Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A thoughtful, Sox-less trade package from AdamE

So a couple weeks ago (why do so many of my posts start like that?  Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm a lazy procrastinator) I hit up Adam over at Thoughts and Sox because I'm thinning out my collection quite a bit and sorting things by team, and he was the first person I thought of when I thought of the Red Sox (pun sort of unintended).  Despite the fact that this was an unsolicited trade request, Adam already sent out my stuff even though I've taken longer to send his because I'm still trying to jam as much as I can into one box and get my ass down to the PO.  Even better, he may have more stuff to send my way soon, and if that's the case you'll likely see it over on TMM.

Anyway, here's the best of the Tigers stuff he sent me already:
A strong start with more Too Many Grandersons than Verlanders, but I'm not changing the name;  the Dlugach "RC" is a sweet Refractor #d to 599; the Cabrera is a 2011 Topps insert, which means I definitely didn't have it; the Castellanos may be my favorite of the package because I don't believe I had anything of him in a Tigers uni, and he's definitely a guy to hold onto, just like the Tigers wisely did at the deadline; the A-Jax is a 2011 Refractor and those are always awesome to grab, especially when you're talking about a guy who's top-five in BA right now.
And now a bunch of Tigers from the past.  The Higginson is back from the days when Topps actually stamped serial numbers on their Golds instead of whatever crap they do now;  the Lolich, et al Strikeout Leaders card is well-loved, which is appropriate for cards of that era; the Morris is awesome because anything of the best pitcher of the 1980s in a Tigers uni is awesome.

Thanks again, Adam, and I promise I'll get your stuff out this even.  The rest of you who haven't read his blog or traded with this Sox Fan-for-some-reason should head on over there right now!


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    1. Well from our trade discussions I wasn't expecting any Tigers, especially a Castellanos! Thanks again. Your stuff went out last night so I think you'll see it by Friday.