Saturday, February 5, 2011

Catching up on some trade posts and stuff

The Great Trade Post Hall of Fame:

Tim from the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame shot me a message the other day that he was sending me some goodies (his word, not mine, but the guy delivered).  As promised, those showed up, and let me tell you, I bet Tim knew I didn't have anything ready for him at the moment besides a Craphonso Thrope auto and my MCG Dick Pole (I bet he's looking forward to checking his mailbox for a Crappy Dick trade package...) because this one was a killer:
To start with, a few Wolverines and Tigers.  It's easier to remember Jim Harbaugh was an alum thanks to his name being in the news the last couple months.
As for the Tigers, I don't mention him much but Sheridan was one of my favorite Tigers in the 80s for some reason--I couldn't tell you why.  But it's cool getting more cards of him.
Taste the rainbow, baby!  These are all from '08 UD Heroes.  I don't know if Tim had doubles of these or what because I think I remember him talking about taking on this project himself.  Either way, it's great to have all these without having to hunt them down myself.  If you can't tell, starting with the green they're numbered of 499, 399, 299, 249, 199, 149 and 99.  That wasn't all of the Rich Hills in the package though.
Numbered out of 50, it's the red auto/jersey (with a pinstripe--hooray non-boring jersey!).  I'm thrilled to add this to my Hill collection, along with
a 2010 A&G Hill auto!  This is my third mini-style auto ('09 A&G and Topps T-206 Piedmont) and a great card to round out the package.

I'm now left to respond in kind or shame my family and have to commit seppuku (that's right, spell checker, not septum, seppuku).  I'll do my best, but in the meantime I'll remind everyone to make sure to trade with Tim, including sending stuff off his various wantlists.  Thanks, Tim!

The Mojo Hand reaches far:
Jay, aka the Mojo Hand, participated in my first group break, 2010 Donruss EEE baseball last year, going in for Pam Anderson and Pam Anderson alone (hey, those autographs pay for themselves).  Well, all I pulled was three of her base card, but regardless, his cash payment (sent via the not at all greedy and Netflix-hording hands of the USPS) never made it to me.  Fast forward to today and lo and behold, an envelope from him actually reaches me.  It included two cards,
a 2009 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor of Curtis "2Many" Granderson, which he had previously promised to throw in, plus the following to make up for the missing payment (as if that was even necessary--he's the one that got screwed here):
a 2008 Donruss Threads Diamond Kings dual (not duel--I don't see those pieces fighting each other, do you?) jersey.  I'm very happy to get this--I like Porcello cards and don't have nearly enough.

So, long story short, I got some nice stuff and Jay will finally get his Pam Andersons.  What he does with them after that is 100% not my business and I wish him well.  Thanks, Jay!   

What's a post without something I got from Blowout?:
This was a trade, though, which I need to do more of so I don't spend such a ridiculous amount on cards.  A guy wanted an Aaron Hicks (Twins) letter I pulled from the Letterman breaks, and he had a PhotoBucket stocked with some nice Wolverines.  I settled on three cards for the Hicks and another insert:
A 2008 Donruss EEE Zach Putnam autograph.  I've been wanting this guy for a while but hadn't really been able to track it down until now, the perfect time to nab it in a trade.  Nice shot of him in a Michigan uni.
A 2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects Refractor auto, also of Zach Putnam.  If this looks familiar, that's because I've got the XFractor version.  Maybe I'll shoot for the rainbow on this one.
Oops.  Well I probably knew Tim was sending me this and spaced, or I'm just dumb, but whatever, now I've got two!  Anyway, I was happy with how the trade came out, so that's a plus.

There's still more to come--I picked up a handful more cards in various Blowout deals this week so those should be arriving soon.  I should also have something up regarding which Letterman autos are available FS/FT before much longer.

Speaking of Letterman, which I apparently won't shut up about, here's some posts from last break's participants:  BA Benny, Midwest Cardboard and the Daily Dimwit.

While I'm giving a shout out to BA Benny (aka every other post), keep an eye out for his group break to officially begin, although there's a few slots left.