Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy mail day says "HOLY CRAP IS IT EVER MAIL DAY"

So this was in my mailbox today.  A little backtracking:  I bought a Jennifer Lopez's buttload of stuff from various sales on the BlowoutCards forums during my Christmas break.  Between some lots that were steals and several users dumping piles of Michigan hits I wanted needed, I made out like a bandit, if such a thing is possible when a person is exchanging sums of money for pieces of cardboard with scribbles and chunks of fabric on them.

The first of my large, piecemeal haul came between Christmas and New Year's, but I thought I'd want to lump everything into one scan.  Then "everything" grew to be a bunch of purchases, so screw that noise, y'all get part one today thanks to my previous gets plus the bounty you see above.  More stuff should trickle in soon, in which case I'll probably post them as I get them instead of saving stuff up.  More for you to look forward to!

All descriptions of lots are approximate as I pretty much lumped stuff together by category and don't feel like ascertaining what came with what.  Enjoy!

Random baseball:
Up first are three baseball cards that I got in a lot of five (you'll see the others later).  The reason I ended up with this many was to get enough to earn free shipping, though these three were certainly worth it.  The Haren is one of those "100x nicer in person than scanned" cards and I may have to hold onto that one.  The Schafer seemed like good trade bait and I may have some ideas of what to do with it.  The Sizemore is the Refractor version of the one I got in a group break, so I may end up flipping one of those.  Not bad so far...

Random football:
This football lot included another card you'll see later, so seven cards (all autographs) for something like $12.  All seem like they'll end up being decent trade bait, and I have to imagine Mr. Thorpe will end up over at the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame should he so desire. 

Wolverine non-hits:
These two were kind of throw-ins with other deals and both are pretty cool.  I've made no secret of being a fan of UD's Masterpieces set, and the Hart is a cool parallel that's #d /50.  I couldn't tell you which lots these came with, but I can promise you they're far from the only Wolverine football cards I nabbed.

Wolverine baseball hits:
Chris Getz 2008 Bowman Sterling auto/RC:  #'d 07/50, this is a slick auto of the former Michigan 2B that played a few years with the ChiSox and now toils for the lowly, lowly (and I mean they SUCK) Royals.  Definitely one of those guys I wouldn't collect if he wasn't an alum, but he is and so he's part of the collection.

Rich Hill 2009 Topps T-206 Piedmont auto:  Rich is a guy I've been collecting since he was drafted by the Cubs, though my collection of him is still small.  This card commemorates his brief stint with the Orioles, and I have to say I love the signed minis encased in a larger card.  Tim of GSNHOF might be jealous if he doesn't already have this one!

Michigan FOOTBAW hits:
Aaron Shea 2002 Pacific Exclusive jersey: probably the "worst" card I picked up (that's one boring-ass jersey piece from a pretty lame-o set), this was one of the very cheap cards I picked up from yet another lot from BlowoutCards forum seller Mdskyhawks.  Seriously, I've bought some nice lots from him on at least four non-consecutive occasions.  Shea played TE/FB for Cleveland and San Diego after his Michigan career (which included our last national title).  I'm sort of slowly working on grabbing something of a lot of different Wolverines, so this was a nice, if uninspiring, pickup.   

Adrian Arrington 2008 Score Select Inscriptions auto RC:  It wouldn't be a PC purchase post without an Adrian Arrington auto.  Hopefully the Saints will give this stud WR a shot in the playoffs after his last impressive game.

Anthony Carter 2008 Press Pass Legends Top 25 auto:  AC was one of our #1 WRs that consistently caught the ball (COUGHCOUGHBRAYLONCOUGH).  But enough about his stats, this is a gorgeous autograph that makes me think I need to pick up more of the guy's stuff.  This is the lone card that I picked up by itself instead of in a lot--a guy posted a box break of this set and I immediately requested to buy this card, which the guy agreed to for a pretty cheap $4.50.  Another first and we're just three cards in!

Anthony Thomas 2003 SP Game Used NFL Patch:  I've said a lot about the A-Train already since I've already picked up a bunch of his stuff, but, man this is a sick patch!  Surprisingly, it's not even close to the best patch in the lot, but it was a steal and is more than welcome in my PC.

