Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 Sportlots purchases: the Pinnacle of PC success

At some point last month I had the sudden realization that my '96 Pinnacle set wasn't quite as complete as I thought; I had one of each card but five of those were the Foil parallels found in Series II.  They're not quite as noticeable in scans but as I ran through my set the reflective foil was unmistakable.  Oh well...TO SPORTLOTS!
In the end I don't feel all that bad about this mistake since it turned into a new card each for my Jim Abbott and Greg Maddux collections.  Abbott's card is his second in the set as he has one in each series, and Maddux is shown on one of his two checklists out of three overall Series II issues (to go with one entry in the first series).  A Dante Bichette Hardball Heroes subset along with a pair of former Dodgers, Ismael Valdes and Greg Gagne, rounds out the group.

Set complete.  Um, again.  Sweet!

But that's not all I grabbed from these couple sellers this time since I was trying to do my usual shipping cost optimization.  So why not see how much they could help out my PCs?  As it turned out, a pretty good amount:
Here's a pair of Kirk Gibsons from early 2000s Upper Deck products:  2003 Sweet Spot Classic and 2004 SP Legendary Cuts.  I just can't get enough of these products because their base sets were solid along with the fantastic autographs they included.
I don't usually get to show off this many new Rich Hills at once these days so this quartet of 2016 Topps stuff has me in a pretty good mood.  From the 2016 flagship rainbow we have 65th Anniversary and Limited Edition stamped parallels along with Hill's Topps Mini base.  Hooray for more unnecessary parallels!  I'm up to six of the 18 rainbow cards with more on the way soon.

Joining those is a very classy looking entry from 2016 Heritage High Numbers.  With that one out of the way I'll need to track down four parallels, but at least I've already found the Advertising Panel, which I didn't even know existed until finding it on COMC the other day!

My new Hill count is 257/374, though as I'm sure I've said a few times recently, I hope he'll make some appearances in 2017 products to bump up that denominator.  Topps unceremoniously ignored him in Series I--hey, who'd be interested in a guy who plays for the Dodgers, doesn't have any cards yet with that team (Topps Now doesn't count, not now, not ever), and was a big story in the regular season and playoffs in 2016?
I managed to find the same flagship trio for new LA Angel Ryan LaMarre that I did for Hill, and the fun photo should make for a good looking rainbow when all is said and done.  I have five of those 18, including his base card and the very rare Framed parallel, as part of 26 of his 54 issues to-date.
I don't always have a ton of luck adding this many cards of Barry Larkin at once either; Sure, there's plenty more to choose from compared to a guy like Hill, but the HOF SS's cards also tend to cost more.  Not in this case, though, as everything you see set me back the minimum $0.18 price (Hill and LaMarre had the only cards that cost $0.25 or more in this case).  One of my favorite Bowman's Best designs, the '96 version, kicks things off, and another card from that year, one of Larkin's Score Dugout Collection parallels, follows.  I went back to the Bowman's Best well with his card from '98, a set that's a bit lower on my list.  Finally, enough time has passed from when I busted lots of '99 Fleer Tradition packs and got sick of the Vintage '61 inserts that I gladly added Barry's card on that old-school design.
Lastly, I managed to triple the number of cards in one of my PCs with this pair of Ross Powells.  A pitcher who was Larkin's teammate for all of nine games in '93, Powell is one of the newest members of my collection since I managed to miss the fact that he was a Michigan Baseball alum who appeared on MLB cards.  I introduced him in a TMM post last year after picking up just one of his seven cards I need to track down, a '94 Pinnacle Museum Collection parallel, and now I'm back with a couple more cards from that year (which is actually the only year during which Ross made it onto some cardboard).  On the left is the base version of that Pinnacle card, in all its full-bleed glory, and to the right is a card from Score which may have been taken at the same game;  Both are rookies, naturally.

I'm hoping I won't have too much difficulty landing the other four, though I have yet to see the Pinnacle Artist's Proof anywhere!

Hey, sometimes a mistake ends up being something productive for your collection.  Kudos once again to Sportlots for helping pad my PCs!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

2017 trade package #2: Sport Card Collectors

Last month I received my first trade package (of what I'm sure will be many more) from the blog Sport Card Collectors (sorry, I don't have a name!).  The collector of Griffey, NY football Giants, and more had claimed a few of my giveaway lots last year, and you all know I love adding new trade partners whenever I can.

