Sunday, June 12, 2011


And now, for a rare basketball-related post on this here blog:

First, a quick test:  how many quarters do you see below?
If you can't see anything due to the largeness of your new ring, welcome to my blog, Dirk

If you see only three, well, you've got all offseason to work on your counting, LeBron.  I mean, what a completely massive failure on the part of a team that had no excuses to lose after the roster they assembled (in the style of the Yanks, Red Sox, et al).  Still, my antagonism was almost 100% directed at the biggest prima donna in basketball, a guy who definitely deserves every bit of ridicule sent his way after the indefensible "Decision", a love letter from James to himself.  I've got nothing against Dwayne Wade, and of course Michigan Fab-Fiver Juwan Howard plays for the heat, but you've got to expect a little collateral damage when rooting against James.

Good one from Fark
In other news, this means the Not Baseball Association season is now over for a few months.  That combined with the Yankees of the NBA getting their pompous asses handed to them IS LIKE FESTIVUS IN JUNE!

Wow, this was a nice way to tie in a Festivus joke with my dislike of LeBron!



    I looked at the +/- for these guys. D Wade was +3. LeBron was -24. How in the hell does that happen?

    Better question: Do I care? Nope. LeBron is a jerrrrrrrrrrrrk. And I'm so glad Dirk and company took care of business tonight!

  2. LeBron is good 0-2 in the Finals both losses against Texas teams. He maybe young but he can't beat veterans.

    Good pic of it. Here's mine:

  3. 4chan /sp/ is off the chain right now. So much funny.

    Jason Terry got a ring. kickass.