Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blowout purchase: remember, remember the first of November!

Quick programming note:  I've done four out of ten posts showing off my complete set of 2003 Topps Total and you guys have stayed away in droves--they're averaging about 10 views.  Message received--I won't waste more time on those.

Another month, another purchase from Blowout!  It had been a while since I saw anything worthy of my hard-earned Paypal dollars, but one seller who had a ton of $3/four-for-$10 hits in his Bucket caught my eye.  $30 delivered later, I had 11 new PC acquisitions, plus something that I owed a fellow blogger, which you'll hopefully see on his blog within a week.  Here they are:

Braylon Edwards 2005 Upper Deck NFL Rookie Jersey Collection jersey:  Aside from the usual complaining about single-color jersey relics, why would I turn down my 33rd Edwards hit?

Brian Griese 2001 Fleer Tradition Glossy Traditional Threads jersey:  I definitely don't have enough hits of the most recent national championship-winning QB, so this solid blue jersey was a nice add.  Suck it, Tebow.

Chad Henne 2008 Gridiron Gear Rookie Gridiron Gems jersey-ball:  If this Henne looks somewhat familiar, it's because I also have the patch version.  #d 06/50, this is a great piece for my ever-growing Henne PC, and the 31st member of that group.

Chris Perry 2004 Bazooka Originals jersey:  If you were designing a relic card for the low-end, kid-friendly Bazooka set, this is pretty much how it would turn out, no?  I can always use more of the former Heisman finalist, so this'll do.

Derrick Alexander 2001 Pacific Invincible jersey:  Alexander was a first round pick, but it was back in 1993, so it's difficult to find much of him.  This foil-friendly, redtastic jersey from 2001 was a nice find, then, and goes along well with my other Alexander, an auto.  This one, as you can see, is numbered 100/250.  EBAY 1/1!!!

Jake Long 2008 Absolute Memorabilia Rookie Jersey collection jersey:  Let's be clear--if I was going to pick up a new Braylon, the rules clearly state that I had to pick up a Jake Long to keep pace.  I probably have enough green single-color Long relics to piece together my own jersey, and this is #34 of him in my PC, maintaining his crown.

Jason Avant 2007 Upper Deck Artifacts NFL Facts auto:  This one was tied for my favorite of the bunch.  It's shiny and holographic, and the signature--despite being a sticker--looks excellent.  Make it 21 of one of Michigan's most sure-handed WRs.

John Navarre 2004 Upper Deck ProSigs Diamond Collection Signature Collection auto:  This is an excellent Navarre auto, with a million bonus points for being in his Michigan uni, in which he was far more successful anyway.  A big-time Navarre collector on Blowout pinged me about selling it to him after I bought it, but I wasn't budging--I COLLECT these things, man!

Leon Hall 2007 SAGE Aspire auto:  My other favorite of this group.  I ding it one point for the signature section taking up half of the card, but I love everything else about it.  The photo they chose is outstanding, and typical of Hall's ability to make play on the ball, maybe in a game against Purdue?  The blue really pops on the bottom half and works perfectly with Hall's school colors, not to mention his excellent blue signature.  Defensive players don't get enough love when it comes to cards, but Hall is a star for the Bengals and I can at least count myself as a fan who appreciates his skill and stardom.

Mario Manningham 2008 Gridiron Gear Rookie Gridiron Gems jersey-ball:  Just like the above Henne, this is a pretty sweet pickup.  The more interesting piece of football makes up for the white jersey swatch, plus it's numbered even lower than Henne's, 11/25.  Make it 24 Super Marios in my PC now.

Terrance Taylor 2009 SP Authentic auto RC:  I'm now up to two autos of the former portly defensive stalwart.  This one doesn't feature him in his Michigan uni, but it is serial numbered, 756/999, plus I love that he signed his jersey number.

Those 11 pickups now put me at 378 Michigan hits, making me wonder if I'll hit 400 before the end of the year.  Either way, it should be a fun ride.

Tune in soon for a few more things I'm expecting in the mail, including a trade package, plus my haul from the Topps Super Bowl Legends Giveaway.


  1. Dennis, I have a Brian Griese game used football card that you might be interested in. If you are, send me a quick email at rmitchell6700 AT yahoo DOT com. Thanks, Robert

  2. Nice pick up's, as you know, I'm partial to the Michigan uniformed ones but I do like that Avant auto as well.

    And for the record, I read your blog in Google Reader which probably doesn't show up as a page view, so your page views aren't always accurate. I've read the Topps Total posts. I usually skim and look for certain cards, but I do look.

  3. Nothing like a cheap lot of relics. That beats overpaying for packs (and I love busting packs!)