I've said before that I love one-card packages as much as those that are stuffed because I'm lazy and therefore happy to do less work when it comes to posting.  So you won't see me using the word "only" when I refer to what I received; anyway, it's a fantastic card worth a whole envelope of stuff anyway:
It's not so easy to hit the range of Topps cards I tolerate/like/love these days, but this one fits in toward the latter part of that scale since I'll take an A&G framed relic of a player I collect any day of the week (and twice today!).  It just happens to be gravy that this is Miggy's card in the 2016 set, one with another nice design along with a pretty good jersey swatch.  I'll happily add it to the other 10 hits of Cabrera in my Tigers PC as the most recent card and second A&G relic.

With the season starting soon I'm looking forward to another Hall of Fame-worthy campaign for the best player to appear for the Tigers in my lifetime!

Thanks, Sport Card Collectors, and I look forward to trading again whenever I can pile up some Griffeys and Giants for you!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

2/4/17 card show report: sampling my PCs

I'll get back to trade posts shortly but today I decided I also wanted to mix in some purchases as well.

I also want to point out that I did an overhaul of my Single/player wantlists which you can find here (or using the button up top) to give everyone a better idea of what I collect including some specific cards I'm seeking.  Hit me up if you'd like to trade!

With that out of the way, let's have a look at some cards I bought for myself at the monthly show last Saturday.  Once again I visited my favorite seller, and this time I attacked his dime, $0.50, and $1 boxes to the tune of just $20, but that landed me a ton of stuff, including some fun pickups for a number of you.  In my case, I scored some football and hockey stuff as seen on this evening's TMM post, plus the following help to five of my player collections:

Ken Griffey Jr.:
Four cards this time, starting off with a not-exactly-mint 1995 Collector's Choice SE base that features Junior's pretty swing.  Next is the first of Ken's three instances in '98 Score's Complete Players insert.  I don't think I have the other two yet but will have to look; I will be showing off Maddux's trio in an upcoming post, though!

The other two cards skew towards the odball as they're both Upper Deck samples.  First is one of two available of Griffey representing 1998 SPx Finite, a product that featured serial numbering on every single card (though this one is marked "0000/0000" on the back as it's just an example).  The other hails from 1999 SP Signature, one of the best autograph-per-pack products out there, and I knew I had to grab it since my lone Griffey signature is from that very product:
You can see how the sample card was just a mock-up, including a stand-in signature and different photo.  Fun stuff considering these didn't cost very much at all.

Tony Gwynn:
I decided on a trio of cards of Mr. Padre, starting with one of his two base cards out of '85 Donruss, with the other being his Diamond King (which I actually don't have yet).  It's a great photo of Gwynn bunting while wearing the old San Diego uni.  Sticking with base cards, card number two is one of two Gwynns available from 1999 Topps Stars, in this case a subset issue.  Stars stuck around for a few years but I'm not shocked that it never really resonated with collectors.

Last up is an insert from 2004 Donruss Throwback Threads called "Generations" (#0107/1500) that pairs up Tony with fellow west-coaster Garret Anderson.  It wasn't a terrible combination since the back notes that both are from L.A., plus Anderson picked up 1508 hits between 1996 and 2003, second to Derek Jeter's 1534.  Garret went on to play for seven more seasons and finish with 2529 hits over a solid Angels career.

Greg Maddux:
For whatever reason I had the best luck turning up cards of Mad Dog this time, which was just fine by me.  Topps' 1993 Black Gold cards are mostly forgettable, but I think that one set me back just a time.  Jumping forward to 1998, I was happy to find a '98 Leaf Rookies & Stars Great American Heroes insert (#0912/2500) and a Zenith Z-Team card from the same year.  These both look great, especially the numbered Leaf card, and I'm happy to bring out the "90s inserts rule" tag in their honor.

Greg's Season Crowns subset issue from 1999 Ultra is my last one of that decade this time, and it honors his ability to avoid walks, noting that he allowed just 20 free passes during all of 1997!  Next, the pitching artist is pictured on a Silver Foil insert (#091/400) from the artistic 2002 Diamond Kings, a fantastic set.  Finally, I was surprised to find Maddux's entry in the Die-Cut version of 2013 Pinnacle's Awaiting the Call set in these discount boxes, so I happily snatched it up.  Of course, he was hardly waiting as he was enshrined in 2014.

