Monday, May 13, 2019

2019 trade package #9: Parts of My Past

Now that I'm back from a trip to Texas to visit friends, plus plenty motivated to post trade packages, show pickups, and more before they get even more overwhelming, I'm ready to show off the third/fourth(!) PWE I received from Matt of Parts of My Past in April alone.  He's been clearing out his Ken Griffey Jr. dupes and I've been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a few envelopes worth of those--two late last month and two more this past week, which I'll also have to post eventually!

In each case I'm combining the contents into one post since they arrived the same day, plus they just look nicer together.  Please join me in enjoying some Griffey goodness!
Scan one of two contains nine cards, six of which were new to me--a very good ratio when it comes to Junior.  Of the verticals I needed all but the UD Choice card dead center, meaning I'm the proud new owner of a bunch of excellent late 90s stuff from Donruss, Topps, and UD.  I probably even had the UD Choice Draw Your Own Card contest card before but never thought to keep it as a collectible.

The most notable card here is #2 in the scan, a 1999 Topps Stars One Star Foil parallel which is numbered 087/249.  It's somewhat difficult to notice because the numbering isn't done with foil, just a stamp, but if you know to look for it--at the very bottom near the black star--you can make it out:
The horizontal trio here is pretty cool as well and I was plenty glad to add the 2000 SP Authentic United Nations insert that features a very patriotic Griffey.
This quartet was very productive as well.  I miss UD's Black Diamond in baseball form, such as the 2000 version you see up there.  That manufacturer's Ultimate Victory could look terrific as well, and I don't mind at all having a dupe of the one you see starring my favorite swing in the game.  Sticking with UD, their 2002 Diamond Connection product was forgettable but I love the shot of the smiling star seen here.  And then we get one last Topps issue in the form of the throwback 2010 206 set and Kenny appropriately walking off with a sunset behind him.

Thanks to Matt my Junior collection went up by nine cards to 814, and that number continues to grow.  Stay tuned for more of one of my favorite PC guys in trade packages, show pickups, and more.

Thanks, Matt!  I've been loading up and will hit you back soon.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

2019 trade package #8: Bob Walk the Plank

I'm back for a second day in a row thanks to the small size (but huge impact) of today's envelope.  Semi-retired blogger and ever-awesome trader Matt of Bob Walk the Plank (@walktheplank82 if you're not following him for some reason) let me know to expect a couple low-numbered non-autos in my mailbox before long.

I'll let you all decide if he delivered:
Image result for keanu reeves whoa gif
What he said.  That is a nice pair of high-end National Treasures Tigers relics right there representing guys responsible for over 120 bWAR, two MVPs (Cabrera with the Tigers), and three Cy Youngs (one with Detroit).

Miggy's card is from the 2018 product's Greatness Memorabilia Prime set, and let me tell you, does it ever live up to its name.  Numbered to just 10 copies, it comes with an interesting two-color swatch that increases in height as you go from right to left, to the point that the jersey seems to be busting out of the window when you get to the biggest piece.  It's definitely up there with the one I showed off yesterday.

Meanwhile, Scherzer's card is slightly higher numbered--to 15--but is still top notch thanks to a larger swatch that includes a nice chunk of three-colored patch.  Hailing from 2017, this one could be found in the Colossal Stat Relics Prime set, and again I think Panini used a relic that earns the "colossal" and "prime" titles.  Of course this one is highlighting his obscene 21-3 record from 2013, earning a career high in wins en route to the first of his three Cys, not to mention All-Star appearance number one of six (and counting).  I'm still glad to be getting cards of Max as he was great during his time in Motown, so I'm gratified that Panini made a card of him with the Tigers as recently as 2017.

Matt, thanks again for these two amazing new pieces!  I'm happy to continue our annual back-and-forth even if it's decreased a bit in frequency.  There's no way that'll stop me from picking up new Pirates and Mountaineers for you--even NSFW stuff of Pittsburgh heartthrob Bob Walk.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

2019 trade package #7: Brad's Blog

Brad of Brad's Blog is the next generous blogger to have hit my mailbox in what's shaping up to be a surprisingly busy month!  Not that you'd know it given the usual dearth of posts around here.  Well it's about time I took a break from my TCDB-induced ADD, gave Brad (among other traders) his due, and put some cards away!

