Saturday, November 26, 2011

Michigan gameday: HATE WEEK

Today only one game matters.  Let everyone else enjoy the BCS fixing the rankings so they can have their 100% SEC championship game that excites them so much they die of autoerotic asphyxiation--today is THE GAME.  The undisputed best college football rivalry and probably the best in sports.

Today has to be the end of an ugly losing streak against Ohio--yes, I'm calling them Ohio like everyone else because they deserve it--it's what their band spells on the field, it's what they spell out with their arms, and most importantly, it's what my coach calls them.

More than a year ago an awesome fellow blogger sent me this and I think it still applies:

The only thing still not accurate on that card is that it's missing Ohio's current lame duck interim coach who, after this season, will make way for Urban Meyer--you know, until all his players continue getting arrested and he retires for "health reasons."

But that's the future, and my only concern is for today.  This losing streak that started with the downward spiral of Lloyd's last couple years and continued with the curse laid upon RichRod by the athletic department should finally end today when a highly-motivated and much-improved Michigan team sets its sights on an underperforming Buckeye team reeling from the effects of its decade (or more) of cheating.  Five years after this school lost its AD--athletic dad--its time to honor Bo with a win that's hard-earned by a team of players who stayed despite the chaos and bullshit of the last five years, a team that, by staying, will fulfill Bo's promise and be champions of The Game.


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  1. Let's go Blue! This our game to win. And win we will.