Friday, July 31, 2020

2020 trade package #22: Sports Cards From the Dollar Store

It's been another good month or so for trade packages, as today's post (and at least one that's upcoming) will prove.

Tonight's mailer showed up this past Sunday, a pleasant surprise to find on my porch a few days ago. What was in it? Even more Canadian bakin' from Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store. Your friendly neighbourhood king of dollar store repacks had let me know about a few cards I could expect at some point, and happily it didn't take him very long to fill out another enjoyable envelope to send across the border:
No baseball this time so we'll get right into the hardwood stuff. Almost everything was from the glorious 90s so there's a huge variety of brands and designs to choose from. Coach Juwan Howard looks radical on one of Skybox's many era-appropriate looks. Brooklyn's LeVert gets a chance to put on a show as the NBA playoffs resume. I remember rooting for "Sugar" Mills as a Piston before knowing he was a Michigan alum. And Rice, Rumeal, and Tarpley are all pretty well known products of the program.
A trio of Loy Vaught and a lone C-Webb close out the basketball content, and then it's on to the gridiron. I needed all three cards of Brady in his old uniform, from 2020 Panini products Legacy and Score. I'm liking the Score base design as usual, and there's a good look at TB12's competitive nature on a Gold parallel of an insert called Game Face. Giants big back Jarrod Bunch also makes a couple appearances out of '93 Stadium Club and '94 Collector's Choice.
A cool horizontal UD Toomer is joined by the highlight of the football content for me: four more 2020 Score Wolverines. Gary's a second-year card so he's with the vets, then there's the trio of Wolverines from the set's rookie class. TE Sean McKeon ("Mc-KYOON") went undrafted but signed with the Cowboys after a solid career both blocking and catching at the position. Transfer QB Patterson's name was well known around the country as the signal-caller, but nobody was surprised when he went undrafted after a not-as-good-as-expected couple of seasons in Ann Arbor. Still, his name was big enough to get him into lots of products this year over others, such as first-round C Cesar Ruiz. Such is the hobby. Talented WR Peoples-Jones rounds out the group after he left for the draft a season early. He too failed to reach his vast potential in college but was explosive at times, and hard work and good coaching could make him a valuable wideout. I'm looking forward to snagging any other 2020 Wolverines as they show up in new products.

The start of the hockey content includes envelope stalwarts Cogliano and Knuble, whom I'm always happy to see, but young star D-Man Quinn Hughes, whom I got to see over his two years in Ann Arbor, is the big highlight here. The card on the left is a foil-y RC (/199) out of UD's high-end Buybacks product, one I saw broken a few times on Phil Hughes' Youtube channel. It's definitely got that super premium Upper Deck shine to it. The other is a cool horizontal insert called Rookie Science from UD Credentials, with the formula for "velocity vector" on the back. That's too much math for my English major brain, so instead I'll enjoy the colorful front. Colors are pretty!
This scan of the rest of the hockey starts out very strongly with two new Dylan Larkins. New WolverWing #1 is a sweet rainbow die-cut out of 2019-20 Allure called White Rainbow, which I know because the back literally tells you! Well done, UD. That's joined by his base card from the previously mentioned Credentials. Patch gets a textbook Ultra insert fro 2016-17 Fleer Showcase (made by UD) called Scoring Kings, which has a lightning background that didn't scan very well. I believe that SPA of Trouba is my first of him with the Rangers since he joined them, but I'll have to check. Werenski hails from the Rainbow parallel of OPC's Platinum product that I always enjoy seeing. Shiny!

And then we get to the three big hits of the package. If you thought I was excited about the two Hughes cards you saw earlier then you'll know I was geeked for Doug to send me my first auto of him as well! I'm fortunate to trade with someone like Doug who pulls so many ridiculously nice cards and is willing to trade them. I'll certainly be working on hard on trying to pay him back for this 19-20 Exquisite auto (/99). That alone would have made the envelope, but then there's also a sweet dual jersey of Patch, whom we also already saw, out of last year's Artifacts. This is basically a numbered (/165) relic version of the base card, and it looks great. And last up is the only non-Wolverine in the pile, but it's a card that looked great with the other hockey stuff. Like Larkin's card above, this one is from UD's Allure, and the back tells me you're looking at a Red Rainbow Jersey. You literally couldn't pick a better color for a Red Wings card, and I'd say the up-and-coming winger Zadina is a player to get excited about too!