The goods from this terrific bubble envelope stuffed with Tigers:
Tigers, like these five guys, two of which are still with the team.  I recently entered all of my Miggy cards into TCDB (including these and stuff from the rest of my trades) and he ended up in the top 10 of my baseball collection, which is pretty cool.   I'm most excited for that Castellanos Negative Refractor, though, even if Halloween is six-ish months away.  And the Rajai Gold is a fun reminder of the walk-off slam I saw him hit a few years ago.
In keeping with the theme of the last scan, here's five more players, including at least one HOFer.  I really hope Fulmer heals up and returns to his pre-injury form instead of becoming another flash-in-the-pan, what-if story.  And while I'm at it, I hope Jimenez, seen twice here in shiny form, avoids the fate of former Detroit RP Bruce Rondon.  Then there's three excellent "Killer 'K's" in Kaline and Kell--who were outstanding to listen to when they called games--and recent favorite Ian Kinsler.  Question:  has Topps ever made anything as simple and excellent as Greats of the Game?
He may be starring for another team--what former Tiger isn't these days?--but it's still fun to pile up new cards of J.D. Martinez.  Ditto for the recently retired Victor when they have a nice parallel border.  I'm glad to see McCann doing good things even if it's for the hated White Sox.  Stewart's been a somewhat interesting bat on an absolutely garbage offense in 2019.  Tettleton also played for some awful Tigers teams but was fun to watch.
Brad included what I'll assume is a team set from 2018 Heritage, which has a solid design as usual.  Four of these guys are currently with the team, with Fiers (Oakland) and Gerber being the exceptions.  Niko's been useful around the diamond, at least, and Greene has locked down the games the Tigers can get to him.
Of these guys, unfortunately the one I like the least--Zimmermann--is still with the team, though I hope he recovers well from his injury.  Liriano's one year in Motown was nothing to write home about and Mahtook, to nobody's surprise, didn't work out either.  Happily, Martin recovered from his near-fatal illness after joining the Indians, so there's a bright spot!
And now we get to the really good stuff.  Tram and Whitaker go together again, as is mandatory.  MANDATORY--you hear me, MLB Hall of Fame?  I don't always highlight non-hits like this, but I give Brad a huge thumbs up for sending me the '79 Topps Trammell second-year as I somehow didn't have it.  While the Whitakers are dupes I'm always happy to get any and all "Sweet" Lous in my mailbox.  And three of the five Verlanders are new to me as well, which is something that's not terribly easy to do given the stack I now have.
You've already seen lots of nice base and insert stuff, so maybe you're as surprised to see this sick Miggy patch here as I was when sorting through the envelope's contents.  Numbered a ridiculous 06/10, it's the Red parallel from 2018 Topps Museum Collection's Meaningful Material Relics.  That's my first patch of the future HOFer and I appreciate that Brad was generous enough to flip it my way!
And as if I wasn't wowed enough by that, check out this sweet vintage trio!  As his appearance implies on that '67 Topps leaders card, McLain was indeed among the AL's best in 1966, placing second in wins with an even 20 to Kaat's 25.  His teammate Wilson came over from Boston partway through the season and put up 13 of his third-place 18 victories in a season where he also led the league in bWAR!

McLain's all well and good, but the pair of 60s Kalines really floored me which is why I saved them for last here.  On the left is his '66 base card which includes a bit more than half of his career stats.  At that point he'd piled up 1949 hits and exactly 250 homers, and while he didn't even eclipse the 400-mark for the latter, Mr. Tiger did join the 3000-hit club in 1974, his final season.

His other card hails from the following year's set and pairs him up with another former Tigers star, or "Bengal Belter" if you'd like, "Stormin'" Norman Cash.  1966 saw Kaline match his career high with 29 longballs while Cash was money with a team-high 32 of his own, good enough to join his teammate at the Midsummer Classic.  Of course the year after this card was released the players shared the excitement of a World Series ring.

Brad, thanks again for some amazing new cards I'm excited to add to my collection because of this well-balanced envelope!  As always I'll be on the lookout for new Phillies (and the occasional Frank Thomas) for you.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Packening: the recap-ening

Thanks once again to the folks who made the time to attend my Packening live stream on Youtube last week!  I had a blast busting somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 retail packs and giving away a ton more.

On that note, I'll start with the giveaway's winners.  That's right, winners plural--just about everyone that showed up got some sort of prize!  Here's who they were and what they got:

Grand prize of 50 packs (equivalent of one order):  Chris of Nachos Grande
10 Dollar Store Topps packs from the Mid 2010s:  Paul of Scribbled Ink
10 junk wax packs:  Chris of The Collector and John of John's Big League Baseball Blog
5 2006 Topps hanger packs:  Fuji of the Chronicles of Fuji

Congrats to each of you and thanks for your support, as well as that of the other guys who hung out for a bit.  It was a great time and I hope to do something streamable in the future since everyone seemed to enjoy it.

And now what many of you are probably here for:  the results.  I'm currently cropping the live video since there's a lot of dead air for the first roughly 12 minutes.  Once that's done I'll likely embed the video here for your viewing pleasure, though if you're like me and prefer to just see the goods, look right below.  For what it's worth I didn't have time to show every single card, and I also skipped showing a good number of the packs because things ended up taking much longer than I had initially planned.

