Saturday, August 13, 2011

Card show report: 8-13-2011

lthough I just busted a case and bought some other stuff on Blowout (more to come) I decided to hit up my local (in a manner of speaking) card show this afternoon to pick up some more singles and trade bait.  Pickings were relatively slim because the floor shared space with a gun show, so while I got to see a few of my regulars, there wasn't as much to choose from.  After about an hour and three purchases (one of which was some very thick toploaders for my larger hits), I came away with 25 cards:

Trade bait:

  • 2007 Absolute Memorabilia RPMs of Steve Smith (Giants) #204/849, Kevin Kolb #325/849 and Brandon Jackson #071/849
  • 2003 UD Patch Collection Peyton Manning manupatch
  • 2010 Crown Collection Armanti Edwards auto/RC #174/499
  • 2005 Donruss Leather & Lumber Lumber Cuts Colter Bean auto #044/256
  • 2001 Pacific Impressions Triple Threads Jeff Blake/Aaron Brooks/Joe Horn triple jersey
  • 2009 Panini Threads Triple Threat Jake Delhomme/Steve Smith/DeAngelo Williams triple jersey #242/250
The Smith RPM, Bean auto and Saints triple jersey are earmarked for BA Benny right now, and the two Panthers cards have Colbey's name on them unless something changes.  Additionally, I'm bringing the Manning with me when I hopefully meet Jeff tomorrow, leaving the Kolb and Jackson as the only trade bait for now.  Please feel free to make offers on those.

Personal collection:

I'm going to start with one card I picked up that I thought I didn't have, but as it turns out, I do, so if you're interested in it, please let me know--I'm going to start listing my Michigan PC dupes with my trade bait soon:
It's David Terrell's 2001 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket auto/RC.  This is just a fantastic looking card (although I favor A-Train's because his sig looks better).  I tried using the Picasa app for Android to compare what I pulled to my PC, but somehow this one slipped through the cracks anyway.  No big loss, it'll find a good home eventually, or stay with me.

Bill Freehan 2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites auto:  File this one under my Tigers and Michigan baseball PCs, which is very cool.  I've been after a good Freehan auto and a slick reprint version fits the bill nicely.  I'd still love to get his 2005 Topps Retired Signature autograph, but there's plenty of time for that.

Amani Toomer 2007 Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade jersey-pants-shoe:  This is a very cool triple relic of Toomer and it's #d 45/50.  While I'm not big into relics anymore, I'm still fan of stuff like this where multiple pieces are involved and you bring in something more unorthodox like a shoe piece.

Amani Toomer-Chris Sanders 2001 Vanguard dual jersey:  Toomer #2 on the day was this dual jersey, shared with some Titans WR I don't really know.  I'm not too picky about getting a non-wolverine on a multi-player card in a situation like this, especially when he's on the back and I can pretend he's not even there.

Braylon Edwards 2005 Leaf Rookies & Stars Freshman Orientation jersey:  It's pretty easy to find Braylon around here, and even more so to find his Browns cards now that those are two teams ago.  This is #d 111/350 and was my first of three Braylons on the day.  I'm absolutely shocked that Panini serial numbered a card, I really am.

Braylon Edwards 2005 Zenith Rookie Roll Call jersey:  When I saw this one I said to myself "I KNOW I have this one," although I remember mine having some white and stitching on it, plus it was numbered.  This one isn't, and as it turns out my other one was the "Prime" version, so into the PC this one goes.

Braylon Edwards 2007 Bowman Sterling jersey:  Simple and shiny, the Bowman Sterling formula.  This brings my total up to 27 Braylons, making him a top three player in my PC.

Chad Henne 2008 Bowman Sterling jersey RC:  Hey, why not another Henne relic/RC?  I could at least be sure I didn't have this one, so I grabbed it for something like $3.

Chad Henne 2008 SP Authentic Rookie Authentics jersey:  Henne #2 was this jersey, which I was surprised I somehow didn't have.  You'll see a buddy to go with it later.

Chad Henne 2008 SP Threads Rookie Super Swatch:  This made Henne my second trifecta of the day.  As you can see, it's #d 163/175, and while it's the usual Boring White Jersey, it's a large swatch, serial-numbered Boring White Jersey, which automatically makes it cool.  This card vaults Henne back into first place in my PC with 29 cards, tying him with Jake Long, who you'll see shortly.

Desmond Howard 2001 Private Stock jersey:  This Des goes nicely with my other hit of him in a Lions jersey, although what's nice about this one is he's the only player featured.  I guess this isn't exactly a sought-after set, but it's still funny to see a former Michigan star/Lions player relegated to the bargain bin.  Oh well, my gain.

Jake Long 2009 Bowman Sterling jersey:  The only reason I didn't end up with more Longs is that I had all the ones he had available except this one, and really I was surprised I didn't already have one.  #d 974/999, this is my 29th Long, which ties him with Henne, as mentioned above.

Jason Avant 2006 SAGE HIT Design For Success Gold auto:  One of just a few autos today, I was pretty happy with this find, which I think set me back something like $2.  As you can see it's hand-numbered 20/100 as it's the Gold version.  Love or hate the SAGE stickers, this is a pretty sweet Avant in his gold old Michigan #8.  Double that and you get the up-to-date number of Avants in my collection.

Jay Riemersma 2000 Fleer Tradition Autographics Silver auto:  This might be the single card I'm most excited about from today.  Why?  Jay becomes player #50 in my Michigan football PC, which I think is a pretty significant milestone.  Jay was a QB/TE(!) at Michigan from 1991-1995 and was ultimately drafted as a TE by the Bills in 1996.  He was recruited as a QB and even hooked up with Amani Toomer for a TD in '92.  In '94 a rotator cuff injury led to a positional switch to TE where he had a pretty solid career, enough at least to get drafted.  After retiring in 2004, he turned his attention to politics and is now running for a seat in the US House (as a Republican).  Could a future as the second Michigan Man president be in the cards for Riemersma?
His "JR" sig leaves a lot to be desired, but at least he signed his number as well.  Welcome to the PC, Jay.

Mario Manningham 2008 Leaf Certified Fabric of the Game triple jersey:  Hooray triple relics, double hooray triple relics of Super Mario, triple hooray serial-numbered (#70/99) triple relics of Super Mario!

Mario Manningham 2008 SP Authentic Rookie Authentics jersey:  Along with the Henne above, I thought I had this one, but I guess not.  It's a simple swatch, but it's from his rookie year and it was cheap, and I always like picking up cards of New Math.

Mario Manningham 2008 Topps Retail jersey:  Finally, yet another jersey I thought I had for some reason, but obviously didn't. I got one of these of Desean Jackson and one of Malcolm Kelly a couple years back (I must've bought a couple blasters or something, I forget).  In a way it's like the Rookie Preimere relics, such as this Henne that I have, but slightly different, and much easier to pull, of course.  These three place Manningham at #3 in my PC with 22 different cards.

Today's show's haul put me at 322 hits of 50 different players (as mentioned, thanks to Jay Riemersma) including 215 autographs.  A couple Blowout packages next week should push the first and third of those numbers closer to milestones of 350 and 250, respectively!


  1. Sweet Freehan pickup! I'm excited for what tomorrow may hold at the garage sale.

  2. I'm pretty sure that there's a Freehan retired signature on eBay right now (I got an email the other day that it was listed), just FYI.