Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2015 trade package #18: Brad's Blog appears from out of the woodwork

Yes I'm finally back again and I'm even getting around to posting trade packages from last month, which is almost two months ago at this point!

Today's envelope comes from that guy that runs Brad's Blog--Bob or Bill or whoever.  The biggest Ryan Howard collector (along with Frank Thomas!) I know sent me a very cool unexpected bunch of cards.  Feast your eyes on these:
Page 1 starts with Tim Belcher, a pitcher for the '94 Tigers who lost 15 games that season but finished above .500 for his solid 14-year career.  Next up is a Bondo from 2007 Topps Chrome.  After him is Eric Davis, and I'm not sure everybody remembers his two-season, 60 game stint with Detroit in 93-94; by the way, he was traded to the Dodgers for Tim Belcher in '91!  More successful as Tigers were Cecil "Big Daddy" Fielder, seen here on a quartet of cards, and Travis Fryman.
This group starts with Avi Garcia, the guy the Tiger flipped to the White Sox in the deal that netted them Jose Iglesias, a trade that's worked out well for both teams so far.  Gardiner was an early-90s pitcher I can't claim to remember.  Dan Gladden is best know for being with the Giants and Twins in the 80s, then appeared in Detroit for his final two seasons.  Gomez, turning two against a sliding Mike Greenwell, was drafted by the Tigers and went on to a solid career as a role-playing IF.  Incaviglia was a #1 overall pick whose draft story overshadows a career that saw his power dwindle by the mid-90s.  Infante was a two-time Tiger who appeared on both recent World Series squads.  Jack Morris is very well known and is seen here on an '82 Topps All-Star subset.  Parrish is one of my all-time favorite Detroit catchers and made it to his fifth straight ASG in '86.  And David Wells needs no introduction at this point.
Hey, how about my favorite pair of Tigers PC guys?  I don't care if they're from the junk wax era or the Toppsopoly era, I want 'em if you've got 'em!
Bruce Rondon 2013 Panini America's Pastime Inked auto (#100/125)
Here's something I wasn't expecting in this unexpected trade package:  my first autograph of rotund reliever Bruce Rondon!  The big guy has had a forgettable 2015 so far but it's nice to see him back from injury after a lost 2014; his debut the previous year led many to believe he could be a key bullpen piece before long, and I think the fireballer still has it in him once he gets back in sync.
Curtis Granderson 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Mini Wood (#4/5)
And now the biggest surprise from this surprise arrival:  a very, VERY low-numbered Granderson!  That's right, I'll come out and say it--this card gave me Wood.  It's my first of that A&G parallel so I'm thrilled that it's one of the guys I love to collect, Yankee or not.  I'd call this a top-three card in his collection so far, just beautiful.

Thanks again for the extremely generous and out-of-the-blue envelope, Brad!  I actually have a few things set aside for you that I'll send out in the near future.

Ok, one trade post down, a few more to go!


  1. I didn't realize we got Garcia from you. I like him and hope he stays with us.

  2. Yep, three-way deal including the Red Sox. They called him "Mini-Miggy" while he was here, and I believe there was a rumor that he hooked up with Prince Fielder's ex. Anyway, I bet he's gonna be very good for your Sox for a while, but I'm very happy with Iglesias so it's cool the trade worked out for both our teams.