Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014 trade package #27: a trade as American as Home Run Apple pie

Keith from the Home Run Apple emailed me recently to check on the possibility of a trade, and not long after, he and I agreed to our first deal.  The Mets/WVU collector was very easy to work with, and I was glad to see he enjoyed the stuff I sent his way.  In return I received a great package as well:
Kicking things off is a trio of Super Bowl-winning Wolverines.  I always love trading with fellow college team collectors because they're more likely to be willing to find cards of your team.
Next up is a nice bunch of Tigers inserts.  First we have an Al Kaline from 2013 Triple Threads' Amethyst parallel set; I don't believe I have anything of Al from previous Triple Threads sets, so that's pretty cool.  Next is a pair of Verlander inserts from a couple somewhat recent Topps products, and I went ahead and scanned those for Justin's PC, which now has more than 50 cards in the album.  After those comes a great Topps Gold parallel of OF Andy Dirks doing some wall-climbing.  Among the rest, a GQ Miggy mini is the only card of a current player, and that's bookended by the Prince of back pain and another mini of the guy that came to the Tigers with Cabrera, Dontrelle Willis.  Rounding things out is a trio of Topps Emerald parallels.

And then there's the card Keith originally offered me to kick off the deal:
Justin Verlander 2013 Topps Heritage jersey
Hooray for more Verlanders!  There can never be too many, after all.  This Heritage relic from last year is a good example of how a solid design can overcome something like a single-color swatch.  Topps has come up with some pretty good Heritage designs and I count this card among them.  It's my seventh relic of the Tigers' former ace, and 12th hit overall.

Thanks again for a fantastic first deal, Keith, and I'll be more than happy to work with you again in the future.  For those of you who haven't traded with the man in charge of the Home Run Apple, know that he's now TMV approved!


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    1. I'm loving responding to this comment after Brady whipped Peyton's Broncos this weekend!

  2. Keith gets my blessing too. I guess I should say nice things since I was in his wedding and he is a frequent visitor to my house.....

    1. Haha, I figured you'd approve, otherwise things could get pretty awkward over there...