Saturday, June 24, 2017

Cal-osing the book on this project

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It took me longer than it probably should have to finish up my Griffey/Gwynn/Maddux/Ripken scanning project, but now I can finally say it's done!  (Well, except for a few odd items I've mentioned a couple times, but those fall outside of the scope of this project).  Today's post features yet another player many of you collect just like I do:  Cal Ripken Jr.  Roughly 25 years of buying and trading have made Ripken my largest PC at almost 700 unique items, including the more than 200 I scanned for this project alone.  It's no surprise that that count puts him head and shoulders above the other three players, so I had a ton to choose from to show off to you today, assuming you give a Rip (ha!).

So have a look at some more cardboard greatness, most of which hails from the golden days of the 90s that celebrated creativity and choice over monopolies and "meh"!:
A few favorite sets:

Great photos and designs:

Putting the "ball" in "oddball":


The Streak:
With this project finally in the books I'll certainly have an easier time determining whether or not I need anything of any of those players while digging through boxes at shows!  Also, I can now return to trade packages as well as large purchases from COMC and JustCommons.  Stay tuned for more PC-Palooza!


  1. Those Holiday Inn cards are completely ridiculous... So why is it that I want them?

  2. From one Ripken fan/collector to another, awesome looking cards! Ripken will always be my top player collection.