Cal Ripken Jr.:
Any show where I can add a couple Ripkens to my collection is probably a good one.  Despite the pickings being relatively slim I managed to come up with two.  The first is a textbook example of an over-the-top Pacific insert called High Voltage which appeared in 2000 Vanguard.  The back points out that he went 6-6 with two HR in a June, 1999 game against Atlanta, which definitely justifies his appearance.  My other purchase was Cal's base card from 2014 Gypsy Queen, featuring a great old photo of Ripken donning Baltimore's old unis.

Alan Trammell:
I didn't run across too many Tigers cards that interested me in these boxes but I did manage to come up with Tram's card from the 1988 Starting Lineup All-Stars set.  These cards are shorter and a tad wider than the typical 2.5x3.5 baseball card so they're definitely oddball-ish.  I was glad to track this one down without even trying since I also have his former double play partner's version:
Now there's a pair that belongs together!

Hopefully I can keep adding to the starts I made towards trade packages for many of you.  And speaking of that type of post, look for another one here next time.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2017 trade package #1: Sports Cards From the Dollar Store

Like many millions of people yesterday I watched the Super Bowl, and like some percentage of those millions, I was thrilled to see the team I was rooting for win.  Without Michigan alumni Tom Brady and Alan Branch I don't know that I'd have any particular affinity for the Pats, but the fact that their dynasty began with #12 (along with another Wolverine, Ty Law) has made me a New England fan at least until he retires.  

While I understand why lots of folks were rooting against Tom Terrific and his team--I got sick of Jordan's Bulls and Jeter's Yankees, so I know the feeling--I hope they realize they're witnessing the greatest QB the game has ever seen; if they don't, honestly, it's their loss.  If they'd rather buy into the "Spygate" and "Deflategate" BS instead of admitting that New England is the class of the league and has proven that it doesn't need to cheat to win (and that science demolishes any possibility of the most recent witch hunt), more power to them.  Me?  I'm just feeling privileged to be watching the GOAT.
Image result for tom brady michigan goat
Speaking of that title (/segued) and moving on to things a bit more relevant to more of you, I've received two trade packages already from Greatest of All Traders Doug from Sports Cards From the Dollar Store since the beginning of the year.  One arrived in January, and while I was too busy/lazy to get that posted, or even send a response package, another one showed up last week!  I'll get to that one when it's its turn as I was the beneficiary of some very generous traders last month and want to give those their due as well.  

And now, here's SCFtDS's 22nd trade package seen on this here blog:
Rich Hill 2016 Topps Clear (#03/10)
This one's a bit of a hybrid purchase/trade.  A Canadian eBayer made it available last December but I wasn't in love with paying extra for shipping.  Luckily for me Doug was willing to bid by proxy and he won the card for an are-you-kidding-me $6.94.  Totes MaGOATs.  These Clear parallels are beautiful and therefore one of the few things Topps has done that don't draw my ire.  Sometimes I wish they weren't so ridiculously limited, but being numbered of 10 does increase their appeal a bit, as if they even needed the help.

Another entry in Rich's 2016 Topps rainbow gives me 270 cards overall and 253 of his current run of 373.

With that out of the way, how about some hockey, eh?  You'd better believe that was included in the form of "Red Wings:  From 'A' (or is that 'eh'?) to 'Z'":
Looks like Doug was a Hockeytown magnet in his recent case break and Dollar Store pack purchases.  Though Detroit is having a down year (and, really, decade), it's nice to see some familiar faces in Athanasiou, Datsyuk, Howard, Kronwall, and Zetterberg, plus past Wings Barr, Racine, Robiltaille, and Samuelsson.  Lucky Luc's card fits nicely with Hill's thanks to the design and is easily the second best card in this post.

Thanks again for my first and (I believe) sixth packages already this year, Doug!  While I don't have a ton set aside for you right now I did have a bit of luck at the show on Saturday and will try to get a package out soon, especially since I know someone who has a birthday coming up!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2016 COMC purchases: I ain't even Maddux

While there's still plenty of problems with the current Hall of Fame voting process, I was happy to see the trio of Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell, and Ivan Rodriguez get elected last week.  Hopefully the several other deserving candidates won't be the victims of a crunch of very qualified individuals due to appear over the next few years.  In any case, a much deserved three-player class is a solid start.

