Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time for some more contest pimping!

I'm sure you've all seen this by now, so here's my entry for Derek's (Tomahawk Chopping) awesome contest.  The deets, courtesy of the man himself:

"If you win this contest I will snoop around on your blog, check out your want list, see what your favorite team is and do some shopping for you, without your help. So by the time opening day arrives you will receive a package full of recently purchased cards (plus what ever I have of your team). The amount of the card shopping spree depends on how many entries, and right now I'm not classifying that with a number. It will be at least $10 worth of cards (shipping fees not included). I know the contest would completely rock if I did something like $50 bucks, but come on I'm working full time and going to school for my masters full time, I don't have that kinda dough lying around."

So follow his blog (if you're dumb and weren't doing it before) throw something like this on your own blog and leave him a comment saying you did the first two.  Before you know it, BAM!  Three entries for free cards.  Big thanks to Derek for a great giveaway, and good luck to all who enter (except Play at the Plate, because he always wins stuff.  KIDDING!).

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