add to the fun, he threw this in as well:
Ivan Rodriguez 2006 Ultra Ultra Fine Fabrics jersey
Keeping up the current-or-future-HOF-Detroit-athletes theme, it's a Tigers jersey relic of Ivan Rodriguez!  It's my third Pudge relic--a base and another jersey--in my Tigers PC, and it was certainly a fun addition to an otherwise hockey-centric package.

Thanks, Robert, for another fantastic package, which, by the way, wasn't an "envelope" but a bubble mailer filled with Detroit goodness!  Readers, head on over to $30 a Week Habit for some excellent blogging (and trading) tonight!

Monday, November 10, 2014

2014 trade package #32: 2x3 Heroes in: 'PWE Are the Champions'

A surprise PWE showed up in my mailbox last week, but now that you know it was a PWE you probably won't be surprised by the sender--Jeff of 2x3 Heroes.  I had notified him of my interest in one of his recent pulls so I guess I should have known better that he'd shoot it my way!  Jeff's Blechhawks Blackhawks have won two Cups since the Red Wings last won a championship in 2008, though Detroit does hold an 11-to-5 edge in overall titles.  We probably both at least agree that the Original Six teams are the best, so there's that.  Anyway, here's what was in this PWE:
Here's a Hockeytown quartet, starting with a pair of Wings from 2008-09 OPC:  star forward Pavel Datsyuk and fearless net presence Tomas Holmstrom (who retired after the 2011-12 season).  Those are followed up by Pavel's fellow star Henrik Zetterberg plus a Brett Hull Immortals subset card (#d to 999) out of 2012-13 Certified.  The superlative Hull won a Cup with the 2001-02 Wings.

And now for the card I originally asked for:
Niklas Kronwall 2008-09 Upper Deck Champ's Mini Signatures auto
Mini auto!  Kronwall, a standout defenseman, was Detroit's first-rounder back in 2000, and has been good enough to merit a seven-year contract inked a couple years ago.  Needless to say this is my first hit of him in my tiny Wings collection, so I humbly thank Jeff for it (and for possibly not spitting on it when he pulled it).

Oh yeah, there was one other card in the envelope:
This is a Chris Getz 2010 Topps Peak Performance auto that I've had for a while, and apparently he wasn't able to offload this copy to anyone else who collects White Sox (though why anybody would want to do that is beyond me).  I'm fine keeping a second copy with Getz's PC if nobody else can use it since there's no such thing as too many Wolverines!

Thanks as always for the fun surprise, Jeff.  With some COMC specials to be taken advantage of later this month I promise I'll come up with an interesting return package in just a few weeks.  Readers, please make sure you're following the professor of PWEs at 2x3 Heroes.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

11/2 card show report: TTTC #1

Another month, another card show!  Though I hadn't planned on it at the start of the year, I've now I attended five shows this year, with pretty good results.

With Gibraltar Trade Center's imminent demise in Taylor, I went to a different location in the same city to a show promoted by some of the same regulars from Gibraltar (and I'm glad to see they landed on their feet).  The new place is called the Taylor Town Trade Center, a bit north of the old place.  It's more like a smaller indoor flea market in a strip mall, but it's less rednecky and lacks the cigarette stench of Gibraltar, so despite being much smaller, it has its pluses.

I arrived late-ish last Sunday so I didn't have a lot to choose from, and I actually only bought stuff from one seller, a former Gibraltar regular.  I hit his quarter and $0.50 boxes hard then added a couple singles for a grand total of just $20.  The vast majority of that went to low-end stuff for trade packages (I hope y'all like Refractors!) while the next biggest bunch can be seen on TMM tonight.  Meanwhile, here's a quick look at two cards I grabbed for PCs I feature here at last week's show:
I couldn't remember if I already had this 1972 multiplayer RC, and indeed it turns out that Mark Hoyle sent it to me in his second package back in August.  Oh well, it was just a quarter, and I'm happy to have two, or if anyone needs a copy I'll be happy to PWE it their way!

My other Tiger find was this great George Kell from Donruss' 2004 Classics set.  Classics existed from 2001-2005, and really all five designs look fantastic.  I'd say my favorite is the 2002 version, but I don't think you can really go wrong.  Maybe I'll try to grab all of them at some point!  Anyway, despite the sepia tone of the photo and design, the card has a modern feel to it, including serial numbering (#1879/1999) on the back.  It's kind of part of the base set (which has a silver tone to it instead) but is short-printed (obviously, hence the numbering) as part of a group of Legends.  I don't have a ton of Kell stuff since he's not as popular as his former partner Al Kaline, so this was a fun add for a quarter.

Watch for some new trade packages featuring stuff from this show in the future!

Friday, October 31, 2014

2014 COMC purchase: Motown Mechanics

I do have one other COMC card to show off over here, though it also features in tonight's post over on TMM.  Since not many of you necessarily read both of my blogs, I thought I'd give it its own spotlight over here:
Charlie Gehringer 2004 Sweet Spot Classic Patch 300 manupatch (#216/300)
This sweet Gehringer manupatch is from 2004 Sweet Spot, and it proves UD was making some solid manufactured relics before Topps started up their own offerings.  COMC has another version that's a bit rarer and replaces the hat logo with a patch commemorating the '34 World Series.  I have a Frank Robinson patch similar to the Gehringer above, plus a Walter Johnson '24 Series patch along the lines of what I linked to above.  All of them look great and you really can't go wrong with the set.

