Saturday, June 4, 2011

Card show report: Michigan in-person autograph edition

Dustin/A2 Wolverine of No Relics Pulled headed out to Novi, MI with me today for a small card show/big autograph signing.  For me, the main purpose of the show was to get two great in-person Wolverine autographs: Desmond Howard and Anthony Carter.

We got to the place around 10 and got in line for autograph tickets, then hit the actual autograph line for Desmond around 10:30 or so, with Howard, among other signers, due to arrive at 11.  Which would have been great, but he decided to show up at about 11:40 instead.  The line eventually got moving, though, and we got up to Mr. Heisman himself:

Desmond really didn't say much, though he at least said a few words to a few people; in my case, I had to wait for him to finish sending a text before he would sign, and I don't think he really said anything other than "Where do you want me to sign?"  That, coupled with his tardiness, put me off him a bit, but I'm glad to have his autograph (which I'll show shortly).  Here he is signing my poster:

Fortunately, A.C.'s line was much shorter.  While we were waiting for him, though, we got good looks at former Ram Kyle Turley (who was next to A.C.) and former Lion Charlie Sanders (next to Turley), who was very friendly and outgoing and seemed to be enjoying himself.  I regret not getting his autograph at this point just because of that.  Here he is:

Yep, definitely having a great time--everything you'd want a signer to be.

A.C. himself was ok--he didn't say much more than Desmond did, but he at least really took his time with his signature so it came out great.  Here he is:

The finished product:

All in all, a trip well worth it.  But wait!  There's more!  Although there was a relative dearth of tables, Dustin and I checked out a few.  I'll let him tell you about a pretty sweet trade he made, but here's what I nabbed:

Here we have a mini '75 Topps Gary Carter RC (God speed to him on recovering from a scary diagnosis, one he most assuredly didn't deserve), a '69 Topps AS of Bob Gibson and a '60 Topps Eddie Mathews AS. None of these would be what you'd call pristine (unless you were Beckett and there was PR value in the mix) but they're pretty sweet, no?  I also nabbed a Roger Maris Cardinals card (forget which year) and an '89 Donruss Griffey RC for Dustin.  Total price?  Try a foot-long from Subway.  That's right--these were $1 each.  I'm pretty happy with this haul.

Upcoming will be the rest of my loot:  a box of 2010 Topps Update baseball (I caved--$25 for a hobby box seemed reasonable, although a wantlist is sure to come, there's no way in hell I completed a set) and a box of 2007 TK Legacy Michigan cards (10 packs, one auto/pack!) which was a blast.  Those will be in separate posts that I'll get up very soon.

I also have more stuff coming from Blowout (big surprise) and a package from Derek of Tomahawk Chopping, so, you know, hooray more content!

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  1. Awesome! I wish I could've joined you two. A.C. was one of my favorites.
    If you guys are looking for a roadie for next weekend, I am setting up a table at the big Legends Sports & Games show at Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids. If you guys show up, I will give you my autograph for free. I may even have a couple of helpers like those two behind Desmond. :)