Friday, September 28, 2018

2018 trade package #22: Sports Cards From the Dollar Store

Have I mentioned before that Doug from Sports Cards From the Dollar Store is a good guy?  Maybe in one of the 28(!) previous trade posts featuring cards from him?  Well it doesn't matter since I'm gonna emphasize it again because he sent me yet another nice bunch of cards despite the fact that I haven't sent anything his way in I dunno how long.  This was another doozy, too.  Check it out!:
Over on this here blog it's a 100% Red Wings affair, which I would have been on-board with even if the quality wasn't nearly what it was this time.  Doug sent over sweet die-cut cards of two of the best Wings of my lifetime.  #1 is two-time Cup-winner Pavel Datsyuk on a card that brought back memories of SPx but is actually from 2015-16 OPC Platinum's Team Logos insert.  It's a beautiful card starring the puck magician who inherited the mantle of the next guy.  Everyone in Hockeytown remembers the Captain, Steve Yzerman, the guy who brought three Cups (including one he shared with Datsyuk in 2002) to Detroit after a long drought.  The former Tampa Bay GM--who may be heading for the same role in Detroit soon--looks fantastic on his 2001-02 Pacific Invincible base card.
You'll also see this card over on TMM this evening (with the rest of the loot) but I'm including this 2018-19 Upper Deck MVP base of Dylan Larkin here as he's a WolverWing and PC guy.  And better yet, this gets me up to 20 cards in his small collection!
Also appearing over there tonight:  this huge hit of another WolverWing which is worth showing off in at least two posts.  Doug continues to break one of his favorite products, Panini's 2013-14 Rookie Anthology, and he also kept up his reputation for pulling extremely nice cards, some of which he's been ridiculously generous in sending my way.  His latest gift is from the Prizm portion of that product, a Prizms Finite parallel.  Peep that stamp on the back to understand why I'm so excited.  Yep, it's a true 1/1!  That makes 111 in that collection, by the way.

I count myself as very fortunate to get to trade with Doug and benefit from his amazing box/case luck, not to mention the fact that he's so willing to send amazing stuff in packages without a second thought.  Many, many thanks to my Canadian buddy, whom I'll attempt to pay back in spades as soon as I can!  

To see the rest of this great mailer please head over to TMM after reading this recap.


  1. Sweet 1 of 1! Very generous of Doug. You have 111 1 of 1's? That's awesome buddy.

    1. Even more now that I'm finally responding to this comment! I should count up how many he's sent me, it's crazy. Generous is right for sure.