Speaking of MLB legends, let's look at the last of my 2016 COMC cards I'll be showing off on this here blog, all of pitching guru Greg Maddux:
Let's kick things off with this--::RECORD SCRATCH::
That's much better.  Let's kick things off with this newly-peeled Mound Marvels insert from 1995 Donruss. (I'm generally fine with protective peels but not if they're accompanied by gigantic white stickers that obscure the best part of the card!)  This very cool chase set ("90s inserts rule!") featured some of the best pitchers of the time, and easily the best aspect of the cards is the circular, semi-transparent, sort-of holographic image of each player.  It's one of many examples you'll see today of the creativity of the 90s that's been destroyed by the Toppsopoly.  Fortunately, there's a ton of these great products to chase!
Don't be too surprised that I'm going back to the '95 Pinnacle well since it's my favorite all-time instance of that product.  First up is Maddux's Museum Collection card.  Unlike the other guys in my big four baseball PCs he didn't appear in any subsets of the base set so this is his lone Museum Collection card.  However, he did feature in some of the product's other inserts, including...
...this Red Hot card.  I showed off Gwynn's issue a couple posts ago and now I have Mad Dog's to go with it.  Ripken and Griffey are actually cards #1 and 2 in this set so I'll work on chasing them down too because I really like the design of these cards.  I mean, the heat they evoke looks pretty good right about now as I write this in the middle of another Michigan winter!
UC3 was a one-off Pinnacle product released in 1995; to read more about it, head over to the always-helpful BaseballCardPedia.  I'm not shocked that it lasted for just a year since the base set is pretty ugly, especially in comparison to Sportflix, which was also unfortunately short-lived in its 1990s incarnation.  Still, this fun insert, called In Motion, gives you a glimpse of the potential lenticular printing offered, and I feel like Sportflix delivered that in several of its 1996 inserts, which remind me quite a bit of this Maddux insert.
Let's keep this Pinnacle train rolling with another fun parallel--one of Greg's Starburst inserts from the '96 set.  Although the name changed from Museum Collection after its first two years of existence, the idea behind this Dufexed chase card is quite similar.  I said "one of" his cards from this set because Maddux was also part of the Hardball Heroes subset so I still need to track that parallel down at some point, along with others of my favorite PC guys.
Sticking with 1996 but switching up brands, here's a fun two-part insert from Upper Deck SP.  The 20-card set comprised 10 interleague matchups on a cool foilboard design.  While the only other one in my collection right now is Barry Larkin's, I may have to chase down Ripken's since he's the counterpart to Mr. Maddux here.  UD also produced die-cut versions of these, by the way.
And back to Pinnacle, but a couple years later.  1998 saw the release of the multicolored Epix insert which came in four different groups--"Play", like this one, "Moment", "Game", and "Season"--as well as three colors:  purple, orange, and emerald.  Though it might bring to mind the gaudiness of Pacific to some, I think it's a fun insert, even though it ended up as a one-off thanks to Pinnacle's demise.  It at least made it into other sports, though, and I have a couple hockey versions to prove it.
Today's last, but certainly best, Pinnacle card--and easily best overall!--is Maddux's entry in the 1998 Pinnacle Inside Behind the Numbers set.  This is a beautiful die-cut in the shape of the #31 jersey Greg wore while pitching for the Cubs and Braves from 1986-2006; he went on to sport #36 in his stints with the Dodgers in 2006 and 2006, and #30 in his one-plus seasons in San Diego.  With this post I've shown off entries from this set of Maddux, Ripken, and Gwynn, and will show off the Griffey I've had for quite a while in a future post.
Pinnacle definitely ruled today's post, but I certainly don't feel bad about closing things out with a Refractor!  Mad Dog had two cards in the 2007 Topps Chrome set--one with the Padres, and then this one showing him with the Dodgers and celebrating his 17th (and penultimate) Gold Glove; his 18 total are the most in MLB history.  Needless to say, the Refractor version looks fantastic, and this one reminds me that I have an unfortunate dearth of that type of parallel in my Maddux collection.  There's something for me to work on in 2017!

That's it for the 2016 COMC purchases I have to show off over here, but this evening's TMM post includes a couple more, then I'll have two more themed posts there before I wrap up my 2016 purchases and move on to other pickups, especially trade packages!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2016 COMC purchases: Grandy and the Juniors

First, here's a quick notice to head over to TMM this evening for a celebration of James Earl Jones' birthday and a bunch of cards starring that blog's namesake!

