Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy David Harris-ment awareness day, plus a contest plug

Contest plug:

In lighter news that doesn't involve the Tigers repeating their mistakes Groundhog Day style (at least he gets it in the end), Sam over at the Daily Dimwit is having a contest, the type that's ridiculously easy to join.  I've kind of been out of the contest game for a while due to disinterest and laziness, but I liked the combination of easiness and prize offerings so I'm in on this one, even if almost literally every other blogger I follow seems to be as well.  The prizes:
Be one of the lucky randomized five and get your choice.  Just hop over to the post, drop your name in the hat and pimp the contest like you see here for a couple free, easy entries.  Come on, just do it, Sam needs all the good news he can get now that he's an Alabama Mwa-own.  Hell, by the time the contest ends he may not even be able to read.
Sam, is that you?
Thumbs up for a cool contest, so get in now!

One other quick thing--Google+ invites:

I'd love to see more of you in my Bloggers circle on Google+, so for those interested, please feel free to swipe an invite from me here.  The link to my profile is in the upper-right part of this here blog.

David Harris all day:

Another day, another package of Wolverines from Blowout.  I scored a really nice deal on six cards of three different players, including a couple very low numbers.  The deal actually came about because someone noticed me working on a (failed) deal for some Wolverines and decided he wanted to get rid of some of his.  Voila:

Anthony Thomas 2002 Playoff Honors Honorable Signatures:  Boy does A-Train have a sweet-looking signature.  In some cases I even think it looks better on a sticker because it pops more.  Thomas #11 in my PC is only my third autograph of him, actually

Here comes a few David Harris hits:
2007 Prestige Draft Picks Rights auto/RC:  I don't really like the ugly "Draft Picks Rights" logo hovering in the upper-right corner, but the rest of the card looks pretty great--the Refractory background is pretty sweet, and this is a great shot of Harris looking mean during his Michigan days.  #d 066/150.

2007 Topps Co-Signers dual auto (with Brad Kassell):  I don't usually jump at multi-player autos that include non-Michigan players, but I thought this was a reasonable inclusion in the deal, and at least they're both on the same team.  This goes well with my other Co-Signers sigs.  

2007 Topps Performance Breakout Gold auto:  This was the highlight of the package for me simply because it's #d 5/5, see?:
I actually already had the non-numbered version of this, so with this guy and the next one, I'm actually a good part of the way towards having all of Harris' hits from this set.

2007 Topps Performance Rookie Autographs Silver auto/RC:  This goes well with my other versions of Harris from the set.  Also a highlight of the deal due to being #d out of 25:
Those four Harrises put me up to 14 hits, 100% of which are autographs.  Not bad for a guy that just got PAID.

Jason Avant 2006 SP Authentic SP Authentics auto:  It probably hasn't been that long since I picked up an Avant autograph, but I'm still always happy to get one, especially one that's on-card with as nice of a design as this one is.  At 15 excellent cards including 13 autographs, Avant is clearly one of my better player collections.

As usual I'm very satisfied with a Wolverine-filled deal from Blowout.  The PC now stands at 307 hits, 213 of which are autographed.  Hopefully more will be on the way soon!


  1. I refuse to let Alabama ruin my quality Texas edu-ma-cation!!!! And I think I've seen a few "Alabama Man" men walking around here... I'm scared...