As it's my first "hit" of the Mechanical Man, it mark's Charlie's first appearance in my Tigers PC, and it's a nice new addition to my PC of the HOF 2B, which stands at 22 cards right now.  Hopefully I'll have something even nicer of his to show off before long.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

2014 COMC purchases: JV and the HOF

It's time to show off some more COMC pickups!  As usual most of what I scored this time will be displayed over at TMM, but I did find a few things I wanted to highlight here.

First up is a trio of cards from the 2002 Fleer Fall Classics HOF Plaque set:
I was surprised that I was able to land these three greats for a total of just $5.50 considering what some of them go for.  You may recall that I started the set back in April when I found 19 of the 30 in quarter and $0.50 boxes for a total under $10 at a show.  Well, I now have three to add to that pile--and three GREATS, to be more specific, leaving me needing these eight:

1  Ruth
3  Wagner
6  Young
9  Gehrig
12 Musial
20 Bench
26 Brett
30 Ozzie Smith

If any of you has any of these available for trade, please let me know as I'd love to be able to show off the set in its entirety soon!  As a reminder, it's the only set left on my baseball set wantlist, which means it's literally the only set I'm still chasing now that I've completed everything on my football and hockey lists.

While I was at it I dug around for some cool Tigers stuff and came up with this:
Justin Verlander 2014 Topps Commemorative All-Star Rookie Team Cup manupatch
As far as Topps manurelics go, I thought this was kind of a fun one.  I got it for a low enough price that it doesn't matter to me that it's not a "real" relic.  Instead, it highlights Verlander as a member of the 2006 Topps All-Star Rookie team, and of course he earned that distinction after being named the AL Rookie of the Year thanks to his 17-win debut.

This is actually my third Verlander manurelic as I received this All-Star Stiches card and this rookie reprint manupatch in separate deals.  I've still got a ton of his stuff that needs to be scanned (which I'm obligated to mention every time I post his stuff), but that'll be a good winter project.  Here's the link to the album again.

With November just a couple days away I may put more time into getting some nice Tigers (and other baseball) stuff on my watch list for COMC's Black Friday specials, which are usually worth it if only for the usual free shipping deals, not to mention credits based on how much you buy.  Hopefully I'll have more nice stuff to show off to you in a few weeks!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

2014 Sportlots purchase: You Complete Me is back once more

As many of you know, from time to time I like to hit up Sportlots when I feel an itch to work on my various set wantlists.  Well, a few weeks ago I again put in some time trying to track down what little was left on my football wants (plus a few Michigan PC cards you can view on today's TMM post) and five sellers later here's what I came up with:

2005 Topps Draft:
This product was one of the very first boxes I busted waaaay back when I started this here blog--the post was dated September 3, 2010!  I grabbed a 24 pack box on eBay for around $25 as my second attempt towards completing the set, but despite not pulling any dupes, I added only 28 to my original haul (from a box I grabbed quite a while ago).

As of the start of this month I still needed 31 cards from the 165-card set, including 18 rookies.  Thanks to Sportlots I grabbed them all, including the nine you see highlighted above.  I decided to show off "new" Raider Moss, a Bill for Doug, a Hokie for Adam, and a pair of Mountaineers for Matt.  I also included a few other guys most people would know in Campbell, Williams, Orton, and White.  It sure is nice to have this set completed nine years after it came out!

2013 SPx:
Bo knows he deserves his own scan
2013 SPx is a box I picked up at a show and busted back in early August.  In my 10 packs I picked up exactly 40 out of the 50-card veteran base set with zero doubles.  I managed to find one Sportlots seller who had the ten I was missing, plus help with both other sets I'm completing today, so that was another case of money saved on shipping.

Because I showed all 40 cards I pulled from the box, I figured it would make sense to post the remaining 10 in lieu of showing the whole set at once.  The real highlight here is Bo Jackson, who earned the right to be the card I highlighted with the remaining nine filling one scan page, mainly because he was awesome.  No disrespect meant to guys like Marino and Moon, though!

2013 Upper Deck:
The gorgeous 2013 UD set is one I started last May with a couple rack packs I picked up with my brother while visiting Milwaukee (and attending a Brewers game).  I followed that up with a hobby box at a show this April, and that allowed me to complete the veteran group, cards #1-50, which I don't always work on since the rookies are usually more obtainable in rack packs by themselves.  I also fell 27 rookies short of the Star Rookies cards, #s 51-150, since I scored just 40 from the box, with others coming from the racks.

Happily, I was able to find all 27 cards on Sportlots, and without breaking the bank too.  I scanned a few highlights, including another Hokie (Davis) and Mountaineer (Geno "Interception McGee" Smith), some great photos (Rhodes, Webb, Swearinger, Hopkins, and Mauti), and a hilarious name:  "Trevardo."

All of those purchases put the kibosh on my football set wantlists entirely, which is a great feeling.  I'm really not used to being in a position where I'm building some sets, and right now the only one I'm working on at all is the 2002 Fall Classics HOF Plaques on my baseball wants page.  I'm sure this won't be the end of my football set collecting, though, especially as I find some fun UD products to pursue.

I hope you guys enjoyed some cool scans and seeing me get something done.  As for me, I'm off to file these away with their respective sets and put triumphant check marks on the boxes!