Friday, October 2, 2015

2015 Tigers game report: 9/21 vs. Chicago White Sox

A couple Mondays ago (Sept. 21) I went to my first (and only) MLB game of 2015.  This was the first part of a day/night doubleheader against the White Sox as a make-up game from a couple months ago.  While it was cold and rainy for the originally-scheduled day, the weather was absolutely gorgeous on Monday.  Not a single cloud in the sky and the temperature was perfect--basically an ideal day for a game.
I was taking a work friend as a retirement gift and thanks to Stubhub was able to land us seats in the front row between the two bullpens in left field:
There's Detroit's starter for the day, Kyle Ryan, warming up.  I knew not to expect much out of him but was pleasantly surprised by his effort.
And here's the be-mulleted Jeff Samardzdzdidzjiddza.  Detroit may finish behind the Sox this year but at least we didn't trade for this jackass.  That's what you get for overpaying for a Notre Dame alum!  Jeff Samartass ended up getting the last laugh, though, as you'll see later.
One last shot of the view from my seats as the Tigers took the field.

And here's a look at my scorecard:
So I came to this game expecting fireworks--Detroit's Kyle Ryan was more of a spot-starter and Jeff S. had been absolutely brutal for much of the year.  Instead, Ryan went a quality 7 IP while allowing a pair of runs.  The first was on an Adam Eaton double that required a replay to overturn what looked like a beautiful throwout by RF Steven Moya while the second was a HR by #9 hitter Carlos Sanchez, a shot that bounced off the bullpen about five feet to my left and then a few rows up.

The story of the game turned out to be Chicago's starter, who needed all of 88 pitches (and just a bit more than two hours) to dispatch a Tigers squad resting some of its best players for the evening game (notably Miguel Cabrera and Rajai Davis).  The one hit he allowed was a cheapie blooper by Victor Martinez.

Despite all that, it was a fun day to be at the park for beautiful weather and another Tigers game.  Hopefully next year I'll be able to start a new in-person winning streak!

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