The two biggest hits were a 2007 Ultra Hitting Machines Materials jersey of Jim Thome and a 2014 Topps Update RC of Red Sox star Mookie Betts, easily the most valuable card in the bunch.  I've set aside the jersey for Paul as he's a Thome collector, and I'm keeping the Betts for now as it'll fit in nicely with my RC collection.  I'm just not the type to risk the usual eBay BS to try to cash in on it, and I especially don't get into grading, so I'll happily enjoy a top notch RC!
Next up is three scans' worth of Tigers.  Miggy was the PC guy I pulled the most, though in terms of trade bait he got a run for his money or was beaten by Ichiro and/or Kenji Johjima, a couple guys heading Fuji's way.  The Lineage Stand-Ups and Opening Day Stadium Lights inserts were definitely highlights.
Plenty more familiar faces here.  I filled in some gaps old and newer with some '91 Ultra guys and a trio of Ian Kinsler, including a shiny Heritage parallel.
Early 90s issues of blog favorites Tony Phillips and Mickey Tettleton were sights for my sore eyes (seriously, that was a lot of pack busting!), and I liked adding something new of former Tigers star Max Scherzer.
When it came to PC pulls nobody topped Junior Griffey, even if I only needed the last card in the bunch you see above--his 2015 Topps Archives base.  If only I knew one or more people that also collect Griffey....
Former blog namesake Curtis Granderson came up twice alongside Mr. Padre Tony Gwynn, former Wolverine Barry Larkin, Junior Ripken, and a (RC) of current blog namesake JV.  The Lineage Granderson and Ultra Gwynn were the only newbies here, but again, more trade bait is a good thing.
These last couple scans cover the remaining keepers for me.  Arrieta's card is a RC and might be decent trade bait if he can get its value back up a bit.  Johnson and Robinson are HOFers I was happy to keep.  And the Topps trio of Chipper, including the weird/fun Hot Button game card, will happily slot in with the others I've kept of him.
Last up is this bunch of star players from the Dollar Store Topps packs that, again, represent some good trade bait opportunities, especially when I dig into TCDB more.

Pretty much everything else is going into trade packages or my trade box sorted by team, with the exception of a decent stack of '89 Donruss and a larger one of 2006 Topps.  I figured I'd see if anyone who reads this needs some set-fillers, and eventually those can go on TCDB as well.

I realize this relatively short summary may make you think my return on $100 in retail packs was fairly light, but I think I got my money's worth of fun and trade bait with some bonus cards for myself.  And on that note I'd absolutely recommend picking up a few of these packages from Wal-Mart, with a suggestion of two to four to give you a nice variety and better chance of landing something good.  Fuji already mentioned he had a couple on the way and I hope others do and decide to show them off somehow because they're interesting to check out.

With that out of the way I'll be back to trade posts again next!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

2019 trade package #6: Parts of My Past

I've been wanting to post a nice summary of the results of The Packening but got bogged down with other stuff this week, including a bit of flooding in my basement that pretty much ate up my whole afternoon today (though nothing really got damaged, which is great).  Also, I'm way behind on covering a few other things, including the show a couple weeks ago, plus some outstanding trade packages.

Which is why today I'll be showing off my latest PWE from Matt of Parts of My Past (formerly Sport Card Collectors).  This is actually the second PWE he's sent me this month, and the most recent trade package I posted here was from Matt, my fellow enthusiast of Griffey and all things 90s, including inserts.

Here's the latest goods, all Tigers edition:
Platonic ideal of baseball's three true outcomes and former Tigers catcher Alex Avila leads things off with his 2012 Topps Gold Rush parallel.  I remember these fairly well but couldn't recall how they were inserted, then found that they were an HTA set.  The only other instance of this set that appears in my collection is Chris Getz's issue as he's a PC guy, and the name appears a lot more frequently thanks to it original incarnation as a Score parallel.

Formerly effective (but still fun to collect) slugger Miguel Cabera is next on three different recent Topps issues.  The bookends--2017 flagship's Walmart Holiday Snowflake and 2019 Gypsy Queen Chrome--look nice enough, but the real winner here is a Red parallel of his 2018 Gold Label Class 2 card (#41/50).  Though not as fun as its earlier iterations, Gold Label remains a winner, and the red looks quite striking here.  I'm thankful that folks like Matt keep sending me quality stuff like this!

Sticking with the letter "C", there's future former Tiger Nick Castellanos on a 2018 Topps Fire Green parallel (#184/199).  That's never been one of my favorite Topps products, but I do like numbered parallels, and Castellanos is a guy whose cards I plan on keeping even when he leaves Motown.  I'll be sorry to see him go because he's been fun to watch as a hitter, but also hope he's the last bat-only player Detroit signs for quite a while.