Doug, thanks once again for another killer envelope! As I've told you in our usual back-and-forth I have a few things in-hand and elsewhere for you, and I'll keep adding to it until it's worthy of this greatness, and then send it back across the Detroit River. Until then, may your hot hand continue as your personal and group breaks go on!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

2020 trade package #21: Scribbled Ink

~~~~~  Scribbled Ink  ~~~~~
As unlikely as it looked multiple times this year, the MLB season is under way, and that's terrific news! Speaking of unlikely, that's a great word to describe today's trade package from buddy of the blog Paul of Scribbled Ink.

A mix of stuff I picked out from his TCDB trade bait and cards he generously added, it arrived this past Monday, almost two whole weeks after the former Michigander mailed it from Sterling Heights, which is less than an hour away from me. And all of that came after a big COVID-related delay with Paul taking some very reasonable precautions. So through no fault of his own, this package took a little while to make it here.

But as always whenever Paul's involved, it was worth it, big time! As a fellow Tigers collector he sent me some nice additions there, then boosted a bunch of my player collections as well. Please enjoy ten scans worth of Scribbled Ink loot!
The Tigers stuff is a great place to start, even if their start to the season Friday wasn't the greatest. (Things have been a bit better since!) At least we have some talent to look forward to in the near future! The mix of 2020 Donruss cards here was almost completely new to me except for one of the Demeritte variations, and it was fun to get cards of both Miggy and Tram. Hopefully the young OF gets back up with the big club this season, though the lack of MiLB hurts players like him and Kirk's son Cam. Kaline and Kell (Renata Galasso!) are fond memories from a different time.
Four many Grandersons! He may be long gone from Motown (and retired now) but I love seeing his face in any package like this one where he's repping four different teams. Then there's the start of a great run of Griffeys. Seriously, this post features a bunch of Griffeys. Like a lot. These five hail from the glory days of the 90s and some top-notch brands: UD, Stadium Club, Leaf, and Pinnacle. The Leaf card from '95 features a brilliant design while the UD Electric Diamond parallel from the same year includes yet another great photo of that trademark swing.
Lots more Juniors. The Griffey's Hot List subset issue from '97 Upper Deck reminds me of how much I'd love to own that complete set. Maybe someday! There's also plenty of examples of baseball brands of yore like UD's Hitter's Club, MVP, and SPx, Pacific's Omega, and good old Fleer. The 2002 version of Topps' opening day looks quite nice, as does Cracker Jack from a couple years later.
This scan starts with an absolute stunner, showing off how great things could look when Donruss got it right, as they did with their '05 flagship product. There's a good few more looks at his sweet swing, including '07 Topps Chrome getting an opposite side shot with full extension. Also, if you're a bit confused by the Fleer offering in spot #3, that's a Black and White parallel, with an interesting twist that the rest of the design is in color.
That was the last of the solo Griffey scans, and Junior shares this one with another killer "G". He gets one last Reds card, and the caption couldn't be more perfect: "Fans adore Griffey wherever he goes." Then there's a pair of somewhat recent Topps inserts, both of which highlight the 13-time All-Star.

As for Mr. Padre, a decent number of these weren't new to me since I own a good number of junk wax-era sets, but that well-loved '86 Leaf did join the collection, and I really like the shot of the future HOFer in the on-deck circle.
I don't think I'll have trouble finding a home for any of the Gwynns I don't need out of these, and I'd rather see dupes than no Gwynns at all in my trade packages! The new one for me here is the Topps Archetypes insert, which credits Gwynn for his bat control, which allowed him to poke hits in the "5.5 hole" between SS and 3B.

He was as much a master of his craft as Greg Maddux, who snags a couple adds here himself with a '96 Fleer Checklist and 2000 Pacific Crown Collection base. One oddity of '96 Fleer is that I believe the base set is the only part of the product printed on the non-glossy, matte card stock while inserts like these are more conventional.

Last up here is former Royals, Tigers, and, yes, Rangers slugger Dean Palmer on his '97 Donruss Preferred bronze base card. That was a super expensive product at the time but boy did they result in some beautiful cards!
Hey, we've got a couple Michigan guys together up top here! Putz is, of course, retired, and Richard was released by Toronto late last year, so I'm not sure what his status is. I did need that Topps Sticker of the former Padre, though!

Ken's fellow Junior Cal had himself a nice mail day as all six of these cards were new to me. There's a nice variety from the glorious '91 Fleer design all the way up to an insert from last year's beautiful Leather & Lumber release, and an oddball playing card issue to boot! Side note: I have a maple bat but having hit with it I definitely prefer good old-fashioned ash.
I'm glad to be making some progress on my collection of new HOFer Ted Simmons now that I'm actually chasing his cards, like the above Topps All-Star card.

