Monday, January 10, 2011

Blowout forums blowout: day 5: Merry Avantmas!

Seriously, we're winding down on my BlowoutCards forums purchases from the last month--this might even be the second-to-the-last package left.
This one includes just a few cards, but some nice ones all the same.  I found some Jason Avant stuff I really liked and I talked the guy down to $30 delivered for the following five cards, which arrived just a day after his highlight-reel day in the Eagles' loss:
Jason Avant 2006 Bowman Chrome auto RC:  Rookie autograph #1 in the lot, and a nice one to start with.  I like the looks of some of these older Bowman Chrome sets, I must say.  Good action shot of Avant, too.

Jason Avant 2006 SAGE Aspire auto:  Probably the most "boring" card of the bunch, I still like this since it's an action shot from a Michigan-Indiana game.  Also, it shows Avant in his #8 jersey, my favorite jersey number of all time, naturally, because of Mr. Cal Ripken, Jr..  I even have my own Michigan #8 jersey, to go along with a #1, of course.

Jason Avant 2006 SP Authentic Rookie Authentic Signature Patch auto:  Best card in the bunch, ya think?  The guy had a pair of these, but this was the far superior version in his possession and I still got it despite the big discount I asked for.  Unbelievably, I now have three Avant patches, including two with autographs.  Patches are really starting to grow on me, and I'll probably work on getting more as my collection marches on.

Jason Avant 2006 Topps Chrome auto RC:  Rookie autograph #2, and more chrome goodness.

Jason Avant 2006 Ultra Autographics:  And we finish off with another autograph of Avant pictured during his Michigan days.  Not a bad design--good picture, plus the autograph is off to the side, out of the way of the photo so you can appreciate both.

Avant was a somewhat-appreciated but sure-handed (mostly) possession receiver during his years here, and I was thrilled to watch him make a big difference in the Eagles' loss this weekend.  He's no speed burner, and he still drops some big passes sometimes, but I think a smarter team would use him more, and maybe we'll see that next year.  He's also one of the first Wolverines for whom I had an autograph before I really got into collecting football, and now:

New Avant total count:
  • 11 cards
  • 1 jersey
  • 1 patch
  • 6 autographs
  • 1 jersey autograph
  • 2 patch autographs
I believe the final lot I'm waiting on is baseball only, so kiss Wolverine PC posts goodbye for a bit (probably).  I'm sure all of you are crushed and hate the fact that my next few posts will probably be more baseball-centric...

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  1. Nice lot. That Fleer Ink card is a really nice looking design. The SP Auto/Patch is obviously sweet too.