Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011 SAGE Hit Football (Again)

I was excited enough about the 2011 Sage HIT blaster I got last week to grab another two at Meijer today, which was a good idea since cards were again 20% off (to my surprise).  I'm not doing another review since that's not how I do things around here, but I wanted to give everyone an idea of what I pulled from my total of three blasters (including, obviously, the one previously mentioned).

Base set and Pre-Rookies insert:
  • 3 complete base sets (1-50)
  • 48/50 of a 4th set
  • 43/50 of a 5th set
  • 2 complete Pre-Rookies insert set (1-5)
  • 4/5 of a 3rd Pre-Rookies set

I didn't do as well on the autographs this time (I was happy pulling the Matthews and Stanzi the first time) but I still can't complain about getting three Reds and three Silvers.  For less than $60 I got almost five base sets (and enough dupes to trade for the rest), one shy of three of the Pre-Rookies insert set and six autographs.  Let's see a hobby box (which costs more than that) match that!

Everything is available for trade.  I'm keeping one base and Pre-Rookies set for myself, but I have the others available, and I'll have more once I get everything completed.  Also, the autographs are all up for grabs.  Todd has dibs on Stanziball so far, but feel free to make offers on anything else.  And again, go grab one or two of these blasters instead of some of the other crap that's out there!

As for my set needs, in case any of you can help (reminder:  I have a decent number of these to help you finish YOUR sets):

Set 4:  14 25
Set 5:  5 14 25 26 31 45 48
Pre-Rookies Set 3:  1

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