Friday, March 21, 2014

Completed sets: 2014 Topps Olympics

Back on Tuesday you saw a trade post that included three cards I needed for my 2014 Topps Olympic Hopefuls and etc. set; today I'm showing off the last nine I needed, courtesy of an eBay you pick-type purchase.  It set me back $5 delivered for these nine (and one more, since the auction was for 10), and that may seem high, but I landed every last card I needed from one source, and I still think it was the best option.  So here's the nine I was missing:
Aaron was the relic from my second blaster, you might recall.  Deneen's card features the best photo of the lot.  And Hilary Knight is a total babe, hence one of the tags for this post, "Hilary Knight is a total babe."  Finally, Maia Shibutani is the sister and skating partner of fellow Wolverine Alex, meaning I now have all four Michigan alumni from the set (Meryl Davis and Charlie White were the others).

I'm happy to have knocked off the set not THAT long after the games ended, and I'm hoping a few years down the line it'll server as a reminder of how much I enjoyed this year's Winter Olympics.  As a reminder, I still have a decent number of doubles and inserts available for trade, but if nobody wants them I may just send them off to COMC to see what happens.


  1. Congrats on completing the set. I'm happy with my blaster's worth.

    1. Thanks! I have lots of dupes, so if you'd like any of them just say the word and they're yours.