Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 trade package #21: a HOF package from My Cardboard Mistress

Adam from My Cardboard Mistress and I don't seem to trade quite as often as we used to, but that's ok because when we do, we make it count!  Exhibit "A":  the last time he sent me a package it included an entire set of 2001 UD College Legends football, which is just a top-notch set for collectors like both of us.

The man they call Spankee was at it again recently, sending me another great envelope filled with Tigers and Wolverines.  Here's the damage:
We'll lead off with Miguel Cabrera--yeah, that does sound weird, but with the way Brad Ausmus has been managing this season, stranger things could happen.  Anyway, Adam gifted me four nice inserts of the future HOFer, including a pair of Refractors sandwiching one of Panini's beautiful acetate cards which I can't get enough of, and finally a Topps Green parallel.  In the center square is HOFer Ty Co--
Oh hi, Prince Fielder.
Yeah, my bad, I was using it as a verb, not a noun.
Nope, not this time.
*Prince Fielder glares at me and then waddles away to wash himself with a rag on a stick*

Ok, so that was a weird interruption, but yeah, Prince made it into the package, which was mighty generous of Adam because those three cards probably added about $10 worth of postage.
Leading off in this scan is a guy who did occupy the top spot in Detroit's lineup for a while:  former blog namesake Curtis Granderson, in the form of a pair of inserts.  Next to him is a Panini parallel of HOFer (see the theme I've got going here?) of Tiger great Harry Heilmann, a 1952 honoree.  Below them is a pair of AJax inserts, highlighted by a 2013 Black Refractor numbered 001/100; nice find, Spankee!  Al Kaline, who put the OF in HOF, is next up with a couple inserts, and next to his Tall Boy is a Mini of fun-to-watch 2B Ian Kinsler.

All in all some really nice cards, but they can't help be overshadowed a bit by another (future) HOFer in one of the more oddbally forms I've seen recently:
Appropriately enough for representing Detroit, a Pudge Upper Deck issue (possibly custom-made for this product) is paired with a mini Ford F-150 in this UD venture from 2007.  It looks like other teams were available as were various vehicle models including a Ford Mustang and Peterbilt tractor/trailers.  Definitely a fun item to add to my oddball stuff!

Thanks for taking the time once again to send some stuff my way, Adam!  I have a few things set aside for you and will likely ship them your way soon.


  1. Don't lie, you've already opened that truck and played with it, right?

    1. No way, it's gotta stay in mint condition! Although the card is a bit worse for wear because of the poor design of the blister packaging.