With this year's Hall of Fame class less than a day away from being revealed, here's some more player collection cards I picked up on COMC.  I grouped these together and named them in the style of a 50s band so you know they'll be good!
Today's newest card is this 2010 Topps Update manu-bat of former namesake to this blog Curtis Granderson.  Topps has made some manufactured relics I've loved and loathed over the years and this one leans more towards the former.  It may not be a real bat barrel but then again it's not like I could afford one of those, much as I'd love to.  As I near 100 cards of Grandy this is just my third of him with the Yankees and fourth overall where he appears in a uniform other than Detroit's.
The good old "90s inserts rule" tag is back and happy as ever to be here with Mr. George Kenneth Griffey, Jr.  From one of my all-time favorite parallels (out of one of my top-five sets overall), 1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection, I dug up two of Junior's issues:  the Swing Men subset and his solo checklist.  Along with those I already own his other solo base card from this insert, and just need the multiplayer checklist to complete the run.  After showing off another of these in a post I may get to tomorrow, I'll have shown off 13 of these Dufexed cards of 10 different players I collect, with one more to come when I get around to it.

Besides those two I grabbed one more 90s insert favorite:  Griffey's entry in 1998 Topps Flashback.  This set combined a recent photo up front with a throwback photo on the flip side (which also includes a throwback Mariners logo!).  It's a fun look at baseball middle-aged Griffey and baseball kid Griffey, a.k.a. the Kid.  Hopefully I can track down Gwynn's card from this set as I already own Ripken's and Maddux doesn't appear.
Speaking of the Iron Man, here's a fun four-spot I found of him from my favorite card provider.  First is his 1997 base card from Fleer's Sports Illustrated product.  I've always enjoyed these card-sized reproductions of SI covers, such as this one from July 29, 1991 marking 1500 straight games played.

Meanwhile, the Behind the Numbers die-cut in the shape of Ripken's iconic #8 should look a bit familiar since I just showed off Tony Gwynn's version the other day.  I had to shell out more than I usually like to for inserts to grab this but happily did so as the feeling of nostalgia it brought me was priceless.  You'll be seeing one more card from this set in my next post and a final one when I finish scanning cards of my big four PCs.

Lastly I grabbed a pair of cards from the 2000 Fleer Gamers insert called "Cal to Greatness."  The set comprises 15 cards with the first five coming in at 1:9 packs, the next five at 1:25, and the final quintet at 1:144.  These are numbers 7 and 8, so they're the somewhat rarer versions to go along with the cards I already own, which I believe are numbers 1-5 (unscanned so far).  While the first bunch feature a more subtle design, these are of the reflective foil variety, and the rarest ones have more of a rainbow foil look to them.  I'll slowly try to complete this set as reasonable pricing allows.

Stay tuned (as soon as tomorrow) for my final COMC pickup post over here, though I'll have a few more yet over on TMM.  Also, I hope everyone's as excited as I am for the big Hall of Fame reveal tomorrow.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

2016 COMC purchases: Tony-one Gwynns

Continuing on with COMC pickups, I had the most success scoring cards of one of my favorite PC guys:  Tony Gwynn.  Over the last few months of 2016 I managed to nab 20 new Gwynns from my favorite card-procurement option, and that put me past the 250-card mark to 254, a nice little mini-milestone on this fine Sunday.  To make my punny title work I'm actually showing off 21 cards, including one you've already seen, as I completed a small set, which I'll get to in a minute.  So I hope you enjoy looking through these as I group them into fun categories FOR THE GWYNN!

2015 Donruss Tony Gwynn Tribute:
This is the complete set I just mentioned.  I had grabbed card #4 at a show back in July and easily found the other four on the cheap around Black Friday.  As you'll see this set didn't get too creative with the foily fronts as much of the design is the same on each card.  However, the smaller color photos are pretty cool, the backs are solidly done, and I like the career highlights Panini chose.  What do you think?:

Gwynn Topps didn't suck:
I still owe y'all a post on how my relationship with Topps has changed throughout my collecting, but for now I'll just say that these two cards were made when my opinion of their cards couldn't be more positive.
On the left is a semi-transparent insert from 2000 Stadium Club Chrome (a product that should have lasted much longer!) called Eyes of the Game.  These looked fantastic, and better yet, they did come in Refractor form as well.  Just a fun, well executed insert.

Speaking of Refractor-like cards, I nabbed Tony's card from 2002 Archives Reserve, another Topps product that was unfortunately short-lived.  This is a Chromed-out Refractor reprint of Gwynn's base card from '97 Topps, yet another of my favorite sets from that manufacturer.  It's a classic photo of the master in action, and I've always liked how the bat supersedes the border and keeps on going.