Finally, Matt followed up his previous PWE with a card that combines two of that package's features:  Ty Cobb and 2019 Topps' 150 Years of Pro Baseball insert.  In this case the Georgia Peach's card is actually the 150th Anniversary version and therefore one of the product's many cards numbered to 150 (#136/150 here).  Numbered Cobbs are few and far between in my collection so this was a nice throw-in for me.

Thanks again for the second envelope in just a few weeks, Matt!  I hope you enjoyed your flat-rate box of stuff and I'm looking forward to seeing your posts on it!

Stay tuned for a couple more trade posts soon among anything else I managed to get posted soon.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

20 lbs of retail packs, live NOW

(I'm not kidding about the 20 lbs, either!)

From this...

to this...

to this
live on the screen of your choice!

Hit the Follow button on the right side of your window and then click here to come watch the packstravaganza and enter to win free stuff!  EDIT:  stream is now over, I may upload it at some point after I edit it.  Thanks to all who participated) Saint Matthew of Lesko demands it!
For those of you still here, here's the quick(-ish) breakdown of packs that came with my five 50-pack orders:

1988 Donruss 8
1988 Fleer 2
1988 Fleer (cello) 1
1988 Topps 2
1989 Bowman 1
1989 Donruss 14
1989 Topps 1
1990 Fleer 16
1990 Upper Deck 6
1991 Fleer 1
1991 Score 2
1991 Ultra 12
1991 Upper Deck 2
1992 Upper Deck 1
1993 Fun Pack 1
2006 Bazooka 2
2006 Razor Poker 1
2006 Topps S1&2 (hanger) 6
2006 Topps S1&2 (rack) 11
2006 Topps S2 (Wal-Mart) 1
2006 Topps Update 1
2006 Ultra 1
2006 Ultra (Dollar Store) 1
2006 Upper Deck S2 2
2006 Upper Deck S2 rack 1
2007 Bowman Heritage 5
2007 Topps (6 cards) 1
2007 TriStar Prospects Plus 1
2007 UD Masterpieces 2
2007 Ultra 1
2007 Ultra (Dollar Store) 4
2007 Upper Deck S1 (Dollar Store) 2
2007 Upper Deck S1 rack 1
2007 Upper Deck S2 1
2007 Upper Deck S2 (Dollar Store) 2
2008 Bowman 2
2008 Bowman Chrome 1
2008 Goudey 1
2008 Stadium Club 2
2008 Topps Opening Day 1
2008 Topps S1 6
2008 Upper Deck 1st Edition Update 2
2008 Upper Deck S1 1
2008 Upper Deck S1&2 2
2008 Upper Deck S2 2
2009 Topps A&G 4
2009 Topps S2 (Dollar Store) 1
2010 Topps Update 4
2011 Topps Lineage 5
2011 Topps Opening Day 3
2013 Topps S2 (Dollar Store) 2
2014 Topps S1 (Dollar Store) 7
2014 Topps S2 (Dollar Store) 4
2014 Topps Update (Dollar Store) 9
2015 Topps Archives (Dollar Store) 10
2015 Topps Hot Button 2
2015 Topps S1 (Dollar Store) 10
2015 Topps S2 (Dollar Store) 10
2016 Topps S1 (Dollar Store) 11
2016 Topps S2 (Dollar Store) 6
2017 Topps S1 (Dollar Store) 10
2017 Topps S2 (Dollar Store) 8
2017 Topps Update (Dollar Store) 9

The Packening: happening LIVE tonight!

I just wanted to toss up a post that we're looking good for the great retail pack break of 2019, a.k.a. The Packening
happening here live tonight at 9pm EST.

A few quick updates:
  • Based on what I've seen from others, I'm not expecting my order to come in five separate packages.  Instead, it sounds like everything will be mixed up into one big box
  • As far as the giveaway goes for one of the orders, I'm leaning towards sorting out all the packs and then picking out a representative group of 50, e.g. I won't be giving the winner 50 1988 Topps packs or anything
  • That said, my blog, my rules.  I reserve the right to exclude someone from the drawing as I see fit, and I also want to point out that this is a completely free giveaway
  • Also, depending on the number of people that show up during the stream I may decide to give away more stuff--maybe a few random packs or a hit or something--if I feel like it
  • Otherwise I hope for this to be a fun stream where I bust up to 200 packs and give away 50 more while also piling up plenty of cards to send out in trade packages
  • While I'm at it, don't forget to follow this here blog if you aren't already so you can join the drawing!
Look for a YouTube link or something like that here (likely in a new post) around 9 EST tonight.  I hope to see you all there!
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