Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 trade package #32: some people wait a Lifetime for a trade like this

Well, I did it:  I finally got around to making a trade with fellow Wolverine enthusiast Charles of Lifetime Topps Project!  I had a small handful of inserts from my own lifetime of collecting to aid his Topps collection goal, and he was nice enough to send some pretty cool stuff back:
Not a bad mix here:  a pair of Verlanders plus fellow pitcher Porcello, a UD buyback of Chris Brown (who finished his brief MLB career with 17 games in Detroit in '89), another insert of a second-round bust ('88) in Scott Livingstone, and a pair of Tigers sluggers who couldn't be more different in their playoff careers!

More exciting for me was this pair of cards:
That's two new Larkins for the collection, the left from '98 Finest and the right from '96 Metal Universe.  And I hope to have a bunch more of those to show off soon.

Thanks again, Charles, for a great trade.  If I ever dig up any more Topps inserts, I promise you'll get dibs.  Readers, read about and assist with a very cool collecting project over at Lifetime Topps Project!

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