90s Gwynn-serts rule!:
Like many of you who grew up collecting in that decade, I absolutely love collecting inserts from the 90s, and when I add new ones I always make sure to celebrate by deploying my favorite tag, "90s inserts rule".
First up is a '95 Donruss Dominators card featuring a tough-looking Gwynn, normal-looking Kirby Puckett, and Paul O'Neill with his trademark Resting Bitch Face.  These shiny multiplayer cards are very cool and I'm happy to add them to my PCs whenever I can.

Going back a year to 1994 we stick with Donruss and the first of three Diamond Kings cards today.  Dick Perez's baseball art looks great as usual.

I scored a pair of inserts from one of my all-time favorite products, '95 Pinnacle.  The first is one of Tony's Museum Collection parallels in the set, and I love this Dufex version of the multi-exposure photo.  The other is another of those inserts I wouldn't have dreamed of pulling back in '95:  Red Hot.  The flame motif is very cool and I love the shot of Tony in his follow-through.

Representing 1996, one of two cards was a Dugout Collection parallel, one of two Gwynn cards in that set.  As I mentioned yesterday when discussing a card of Jim Abbott from the same set, I think this was a pretty good parallel of an already solid base set.  Joining that is a flashier insert from '96 Sporflix (another favorite!) that I never could have pulled when it came out:  ProMotion.  This fun insert took an already well-done hologram concept and made it even cooler.

Finally, I treated myself to one of my most-wanted inserts that I waited this long to get because...reasons.  1998 Pinnacle Inside included a fantastic die-cut insert called Behind the Numbers (though I think Pinnacle missed out by not going with Inside the Numbers...) that was a relatively tough pull because not many folks likely bought lots of those cans at once.  Fortunately I didn't have to pay very much for this amazing card cut in the shape of Gwynn's #19.

By the way, you'll see a few of these inserts again in an upcoming post or two!

Serial-numbered Gwynn-sanity:
Hey, you got inserts in my serial-numbers!  No, you got serial-numbers in my inserts!  Here's my Gwynn version of one of my favorite card types in an obvious homage to Robert's coolest project.
In this case we start with 1997 and another one of my favorite products and inserts (seeing a theme here?).  I really enjoyed collecting '97 Donruss, its update set, and the inserts found in both, including the two-player Franchise Features cards.  These were done up in a marquee-style motif with a current star--"Now Playing"--and prospect--"Coming Attractions"--and simply looked great.  Abreu didn't exactly live up to this pairing but went on to post an almost 60 bWAR over a nice career.

A pair of '98 Donruss/Leaf products is next.  First is the outstanding version of the Diamond Kings insert produced that year, one of my favorites of the run.  I also own Barry Larkin's and Ken Griffey Jr.'s versions from that set.  This one is numbered 08241/10000.  That's joined by Leaf's excellent Heading For the Hall (#0632/3500) insert.  Something tells me Donruss didn't have to go out on much of a limb to include Gwynn in this classy looking chase card.

Sticking with the same year I turned up a pair of numbered Leaf Rookies and Stars inserts from that product's maiden voyage.  Come to think of it, most if not all of the inserts may have been numbered in the set that was popular for a while thanks to a high-end RC of former Big Thing J.D. Drew.  On the left is an insert called MVPs (#3225/5000), a set where Leaf picked their top league players at each position (Barry Bonds and Andruw Jones were the LF and CF in this case).  Meanwhile, the Standing Ovations card (#2944/5000) highlights a big achievement, and in this case it was Tony matching hitting legend Honus Wagner by winning his eighth NL batting crown.  I'll stand and clap for that!

Finally I have a pair of post-millennium pickups.  From yet another favorite product, 2001 Donruss, comes a Diamond Kings reprint (#0212/1985) of his Diamond Kings card found in 1985 Donruss, as the numbering suggests.  I completed the Rookie Reprints available in this product and may decide to chase these as well in the future.  Oddly enough, I don't actually have the original version of this card yet!  Sticking with Donruss brands, our last card is from an insert called Hitters Inc. (#1718/2000) out of 2005 Leather and Lumber.  This is another one of those reflective, foiled-up cards that's unfortunately difficult to scan, but it looks fantastic, and if anybody belongs in a set with that name it's Mr. Padre.

I hope you had as much fun looking at these as I did picking them up for my collection, especially the nostalgia-inducing 90s stuff.  What did you love/hate out of these?

I'll close with the song that inspired today's punny title, one of those Green Day songs that doesn't actually sound exactly like the rest of Green Day's songs: