Sunday, November 15, 2015

11/8/15 card show report: yes we Ken!

Last Sunday I hit up the usual monthly show in Taylor and had my usual good time digging through boxes for cards for my PCs and some trade bait.  $66 later I had some of both, with the tally leaning more towards PCs this time.

Keeping up the "usual" theme, please check out my other purchases over on TMM this evening.

Here's the cards I purchased relevant to this here blog:

Today's post is about 95% Griffey thanks to a guy who had a 25-cards-for-$10 box with a bunch of Junior inserts!  I didn't really scan them in any particular order and mainly tried to make them more presentable by separating the horizontals and verticals.
Scan #1 has a nice mix that mostly hails from the 90s except for the upper-right Fleer insert.  This is great representative bunch of inserts from that decade ("90s inserts rule" tag deployed) featuring holograms, foil, and more.  If the decade is remembered for one thing it's home runs, and three of these inserts focus on the longball (along with a few others in the next scans), with titles like "Home Run All-Stars," "Power Brokers," and "Bomb Squad."  The latter includes 1994 NL MVP runner-up Matt Williams, who hit 43 dingers in the strike-shortened campaign (Griffey had 40 and also finished second in AL MVP voting).  By the way, I found the Griffey/Lofton/Grissom Dominators card interesting since the theme was their common CF position, but Griffey's game couldn't have been more different than the other two!
More good stuff here.  I'm a sucker for cards that reprint or use the theme of magazine covers, and I may have the actual issue of ESPN pictured on the above insert.  The Metal Universe card is emblematic of that product's run.  And the 2001 Private Stock "parallel" done up on a canvas-like card was another fun insert innovation back when inserts were still cool.
I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as a bad card out of Sportflix (not to be confused with Sportflics), especially when it comes to inserts like the Detonators card above, which continues the power theme along with the "Yard Work" and "Power Rally" issues.  I've always thought that the 2000 Paramount Season in Review set looked great (I previously owned a Nomar Garciaparra) especially thanks to the old-school film motif going on on the left.  Finally, the Memorable Moments insert (one of two from that set in '97) has a cool wavy die-cut thing going on, which is soooo 1990s.

I grabbed one more card from this seller that set me back a few more bucks:
Tony Gwynn 2002 Upper Deck People's Choice Game Jersey jersey
Honestly, how could I turn down a pinstriped early 90s jersey of Mr. Padre?  This is my seventh Gwynn hit, six of which are relics, and of those, five are jerseys.  It wasn't really much longer after these were made that relic swatches were less generous and interesting so I think I did well here.

That's it for this time, but I should have another show post in a few weeks.


  1. Love 90's inserts... but my heart especially beats for that sweet Gwynn jersey. Nice finds.

  2. The Metal Universe is my favorite. I had a lot of those cards back in the early 2000's. My Kmart seemed to sell a bunch of the retail version.

    1. Yeah, some of those Metal cards were sweet! I don't remember seeing a lot of those packs in retail locations myself, but for all I know they were there and I didn't realize since there was so much to choose from.