Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Blowout stuff from my favorite seller

In the mail today I got a great package of stuff from my favorite seller (which arrived before stuff I bought from eBay almost two weeks ago now!) in a return to my big rolling ways on Blowout.  I heartily endorse buying from him and suggest that you check out his latest selling thread on Blowout in which, as usual, he sells from his massive Picasa web albums at various prices, plus also liquidates some pretty nice relics and autographs (currently $1.25 per).  The prices are phenomenal and the more you buy the more likely he is to cut you a deal, as he's done for me several times.

I got the following 11 cards for $50:
Adrian Arrington 2008 Topps Performance Highlights auto:  I actually already had this one so I'll likely be giving it away to a friend.  He threw it in as a bonus, though, probably since this is the FIFTH time I've bought stuff from him, and it's generally been for a decent amount of money.  It was a very nice touch and another reason why it's great to do business with him (besides great prices and quick, reliable shipping).

Chad Henne 2008 Topps Mayo Cut Plug jersey:  The jersey piece isn't outstanding (but at least not a boring white) but the card design is great--I really like these mini card-within-a-card hits that Topps has been doing.  Hooray for yet another Henne (21 by my count, including multi-player cards).

Charles Woodson 2001 Pacific Invincible jersey:  I paid a bit more than I wanted for a fairly boring jersey of Mr. Heisman, but you've gotta start somewhere and I really, really wanted something of Michigan's most recent Super Bowl champion.  This is my only PC Raiders hit so far, and I don't anticipate seeing many more in the future, but you never know.

Jake Long 2008 Absolute Memorabilia RPM Spectrum prime jersey-ball-prime jersey:  I've said about 20 times now that I'll probably keep collecting these variations of the RPM cards as long as I keep finding them.  This is actually only my second of Long, but I'm sure I'll find more.  It's not autographed like the other one but the jersey pieces are fantastic and much deserving of the "prime" label, unlike most of the single-color crap you see nowadays. 

Jake Long 2008 Leaf Certified Materials Freshman Fabric Mirror Red jersey ball auto:  What's one of these posts without multiple Jake Longs?  Hell, I've got four different versions of this card so far, but this is only the second autographed version.  Two relics plus an autograph that's serial numbered from Long's rookie year make this an outstanding addition for just a few bucks.

Jake Long 2008 SPx triple jersey auto RC:  Another day, another numbered Long autographed relic RC.  Jake looks as determined in this shot as I do when I'm hard at work pursuing more of his endless collection of RCs.

Jake Long 2009 Topps Mayo Cut Plug auto:  Only my second non-2008 Long, I've had several opportunities to grab this card but for some reason hadn't purchased it until this occasion.  It's one of those that really does look better in person, but it's a very sharp design overall, other than my minor quibble about the picture getting short shrift due to a lot of empty space otherwise.  Also, this becomes Jake Long PC hit #23, for those counting.

Mario Manningham 2008 Absolute Memorabilia RPM ball-prime jersey:  Another Super Mario, and my second RPM of him at that.  I've had my eye on this card in that guy's album for a while and finally jumped on it this time.  That's a great-looking jersey swatch, even if it's from the Giants.  I guess I just can't resist the RPM set in all its incarnations.

Mario Manningham 2008 Absolute Memorabilia Stargazing prime jersey:  Also from '08 AM, some of you might remember I also snagged a Jake Long like this somewhat recently.  The scan doesn't do a good job of portraying the Refractor-iness of the card, but at least you get a good look at a solid prime jersey swatch.

Marlin Jackson 2005 Sweet Spot Rookie Signatures auto RC:  This doesn't happen very often, but I didn't realize that these autographed manu-helmets had been around this long until recently; I thought the 2010 set was the debut of that set.  I'm certainly glad to have been proven wrong as I get to add a great-looking novelty card to my Jackson collection.  I prefer the 2010s because they depict the college helmets, but these are still very sharp cards.

Tai Streets 2001 Pacific Invincible jersey:  We'll end on a somewhat boring jersey card from the same set as the Woodson, but for $1.25, picking up a Streets jersey to go with the autograph I have of him was a good deal.  I'm glad he won a title here at Michigan since his NFL career never panned out.  At least he got to come back to Michigan to play for the Lions briefly (well, I guess that's sort of a positive anyway).  Since I'm sure I have a RC or two of Tai lying around, he's one of many Wolverines for whom I could claim a trifecta, if I was into that sort of thing.

As usual I was very happy with the whole purchase process and the result--a great bunch of cards that you see above.  Others like Tim from GSNHOF have benefited from buying from him, so do yourself a favor and give serious consideration to doing so yourself, whether you're looking for some mid-end stuff of your favorite player/team or a pile of cheap autographs and relics for trade bait at great prices.


  1. Nice pick ups. I just can't make myself like the sweet spot cards. I think the auto looks super ugly on them. What's even worse are teams that have dark colors. You can barely make out the auto.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I just picked up some cards on a great deal... you'll have to watch to see what they are!