Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 trade package #29: SCFtDS Scores again

Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store seems to send me a new trade package almost every week (which is about 1.5 weeks Canadian), while I tend to pile up things into one large envelope at a time.  In the end we're both happy and end up with tons of great stuff, and that's probably why this is already my SIXTH package from him on this blog alone!

As usual the highlights are over on TMM, but Doug was nice enough to send along some set help as well,
specifically these six cards from 2013 Score Football.  It's been a fun set to put together, and the cards consistently including interesting and exciting photos, like the ones you see above.

These six put another dent in my wantlist and finally get my needs under 50, all the way down to just 45 left.  That's not bad considering this is a fairly large set.

Thanks again, Doug.  I'm betting you're already enjoying the latest package I sent your way, and if I'm smart I'll start working on another one soon!

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