Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drug-fueled* Card-Buying Binge: This is Only the Beginning

*Here "drug" refers to more cards

As you've seen a couple times on this here blog, I often tend to buy things in large bunches (as best exemplified by the BlowoutCards blowout of December 2010-January 2011).  Well, now in the past couple weeks I've made a couple more Blowout purchases (small and large-ish) with more stuff on the way there, completed a buttload of sets on Sportslots (which I'll post about once those arrive) and I should be going to a show this weekend.

Here's a quick post that includes one of my several recent Blowout purchases, and should be of interest to some of you since three of the four cards are for trade.  For $10 + $2 shipping, I got:

My 7th David Harris hit (side note--I only have autographs, including one auto/jersey, of him; can't say that about too many other players I collect, if any) which is a 2010 Topps Peak Performance auto, the main reason I wanted this lot in the first place.  This puts me at 249 unique Michigan hits, which means #250 should happen either through the mail or this weekend's show, we shall see.

At this point I was able to grab three other cards for my $10, so I went for trade bait.  Sorry, Eric, I wasn't able to grab a couple cool manupatches I had my eye on, but I'll be on the lookout for you at the show.

Here's what else I came up with:
 A 2006 A&G King Felix mini jersey,

a 2000 UD Andruw Jones game ball ("100% Authentic", which means it wasn't verified by Beckett) and

a 2007 Sweet Spot Dwayne Wright manu-helmet auto.

All three of those are up for grabs, and I bet I have a few interested parties in at least one or two of them, so make your offers if you see something you like, and if you don't, they may still be available in a future trade bait draft deal, which may or may not happen.

Tune in for more very soon, and in the meantime, please feel free to send in requests for trade bait fodder for when I go to Saturday's show.

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