Fruit Loops is another guy I prioritized higher recently by adding pretty much anything I didn't have of his to my TCDB wantlist (which makes them easier to add in trades), and from Paul I scored three Tettletons: '89 Topps Big, '90 Sportflics, and '96 Metal. More Sportflics/Sportflix, please!

And then we come to JV, whom I just learned will be out for the rest of the year with an elbow injury, unfortunately. The Ginter card here is a bit dinged like him, with marks from the pack crimper--a minor flaw that doesn't bother me. And then the Prizm insert summarizes his career quite well.
This all horizontal scan mostly stars the previously seen killer "G" guys, but it leads off with a RC of former Wolverine and current Washington RP James Bourque--just my second of him--from last year's Topps Update.

Then there's another run of six new Griffeys, including a couple inserts I hadn't seen before from Ultra and UD. The '92 Topps Gold and '96 Summit base are plenty familiar, and I'm still a fan of Panini's Chronicles design. Ken's not catching Ripken anytime soon but he's now past the 950-card mark in my collection, which is awesome!

Finally here we have two Gwynn inserts. On the left is a Pacific Revolution chase card called "Rookies and Hardball Heroes." Call it whatever you want because that silver foil looks great! And to its right is a simple red foil parallel of Tony's 2019 Stadium Club base--a card that already looks nice on its own and doesn't need any shiny extras.
And here at last we come to the end of the package. My favorite card out of everything Paul sent is the Al Kaline '64 Topps base seen here. I accidentally grabbed a dupe of a different Kaline and flipped it to Paul for this one, though I can't remember if we agreed to the swap before or after the passing of Mr. Tiger. In any event it's always great adding a new card from his playing days and I hope I can continue to find them in the future.

I think Paul had let me know he was sending the '06 Topps Rich Hill auto seen next, and though I already had it I didn't talk him out of it since it'll likely make for good trade bait. Speaking of Rich, I think he'll be making his first start for the Twins this coming Wednesday, health allowing (which nobody takes for granted at this point).

And lastly there's a fun pairing of Michigan football: a '19 score RC of beastly DL Rashan Gary and a 2001 Pacific Vanguard V-Team insert of former #1 WR David Terrell (/999). They're both Michigan uni cards and therefore even more appreciated than usual, plus I don't know that I've ever seen that V-Team insert before, so bonus points there.

Paul, thanks again for putting all these great cards together and sending them my way before you left the state. I'll leave it up to you if you want to explain the details of your move, but for now I'll say I'm thankful for how much we got to hang out while you were in Michigan, and I'm looking forward to continuing our great trades no matter where you are!

Monday, July 20, 2020

2020 Facebook purchase: boxing day (with recap from last night's break!)

So I ended up doing things a bit out of order by breaking the '88 Pacific Legends box last night before posting this, but then again it's my blog and
WHAT-EVA! LL DO WHATI WANT!! Eric Cartman Chef cartoon face text nose facial expression vertebrate head emotion fiction smile art organ
Here's a quick breakdown on how this purchase came about, plus a bit of a look at everything I ended up with.

Last Monday I was perusing Facebook Marketplace again and noticed a guy not too far from me had posted a bunch of listings for a few things that caught my eye, starting with boxes of Topps commons from the 70s (and 1980) at very good prices. I was hoping to grab those for Jeff since he's working on a number of those sets, and he was definitely interested in these.

Besides those I was after a nice pile of 80s and 90s boxed sets, plus a couple of boxes of the aforementioned Pacific Legends cards, one of which I offered to Fuji.

Happily everything worked out and after about a 45 minute trip both ways and $80 cash I was back home with quite the bounty. I've already sent Jeff and Fuji their cards, which they can share at their convenience if they feel like it, and now I can cover everything else here.
First up: the results of my Pacific Legends box. I had a blast ripping packs, sorting cards, and talking to Fuji, Andy, Chris, and Chris last night, not that the video is a great indicator since I was spending a lot of time off-screen sorting. I don't really do boxes anymore so this was a fun treat for me, even if it came from the junk wax era. The $10 price was perfectly acceptable to me as I chased a complete set, and maybe a second?
While set #2 wasn't quite meant to be--I pulled only one of card #20, Jim Bouton--this was a fun rip of 36 packs of 10 cards each while attacking the 110-card run. Considering how bad collation could be back then, though, one set plus practically a second was a steal at that price! The player selection is awesome--Bill Freehan and Mark Fidrych join the likes of Kell and Kaline, not to mention Teddy Ballgame, Hank Aaron, and more--and the hits kept coming.

