Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2017 trade package #1: Sports Cards From the Dollar Store

Like many millions of people yesterday I watched the Super Bowl, and like some percentage of those millions, I was thrilled to see the team I was rooting for win.  Without Michigan alumni Tom Brady and Alan Branch I don't know that I'd have any particular affinity for the Pats, but the fact that their dynasty began with #12 (along with another Wolverine, Ty Law) has made me a New England fan at least until he retires.  

While I understand why lots of folks were rooting against Tom Terrific and his team--I got sick of Jordan's Bulls and Jeter's Yankees, so I know the feeling--I hope they realize they're witnessing the greatest QB the game has ever seen; if they don't, honestly, it's their loss.  If they'd rather buy into the "Spygate" and "Deflategate" BS instead of admitting that New England is the class of the league and has proven that it doesn't need to cheat to win (and that science demolishes any possibility of the most recent witch hunt), more power to them.  Me?  I'm just feeling privileged to be watching the GOAT.
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Speaking of that title (/segued) and moving on to things a bit more relevant to more of you, I've received two trade packages already from Greatest of All Traders Doug from Sports Cards From the Dollar Store since the beginning of the year.  One arrived in January, and while I was too busy/lazy to get that posted, or even send a response package, another one showed up last week!  I'll get to that one when it's its turn as I was the beneficiary of some very generous traders last month and want to give those their due as well.  

And now, here's SCFtDS's 22nd trade package seen on this here blog:
Rich Hill 2016 Topps Clear (#03/10)
This one's a bit of a hybrid purchase/trade.  A Canadian eBayer made it available last December but I wasn't in love with paying extra for shipping.  Luckily for me Doug was willing to bid by proxy and he won the card for an are-you-kidding-me $6.94.  Totes MaGOATs.  These Clear parallels are beautiful and therefore one of the few things Topps has done that don't draw my ire.  Sometimes I wish they weren't so ridiculously limited, but being numbered of 10 does increase their appeal a bit, as if they even needed the help.

Another entry in Rich's 2016 Topps rainbow gives me 270 cards overall and 253 of his current run of 373.

With that out of the way, how about some hockey, eh?  You'd better believe that was included in the form of "Red Wings:  From 'A' (or is that 'eh'?) to 'Z'":
Looks like Doug was a Hockeytown magnet in his recent case break and Dollar Store pack purchases.  Though Detroit is having a down year (and, really, decade), it's nice to see some familiar faces in Athanasiou, Datsyuk, Howard, Kronwall, and Zetterberg, plus past Wings Barr, Racine, Robiltaille, and Samuelsson.  Lucky Luc's card fits nicely with Hill's thanks to the design and is easily the second best card in this post.

Thanks again for my first and (I believe) sixth packages already this year, Doug!  While I don't have a ton set aside for you right now I did have a bit of luck at the show on Saturday and will try to get a package out soon, especially since I know someone who has a birthday coming up!


  1. I paid almost $20 for a common acetate /10...I am very jealous of your find!

    -kin (ifeellikeacollectoragain.blogspot.com)

    1. I don't doubt it, it's not easy to find them cheap. Good thing I don't supercollect any big stars!