Sunday, October 11, 2015

2015 trade package #26: in da club with 2x3 Heroes

It's been about a month since I've had a trade package to show off, so I was excited to be the recipient of a Club PWE envelope from plain, white blogger Jeff of 2x3 Heroes.  The king of the PWE sent me a nice mix of Tigers and Wings:
First, the Tigers.  AJax may not be with Detroit anymore, but I have no problem continuing to root for a guy who seems like a good person on and off the diamond, so I was glad to see him join the Cubs.

On an unrelated note, how does Jeff Robinson get a freakin' DK card in '89 Donruss?  I see he went 13-6 in 1988, his second season in Motown, but Matt Nokes, Jack Morris, and Doyle Alexander weren't higher on the list?  Woof.
And the Red Wings, who as of this writing are on pace to run the table and sweep the playoffs.  Abdelkader is actually leading the team in goals thanks to a season-opening hat trick.  He's joined by the injured Datsyuk as the active Wings in this scan, though Filppula (Tampa Bay) and Hossa (Blackhawks) are still in the league.

Crozier is an interesting inclusion here mainly since everyone else was recently on the team.  After being traded from Chicago to Detroit, he played in parts of seven seasons with the Wings, winning a Calder and Conn Smythe trophy as one of the earliest goalies to use the butterfly style.  Hooray for a cool Red Wings history lesson!

Thanks for some great Detroit stuff, Jeff, and I promise I'll return the favor when I acquire enough stuff to put together a PWE for you!


  1. Jeff Robinson has the most 1989 look out of all the guys. Nice stache!

    1. Two mistakes forever preserved on one card, I love it!