Monday, May 13, 2019

2019 trade package #9: Parts of My Past

Now that I'm back from a trip to Texas to visit friends, plus plenty motivated to post trade packages, show pickups, and more before they get even more overwhelming, I'm ready to show off the third/fourth(!) PWE I received from Matt of Parts of My Past in April alone.  He's been clearing out his Ken Griffey Jr. dupes and I've been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a few envelopes worth of those--two late last month and two more this past week, which I'll also have to post eventually!

In each case I'm combining the contents into one post since they arrived the same day, plus they just look nicer together.  Please join me in enjoying some Griffey goodness!
Scan one of two contains nine cards, six of which were new to me--a very good ratio when it comes to Junior.  Of the verticals I needed all but the UD Choice card dead center, meaning I'm the proud new owner of a bunch of excellent late 90s stuff from Donruss, Topps, and UD.  I probably even had the UD Choice Draw Your Own Card contest card before but never thought to keep it as a collectible.

The most notable card here is #2 in the scan, a 1999 Topps Stars One Star Foil parallel which is numbered 087/249.  It's somewhat difficult to notice because the numbering isn't done with foil, just a stamp, but if you know to look for it--at the very bottom near the black star--you can make it out:
The horizontal trio here is pretty cool as well and I was plenty glad to add the 2000 SP Authentic United Nations insert that features a very patriotic Griffey.
This quartet was very productive as well.  I miss UD's Black Diamond in baseball form, such as the 2000 version you see up there.  That manufacturer's Ultimate Victory could look terrific as well, and I don't mind at all having a dupe of the one you see starring my favorite swing in the game.  Sticking with UD, their 2002 Diamond Connection product was forgettable but I love the shot of the smiling star seen here.  And then we get one last Topps issue in the form of the throwback 2010 206 set and Kenny appropriately walking off with a sunset behind him.

Thanks to Matt my Junior collection went up by nine cards to 814, and that number continues to grow.  Stay tuned for more of one of my favorite PC guys in trade packages, show pickups, and more.

Thanks, Matt!  I've been loading up and will hit you back soon.


  1. Glad you enjoyed! Like I said, I have a few more to send your way soon!

  2. Was the numbering supposed to be foil or did they just do a stamp for that set? Never seen that before.

    1. I believe when I searched the other scans on TCDB they had the same lack of foil, though I didn't do more research to determine if that was the case across the product that year.