Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 eBay purchases: post-Christmas cards

As always I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas, I know I did!  Now let's have a look at a few presents I got myself:  eBay pickups from the last four months of 2017:
My oldest chronological purchase is this 2015 Topps Update Magenta plate of PC guy Clayton Richard.  Waaaaaaay back in early September I plunked down $8.50 delivered, nicely within my reasonable range for 1/1s, for what's now my sixth plate (and 11th hit) of the former Michigan QB/pitcher.  Clayton is pictured here with the Cubs after resurfacing in the Majors with them in 2015, but he later returned to San Diego in a 2016 trade.  Those appearances for the Cubbies mean he's pitched on both the north and south sides of Chicago!

If you're a big fan of plates, please check out this evening's TMM post.  With the above Richard and that post's additions I now count 94 1/1s in my collection!
My other two additions to show off here are oversized cards of this here blog's #1 PC guy, Rich Hill.  My most recent favorite eBay seller, markaguirre22, was asking just $3 with free shipping for each:  2016 Topps 5x7 Red (#1/5) and 2016 Topps Heritage 5x7 Gold (#01/10).  I believe both were available exclusive through Topps online, possibly as part of sets.  While I don't count them towards my Hill supercollection checklist I'm happy to have a couple new things to add to his collection in general (285 items strong!), even if they're a bit tricky to store.

That's it over here, but as I mentioned earlier, please head over to TMM this evening for lots more plate action, plus a lump of coal!


  1. I didn't realize you collected 1 of 1's. I think I might have a printing plate or two laying around that I can send your way.