Brandon Graham 2010 Absolute Memorabilia Spectrum auto RC:  I'd been after this one for a while after Absolute's release, and now I finally have it.  Not a lot of Graham stuff yet because he's only a rookie this year, but I'm getting there.

Braylon Edwards 2005 Zenith Rookie Roll Call patch:  I realize Bray-Bray no longer plays for the Browns, who weren't my favorite team to begin with, but this is still a cool multi-color patch.  It's also a nice, low serial number, which is a plus.  And holy crap, does anybody remember when Zenith still existed?

Chris Perry 2004 Genuine Big Time auto:  Hooray for yet another Chris Perry hit.  The set name brings to mind my favorite scene from a hilarious movie, I Love You Man.  Watch this clip, you won't be disappointed, unless you don't think Paul Rudd is awesome. 

Gabe Watson 2006 Playoff Contenders auto RC:  His autograph looks less like his name and more like "Hard Work", but this is still a decent, shiny auto.

Jason Avant 2006 Absolute Memorabilia War Room patch:  Sweet Jesus is this a nice patch, even if it's "event-worn" and not "game-used".  Almost makes me want to root for the Iggles.

Jason Avant 2006 Leaf Limited Phenoms patch auto:  Sweet Avant patch #2, and this includes an autograph to boot!

Jason Avant 2006 Playoff Contenders auto RC:  Yeah, this one guy had a lot of Avant stuff, and I wasn't gonna turn any of it down.

LaMarr Woodley 2007 Absolute Memorabilia auto RC:  I have no idea what LaMarr scribbled on this card, but it's an autographed RC, so that's a plus.  Here's hoping the free agent-to-be decides to come home and vastly improve the Lions' linebacker group.

Leon Hall 2007 Absolute Memorabilia auto RC:  Same set, different player (and a better autograph, no?).  The first of a few Hall cards I picked up so far of the under-appreciated former Michigan DB who seems to have done well for the Bungles so far.

Leon Hall 2007 Bowman Chrome auto RC:  This was the 7th card in the football lot I posted above, and the main reason I wanted the lot in the first place.  PC auto/RC plus trade bait equals awesome.

Leon Hall 2007 SP Rookie Threads Lettermen auto:  My first Michigan letter auto that's based on a pro jersey instead of a college one, I'm still fairly happy with this.  Getting a letter for as many different Michigan players as I can would be cool.

Mario Manningham 2008 SPx Rookie Winning Materials dual jersey:  This set honestly doesn't thrill me much, and yet I have a few from it now, but these cards make decent throw-ins for the lots I pick up, and another Super Mario is fine by me.

Mike Hart 2008 SPx Signature Supremacy auto:  I'm not in love with the design on this card, but I'm always after Mike Hart's signature since he's pretty much my favorite Michigan RB ever.  Hopefully he'll finally stay healthy and earn more PT next year.

Steve Breaston 2007 Bowman Signs of the Future auto:  Yep, he's got just about the laziest signature ever, but I still like the guy.  I kind of like the look of this set anyway, and this was one of the cheaper Breaston auto options in this lot.

Steve Breaston 2007 SPx XFactor Signatures auto:  Another fairly cheap auto of "SB".  Hopefully the guy goes to a team where the QB isn't 1) 50 years old or 2) undrafted...

Terrance Taylor 2009 SP Threads Stitch in Time auto: Another guy for whom I didn't have any hits until now.  You know I'm a fan of cards with guys in their college unis, so this is a big plus even if his autograph looks like an excerpt from an EKG.

That's it for now but expect more very soon, possible even as soon as today since I don't even remember how much I'm still waiting on!


  1. Nice pick ups! And nice "I Love You Man" reference...Rudd and Segel are awesome and they work real well in that movie together. Have to own that flick someday.

    Also, probably someday. Hill - that is a damn nice auto - very nicely done dude. Looks gorgeous.

  2. Wow, that is some haul! Very nice stuff too. The A-Train and Avant patches are sweet.