Saturday, March 10, 2018

2018 trade package #5: Sport Card Collectors

It's only mid-March and I've already received my second PWE this year from Matt of Sport Card Collectors.  Just like last time he sent me a nice little group of Tigers, and in this case he's got me in a spring training state of mind with six cards of four guys who are all on the 2018 squad:
Future HOFer Miguel Cabrera can pretty much bank on having a better season than he did in 2017, which ended with an unthinkable -0.8 bWAR.  His full-season career low was previously 2.7 in 2008 besides a 0.8 mark during a half-season 2003.  Perhaps he'll be healthier and more focused after putting some offseason off-the-field stuff behind him, though it remains to be seen how much he'll contribute to a rebuilding team that's getting younger.

Matt sent me this trio which starts with Miggy's 2017 Bowman's Best base plus--I'm thrilled to say--the Refractor version!  The latter comes across fairly well in the scan but as is always the case, when you have it in-hand you can tell the difference.

Those are joined by Cabrera's base card from Panini's 2017 Chronicles product, which I got to see for myself for the first time thanks to a trade from Paul of Scribbled Ink.  I hope Miggy doesn't go through a prolonged slump this year as the team could use someone like him to keep filling the seats during a down year.
That Refractor is one highlight of this group but my favorite card of the package is this insert of potential future ace Michael Fulmer.  I love getting new cards of him since his future looks very bright, especially if he can stay healthy; his 2017 numbers weren't too far off from those of his Rookie of the Year campaign the previous year, and that's in spite of some health-related ineffectiveness.  By all reports he seems to be healthy now, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him pile up some scoreless streaks, which are the subject of this 2017 Stadium Club insert.  I'll definitely work on getting to some games I know he'll be starting.
V-Mart has been largely useless (or worse!) the last few seasons despite the questionable extension Detroit gave him a couple years ago, but maybe he'll bring something to the table in 2018 as he'll have to earn his way onto the roster.  The DH looks like he's sleeping on this 2017 A&G Mini but he can't afford to let his bat do the same.  Regardless, I hope he doesn't suffer any ill effects from the heart issues he's gone through the last couple seasons.
Last up is starting catcher James McCann, a guy who's been serviceable both behind and at the plate the last few seasons.  He's no catcher of the future but has generally been able to get the job done, including amassing double-digit homers in the past two campaigns.  He handles his position just fine as well as seen in this fun photo on his Gold parallel from 2017 Topps (#0728/2017).

Thanks for sending more Tigers stuff my way, Matt--it's got me looking forward to the upcoming season!  I'll have a return package ready within a few weeks after I reload on stuff I know you'll like at a couple shows.

If you readers are fans of inserts please make sure to check out my post on TMM this evening--it's got numbered stuff, Refractors galore, and more!


  1. Glad you enjoyed my friend! I have a few more things set aside for you already. Hopefully they will get out to you in a month or so

    1. Thanks again! You'll be receiving stuff from me very soon...

  2. Hey, I just bought that Bowman's Best (the base version) this week. Very nice looking set.

    1. Nice! I'll always prefer the 90s versions but that Refractor is definitely great.