Friday, January 7, 2011

Blowout forums blowout: day 3 (Chad Henne edition)

(These are so much easier to write when I don't have 20+ cards to write about)

This one won't take long--just a couple cards I bought together from a guy who gave me what I think was a nice deal:

Chad Henne 2010 Finest dual jersey auto:  Here's one I'd kind of been after for a while, but nobody was ever offering a good deal on it.  Two jersey pieces (albeit identical ones) plus an autograph equals a pretty nice card.  I'm finally starting to really pile up some Henne sigs, too.  Now if only he could break out into being the star he's meant to be...

Chad Henne 2010 Topps Platinum patch auto:  I really like the design of this set.  Some of you might remember I pulled a Jordan Shipley patch from a blaster of 2010 Platinum, but that had only a single color "patch", and this one puts that to shame and then some.  Along with the above, this gives me one hell of a Henne collection.

Not a bad pair for $20 delivered, I thought.  Hopefully more to come tomorrow.

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