Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2014 eBay purchase #1: Little Leon and the Mini Kid

Here's a card I posted over on TMM this evening because it includes Leon Roberts, one of my Michigan Baseball player collections.  I'm showing it off over here as well thanks to the fact that it features a slightly more prominent player:
Gary Carter 1975 Topps Mini RC
The fact that it's the second-to-last Roberts card I need to complete that PC doesn't mean it'll reside in obscurity in the box with that player's cards, though--it now has an honored place among my favorite baseball rookies!  Its big brother, the '75 flagship card, had been waiting to be reunited, and now they'll be together for all-time (or however long my collection exists, your mileage may vary).  Only the O-Pee-Chee version has eluded my grasp thus far.

But today's for celebrating what I did pick up.  Carter was truly one of the game's special players, lasting an amazing 19 years and more than 2000 games primarily as a catcher.  Throw in above-average offensive numbers for the position (especially his power), 11 All-Star games (including 10 straight), and his excellent performance in the memorable World Series victory of '86, and you get a player the Hall of Fame voters couldn't help but love back in 2003.  On top of all that, make sure that guy played the majority of his career as the face of the expansion Expos, and you've got a guy who remains beloved all over the place.

He died too young more than two years ago now, but his place in the Hall will ensure that future generations will remember The Kid's greatness, as will fans of the Expos/Nats, Mets, and the game in general.  I'm proud to add this reminder of one of baseball's great players and men to my collection.


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    1. Thanks! It's fun that it fits a Michigan PC and includes a HOFer too.

  2. I picked up a 2013 Gypsy queen wood mini numbered out of 5 of Curtis Granderson in a yankees uniform.. I know you used to collect him, any interest in trading for it?

    1. Thanks for thinking of me, Brad, but I'll pass since I don't collect his Yankees stuff.