Sunday, February 19, 2017

2017 trade package #2: Sport Card Collectors

Last month I received my first trade package (of what I'm sure will be many more) from the blog Sport Card Collectors (sorry, I don't have a name!).  The collector of Griffey, NY football Giants, and more had claimed a few of my giveaway lots last year, and you all know I love adding new trade partners whenever I can.

I've said before that I love one-card packages as much as those that are stuffed because I'm lazy and therefore happy to do less work when it comes to posting.  So you won't see me using the word "only" when I refer to what I received; anyway, it's a fantastic card worth a whole envelope of stuff anyway:
It's not so easy to hit the range of Topps cards I tolerate/like/love these days, but this one fits in toward the latter part of that scale since I'll take an A&G framed relic of a player I collect any day of the week (and twice today!).  It just happens to be gravy that this is Miggy's card in the 2016 set, one with another nice design along with a pretty good jersey swatch.  I'll happily add it to the other 10 hits of Cabrera in my Tigers PC as the most recent card and second A&G relic.

With the season starting soon I'm looking forward to another Hall of Fame-worthy campaign for the best player to appear for the Tigers in my lifetime!

Thanks, Sport Card Collectors, and I look forward to trading again whenever I can pile up some Griffeys and Giants for you!


  1. No problem glad you enjoyed. I have another miggy to send you when I get the chance and I assume other stuff as well :)

    1. Thanks! And give me a chance to pile up some stuff for you!