I did a quick breakdown and ended up with 367 cards, even when removing the six Tigers I already had in-hand, broken down into:
  • Set 1: 110/110, 100%
  • Set 2: 109/110, 99%
  • Set 3: 60/110, 54%
  • 53 quadruples
  • 31 quintuples
  • 4 sextuples
I'm working on tracking down one more Bouton so I can finish my second set, plus I have some dupes to help others, possibly even Fuji when he breaks his box!

With that covered, the rest of this post will show off everything else I grabbed, which was in the form of 80s and 90s boxed sets that set me back $1, $2, or $5:
Most of them can be seen here, and I'll go into a bit more detail below. The majority of these were a buck with some of the ones on the bottom making up the $2/$5 group.
And my favorite find of this haul was a 1992 Stadium Club Dome package for just $5. It's not that these are rare, but I don't think I'd ever seen one in-person, so having all the pieces is extra cool!
I opened anything that was sealed and got all the cards put in order, because that's always fun, then tried to get a quick look at fronts, backs, and any extras from each box. In this scan you can see (top to bottom, left then right):
  • 1986 Donruss Highlights (56 cards): pretty obvious by the name. Includes a mini Hank Aaron puzzle.
  • 1986 Fleer Limited Edition (44): a bunch of stars (like Gibby and Sweet Lou, whose card I didn't flip over to show off the back, d'oh!) plus free stickers.
  • 1986 Kay-Bee (33): a collaboration with Topps that shows off young Superstars, like Tony Gwynn at the time!
  • 1987 Fleer Award Winners (44): another obvious one. Also comes with stickers, which is a common theme among these.
  • 1987 Fleer Baseball All-Stars (44): yep, 44 cards and stickers, plus wot it says on the tin.
  • 1987 Fleer Limited Edition (44): you can see where I'm going with this. Look up a couple rows in the photo to compare the two designs.
  • 1987 Fleer Record Setters (44): why not 45? I dunno! Cool stickers again.
  • 1987 Kay-Bee (33): same set size as the year before, but the word "young" is left out and this is all "superstars" chosen quite well--few if any duds.
  • 1988 Fleer Baseball MVPs (44): Fleer didn't have any problem coming up with excuses to print boxed sets, and that's fine by me!
  • 1989 Donruss Traded (56): I've always been a sucker for trade & rookies-type sets. The real ones, that is, not the monster that Topps Update has become. Nolan Ryan on the Rangers seemed like a good sample card, and this one also came with a mini Musial puzzle.
  • 1988 Score Young Superstars I (40): yeah, this should have been above the Donruss cards chronologically. Oh well. This is Series I of the super glossy young star cards Score produced in their debut season, and they also came with the mini lenticular trivia cards the brand would be known for for a few years.
  • 1987 Fleer Mini (120): ok, these are here on purpose, at least, since I thought I'd put them last due to their oddball size. That's a little Eric Davis base you see, plus a rad version of the Tigers' best logo in sticker form.
I believe all of these were $2 apiece except for the UD hologram set on the bottom, though one or more might have been a buck more:
  • 1989 Score Rookie/Traded (110): that's a good size for one of these sets. I think this one was $3 which seemed reasonable enough when you consider the Griffey seen here is a RC, one I didn't have! Also, more mini holograms.
  • 1990 Topps Debut '89 (154): this one kept the standard '90 flagship design but added a banner up top mentioning the player's debut from the previous season. I couldn't help but show off card #84 of Yankees pitcher Kevin Mmahat--what a last name!
  • 1990 Score Rising Stars (100): welp, I did it again, probably because I keep thinking Debut '89 is from '89, though it isn't. Anyway, here's another super glossy set filled with up-and-comers (and holograms). A huge stack of these was part of an earlier Facebook purchase of mine but pretty much all of them were damaged, so this was a nice replacement.
  • 1990 Score Rookie/Traded (110): very similar to that year's colorful (as usual for the time) base set, except with orange borders. No huge stars to chase here, but some fun stuff, like cards of hockey dude Eric Lindros and football player D.J. Dozier, as highlighted in this Baseball Card Backs tweet yesterday.
  • 1992 Upper Deck Team MVP Holograms (54): I already had a few of my PC guys' cards from these, but I just couldn't ignore the awesome packaging and presentation here. The shrink-wrapped packaging has a cardboard sleeve touting how limited this thing is, and that protects a sweet branded hinged plastic case. The super premium holograms were banded together with a COA starring Junior Griffey, too! Each team at the time got repped by their best pitcher and hitter, plus there's a couple checklists, giving you 54 cards.
Last up is the super cool 1992 Stadium Club Dome set, so called because it came packaged in a little replica of Toronto's SkyDome, host of the '91 All-Star Game. If you thought the presentation above was great, try this: the 200-card set goes into a fairly typical box, inside a molded plastic stadium that opens (and looks like R2-D2 at the bottom), and into another cardboard box!

