Thursday, September 26, 2013

2013 trade package #28: the JV Dimwit

A week or two ago Sam over at the Daily Dimwit posted some box break results that included a card that really intrigued me.  Because Sam's such a great guy we quickly worked out a fair deal, in which I sent him a trio of Astros wants (they still put those guys on cards?!) from eBay, among other things.  And on my end I scored the card I really wanted, which can be seen over on TMM tonight, plus this "throw-in," which wasn't a throw-in at all, but another box break pull I was happy to see join my collection!:
Justin Verlander 2013 Allen & Ginter jersey
Sweet, another Verlander relic!  It's my sixth such card of JV, and 10th hit overall (one manu-relic, two autos and a plate).  Considering what his cards (rightfully) go for, I'm always happy to pick up something like this in a trade from someone who can pull it or otherwise acquire it for much less than I can.

Thanks again, Sam, for this new Tigers addition, and especially the one that spurred the trade in the first place!  I look forward to trading again soon with one of the easiest-going guys the South has to offer.  People, if you're not already one of the Daily Dimwit's 200+ followers, get over there right now!

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