Saturday, February 28, 2015

2015 trade package #7: a February TPTP from SCFtDS (baseball)

That's right, it's another two-part trade package (TPTP) from Doug over at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store!  That means I have some cards to show off here and others that you can see this evening on Too Many Manninghams.

The trader from the Great White North--who's actually mostly east and just a tad north of me--sent me more great cards, some of which fit my PCs as shown on this here blog, namely:
A trio of Tigers.  All three of these guys were with the club this time last year, though of course AJax has since moved on to Seattle--and good luck to him in 2015!  He's bookended by two of the Tigers' most well-known core guys in Miggy and Verlander.

That wasn't all I got, though, as I have something oddball-ish to show off as well:
From the files of "I've never seen that before" comes this 1994 Super Slam framed...thing of Junior Griffey.  This thing is folded in half so you can display it standing up, which I might just do.  The front includes a framed photo--and a nice one at that--of Junior taking off out of the batter's box.  Here's the back:
I didn't end up scanning and cropping it so you could read the facts on the back because they appear to be the standard random answers--one of his hobbies is video games and one of his favorite TV shows is Fresh Prince.  No surprises for someone in the mid-90s.  Anyway, this is definitely a cool item that'll be fun to add to my Griffey collection, and better yet it's the kind of thing I never would have known about had Doug not sent it my way.

Thanks for these cards and everything else you sent, Mr. Canuck, and I happen to have good news for you as I dropped off a spanking new envelope for you at the post office just this afternoon.  It's chock full of stuff I know you like including another pretty big addition to one of your PCs.  Readers, if you're not already sick of winter like I am, head across the border to Sports Cards From the Dollar Store tonight!

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