This one includes 100 draft picks, 25 Team USA cards, 56 cards highlighting the '91 All-Star Game, and 19 more covering the playoffs and World Series. I grabbed fronts and backs from all four subsets, with my favorites being the mulleted draft pick and a back starring one of my favorite names in the game, Basil Shabazz. I'm definitely geeked to have such a nice looking Stadium Club set in my collection, and the original packaging is a very nice bonus.

Now that I have these covered I'll be back soon with another eBay buy and at least one more trade package, so watch for those as I figure out how to make room to store all of this!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

1988 Pacific Legends box break LIVE link

Watch the break here or head on over to YouTube!

Let's do it! 1988 Pacific Legends box break @ 8 EST tonight

I got a few messages from people that would be interested so I'm going to plan on breaking this box tonight at 8pm EST. I'll probably wait a few minutes for everyone to show up and then get going, and depending on how that goes, if there's interest I can spend a few minutes going over the rest of the Facebook Marketplace purchase too, otherwise that can wait for a future post. And who knows, maybe there'll even be a giveaway!

Stay tuned for a Youtube link before or around 8pm tonight!

Rainy Sunday post: who's up for a live box break?

It's been a rainy kind of Sunday here in southeastern Michigan and that makes it seem like the perfect afternoon for spending time with some cards I recently purchased. I'll have a good summary up later, but long story short, one of the items I picked up in another fun Facebook Marketplace buy was a box of 1988 Pacific Legends.
That's 36 packs of 10 (fairly thin) cards for a reasonable $10. The set is just 110 cards so I'm hoping '80s junk wax collation doesn't prevail and that maybe I can get a couple complete sets out of this!

Is anyone up for watching me bust this low-end but classic box live? I'm posting this here and on Twitter so if I can get a few of you interested for this afternoon/evening, I'll throw up another post with a Youtube link. Just drop a comment here or on Twitter if you're in!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

2020 trade package #20: Sport Card Collectors

Sport Card Collectors
I'm sure by now many of you are aware of the degradation of the USPS service over the last couple months and are experiencing delays of varying severity. Please make sure not to blame your mail carrier, though, or anyone at your local office. This is due to new rules implemented by the latest Postmaster General, which have been successful in realizing his goal of gumming up the system by hobbling postal employees' ability to complete their jobs for the day, leading to bigger and bigger piles of unsorted and undelivered mail. Let's hope we don't have to wait for a new president for this idiocy to end.

That negativity aside, one recent ray of sunshine is that I received a PWE Matt of Sport Card Collectors probably thought would get to me much sooner. He always manages to pack a nice punch into these so I happily tore it open to see the following six cards:
The Griffey and Ripken cards are recent Topps/Chrome inserts--with great photos--that I already had, but if you can't find someone that wants your dupes of either then you're doing something wrong. Great choice of the shots of a young Junior's trademark swing and Cal's defining moment.

And then the rest of the envelope consisted of four many Verlanders! I'm happy to report that all of these are new to me, and they're also a pretty nice looking quartet.

Card #1 is a Masters of the Game insert from 2019 Diamond Kings. I think it could have used a bit more in the background to make it more interesting, but other than that this is another DK look I like. Sticking with Donruss brands, Panini brought back the old Highlights name this year and then made a bunch of parallels of them, as they're wont to do. I'm very pleased with how my scanner picked up the look of this Pink Fireworks version, which I thought was a fun choice from their designers. By the way, the back (seen below) notes that this particular highlight was JV notching his 3000th strikeout, and it reminds the reader that he actually recorded it on a wild pitch that allowed the hitter to reach first!

Last up we have a couple 2020 Topps-branded issues. On the left is a Gypsy Queen Tarot of the Diamond insert that was previously unknown to me. GQ's never been my style but I do really like how Topps executed the tarot card motif here, especially with the rounded corners and card stock. And you'd better believe he's an ace no matter what kind of deck of cards you're talking about! Speaking of aces, he's joined by former Astros teammate Gerrit Cole on a 2020 Heritage ERA leaders base subset issue. Verlander's 2.58 placed just a bit behind Cole's 2.50, but Verlander had the last laugh with 21 wins to Cole's 20, and the AL Cy Young Award.
Here's a quick look at the backs since I only had one page worth of cards to scan and thought the post could use a second image. Is that Donruss Verlander bringing back the 80s feels for anyone else?

Matt, thanks for hitting my mailbox and collections yet again this year! I happen to have a "Giant" stack to send your way at some point that I think will nicely return the favor.