Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry eBay 1/1...boxing day?

As a follow-up to Thursday's post, another of my eBay purchases arrived yesterday:
Rich Hill's 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Autographs Red.  I know it seems crazy that I've been picking up a bunch of stuff in a small amount of time, but considering how limited some of these are--including this one being numbered 10/10--I know I have to strike while the iron's hot.  I should also point out that I really did get this card at a steal of a BIN price--less than I've spent on higher-numbered non-autographed cards in this rainbow, even.

All that said, I now have 21/30 cards in the rainbow, with a couple more en route to me, which is very exciting, as you might expect.  Some pertinent stats:

  • This ties with the Jersey Autograph Navy Blue for lowest print run I own at 10
  • It's the penultimate card I need that's just autographed, the last being the Purple version /5
  • The average print run of the nine cards I still need is now 47
  • Remaining types of cards I need:
    • Base parallels:  2 (Light Blue /49, Purple /25)
    • Autographs:  1 (Purple /5)
    • Jersey Autograph:  1 (Emerald /5)
    • Jersey:  3 (Light Blue /200, Red /100, Emerald /25)
    • Patch:  2 (Beige /10, Purple /5)
  • I'm now at 32 different Rich Hill hits, and of course 21 of those are from this rainbow
You should see a couple more from this project within a few days as I await a final eBay purchase, plus a couple Sportlots buys, which are also exciting because they'll produce a complete set I've been dying to show off.