Tuesday, September 10, 2019

2019 trade package #26: Sport Card Collectors

Sport Card Collectors
Before I get back to posting anything else I'm giving the highest priority to trade packages because I think the effort and generosity that go into them call for that.  So far this month I've received three of those, conveniently fitting into a small/medium/large configuration.  I'll be starting with the smallest because it's the least amount of work!

That would be yet another surprise PWE from Matt who runs Sport Card Collectors.  Since April he's sent me seven of his signature mailings, showing off his PWE skills by getting every card to my mailbox safely and securely.

This time I enjoyed another group of his Griffey dupes, which have really filled out my Junior collection nicely.  It was a six-pack, and here's the goods:
The baseball card breakdown (sorry, Gavin) here is interesting to me as we've got four products represented, three of which featured a ton of Kenny Griff.  First up is a trio of examples of the Griffey Gallery subset from Upper Deck's 2002 flagship product.  There's 10 of these, each with a different theme, and I now have four.

The other vertical card is my 12th from the Griffey-centric 2016 Topps Tribute to the Kid insert.  The 30-card set includes 18 cards with George Jr. on the Mariners, 10 from his time with the Reds, and two covering his brief stint with--barf--the White Sox.  It was very cool of Matt to flip me another one I needed as I've been slowly building this one on the cheap, mostly thanks to shows and trades.

The first of two horizontals is from an earlier UD product's subset that was all Griffey, all the time.  2000 low-end product Victory included a 50(!)-card run called "Junior Circuit" in its base set of 466.  Add a regular base issue and one other subset appearance and you've got one player accounting for 11% of the set!  This one is my 4th so it's gonna be a while before I can call it done.

Today's final card, another X-axis edition, is a bit lonely by comparison; Ken appears once in 2008 Upper Deck X's Xponential insert (though there are two other versions, "2" and "3", so at least there's that!).  X wasn't ever really on my radar but the foil and Reds team colors make for a pretty good insert here.

Adding these cards to my collection gives me a new count of 884 Juniors (TCDB link), getting him that much closer to the 900 mark, though he's not exactly nipping at the heels of collection leader Cal Ripken Jr., whom he trails by almost 50 items right now.

Thanks again, Matt!  I picked up a few things for you at a recent show that you can enjoy while your Giants Giants away another season under Eli!


  1. Great! Glad you enjoyed! Hopefully can get another out soon!

    1. Sounds good to me! I'll probably wait til after next month's show so I have enough for you for a new envelope.

  2. 884 different KGJ's? Now that's darn impressive. I'm wondering if I even have that many Gwynns in my collection... and he's by far my largest PC.

    1. Even more now! I'm curious how many Gwynns you have since you must have a ton. You should count them up sometime!

    2. Hmmm. Might do that. I can count the number of Gwynns in my binders. It's my autographs, relics, and tougher inserts that I'd have a tough time getting an exact number on. Half of those cards are at my parents. One day, I'll bring my whole collection home and do an exact count.