Friday, June 10, 2011

What $6 gets you on the Blowout forums, plus updated 2011 Bowman wantlists

2011 Bowman:  catch the fever (which you've probably done since I'm guessing a lot of you are sick of it):

Before I get to the meat of today's (brief) post, now that I have everything I've acquired in terms of 2011 Bowman in hand, here's my latest lists; please help if possible!

Prospects:  1
Chrome Prospects:  1 17 29 42 62 73 80 92 94 103 105
Bowman's Best Prospects:  1 5 6 10 13 14 21 22
Bowman's Best Veterans:  1 3 5 11 13 15 18

As a reminder, all my baseball wants can now be found here, which is that "Baseball set wantlists" tab above my posts.

Time to send a blank check to the Blowout forums:

Since that's where I get a large chunk of my cards, anyway.  Here's what I got for $6 delivered (yes, I do mean $6):

2008 TriStar Prospects autos of Jason Knapp (Phillies) and Xavier Avery (Orioles), 2007 TriStar autos of Adrian Cardenas (Phillies) and Brett Sinkbeil (Marlins)

I know what some of you might say, but this is only half the haul. (which cost how much again?  $6?)  Plus Knapp and Cardenas (since traded to Oakland) are past Top-100 Baseball America prospects, Avery is Baltimore's current #3 and Sinkbeil rounds out a group that comprises nothing but 1st and 2nd round picks.  That doesn't always end up meaning anything, but keep in mind I consider these the "worst" of the bunch, so that's saying something.

2009 Donruss EEE autos of Dustin Dickerson (Marlins) and Charles Ruiz (Rockies), 2004 Playoff Honors Carlos Vasquez auto RC (Cubs) and 2010 EEE Aspirations auto of Mike Nesseth (Phillies)

Ok, that's a bunch of Phillies, but I loves me some EEE autos, and I REALLY like the Aspirations die-cut versions--last year's design rocked and the blue just looks outstanding.  All four of these sigs are serial-numbered (Vasquez of 675 if you care) by the way.

So here's the part you care about in a post where I show off the eight autographs I picked up for $6 delivered (which is $0.75 per autograph shipped!):  I got all of these for trade bait, so if you see something you like, please let me know, and for an idea of what I want in return, please hit this link or point your mouse at "Singles and player wantlists" above.


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