Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2007 TK Legacy Michigan box #2

As I've mentioned in a few consecutive posts now, the second box that I purchased at last weekend's show was a second box of 2007 TK Legacy Michigan.  My first box proved to be very interesting, as I picked up several players for whom I never would have had a hit.  I enjoyed it enough to set aside money ($45 for 10 packs, one autograph per pack) specifically for a second box this time.  Michigan's win on Saturday was just another kick in the pants that convinced me to pull the trigger.

Here's how I did:

Interesting inserts:
The Legend of Anthony Carter:  Exciting Play--Indescribable Player:  I don't know, "exciting" sums up AC pretty well if nothing else.  I do find it interesting that they went with a quote from (at that time) head coach Lloyd Carr instead of AC's own coach, Bo, before he passed away, but this is a fairly low-quality set in many ways, so I guess I'm not surprised.  I love the photo, though.

Program Cover:  1912, Cornell:  This is probably a great set across the various college sets.  In my case, I lucked out this time and nabbed this guy, from a very old cover, no less.  Continuing the low-quality them, though, we've got "Fileding Yost" as the coach, plus an "it's" instead of an "its."  Cue Bob the Angry Flower:
This concludes today's grammar lesson; back to your regularly scheduled Michigan content.

Game Day Diary--the Rivalry:  1943:  This series focuses on the Game, which gives it plenty of fodder for one set.  Last time (and this time, unfortunately) I pulled a card of an OSU victory, but this time I also nabbed a card describing the 1943 game, a Michigan blowout (in front of what now would be a paltry Big House crowd).  I love the note that this team included one of the great college names, Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch.

Autographs:  new stuff:
Rondell Biggs:  Now THAT's a football name.  Rondell was a DE here for a good chunk of my college career--2003-2006.  Needless to say, this is my first autograph of him since he didn't make it to an NFL team.

Scott Dreisbach M-Stat:  This is my second Dreisbach, the other also being a numbered insert that I pulled in the last box.  I know a couple of you are Virgina fans, so you may not want to read the back (or the front).  A cool card commemorating a great game.

Remy Hamilton:  Remy was a kicker from 1993-1996 before plying his trade in the NFL with, among other teams, the Lions for a brief stint in 2005.  This is my first (and likely last, considering the odds) of him in my PC.

Gary Moeller:  As we were opening this box, Dustin was asking me who some of the better pulls might be.  I mentioned that I already had Steve Breaston so I looked at the checklist and figured former head coach Gary Moeller (1990-1994) would be the next best for me since I didn't have him and prices for the guy seemed pretty good.  So of course, in the final pack, Dustin pulled this card.  Moeller's tenure was brief after he inherited the job from Bo, but that was due to a stupid drunken incident at a restaurant, a mistake that ultimately cost him his job.  He was pretty successful while he was here, though, compiling a 50-37-6 record and 4-1 bowl record (yeah--we used to win bowl games a LOT).  Lloyd Carr took over the program and a couple years later won our last title.  Moeller rebounded from getting the ax, becoming an NFL assistant coach with the Bengals, then Lions before being named Detroit's interim coach in 2000.  He then went to Jacksonville and Chicago before retiring in 2003.  So this card has all that history behind it, plus a great signature!

Carl Tabb II:  Carl was a WR from 2003-2006 and I think I recall liking him mostly because he was a local kid (Ann Arbor Huron HS).  He playing pretty sparingly, but it's still pretty cool getting my first (and again, probably only) auto of the guy.

Autographs:  the doubles:
Since I said the box came with 10 autographs and you see five "new" ones above, do the math.  Here are my five doubles, which are now part of my Michigan for sale/for trade album (which I'm only trading for other Wolverines):
Yep, my doubles included a second Carl Tabb in the same box (oy), then dupes of Jeremy Vanalstyne, Tyler Ecker, Marcus Knight and an M-Stat of Hayden Epstein (this time #d 81/100).  I'm not shocked that I got so many doubles given the tiny autograph checklist, I'm just annoyed that I got two of Tabb in the same box.  All the same, I'm happy I got five new ones, and even better I now have some Wolverine hits to use as trade bait (but, again, only for other Wolverine hits!).

All in all I think I again got my $45 worth.  I'll be working on getting boxes of the other series if I can ever find them, and if I do, you can bet I'll be showing them off!  

Between this box and the rest of my show haul I now sit at 342 football hits, and 350 is just around the corner, though I'll be curbing my blowout spending for a while so I don't spend all my money on something as nonessential as cards.  Fortunately, that should get me more motivated to work on trades, get organized and get my trade bait posted, so as always, there's a benefit for you, the reader.

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  1. I've got to start picking up some of those packs/boxes. There are some cool cards in there. Always cool to see a Dreisbach card, for reasons mentioned in a much earlier post.