Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blowout forums blowout: day 2

More great stuff, so let's get down to it:

B.J. Askew 2005 Topps Heritage auto:  A slightly askew scan of a pretty cool autograph.  I don't have a ton to say about this card, but I couldn't let this back go by unnoticed:
Everyone knows Topps sometimes pays homage to those vintage (and occasionally more recent) card backs that featured little cartoons.  Sometimes they were stupid or lame, but they still generally had something to do with the player or, I don't know, his sport.
That's not the Topps Way®.  Oh no sirree it's not.  Topps goes into full propaganda mode in a real-life version of PowerSauce Bars (they harness the power of six kinds of apples!).

Brad: "This Powersauce newsbreak is brought to you by Powersauce: Get sauced with Powersauce. Neil."

Neil:  "Our top story, Homer Simpson has just Powersauced his way past the halfway point of the Murderhorn. Brad, could Homer have made it this far without the engineered nutrition of six kinds of apples?"

Brad:  "No way Neil.  Oh, this just in...Powersauce is amazing!"

Since the exact Simpsons clips I want usually don't exist on the internets, here's a related one:

Ok, that was a lot of digression for one card and we've only done one so far.  Onwards:

Bennie Joppru 2003 Playoff Contenders Season Ticket auto RC:  Joppru hit #3 and autograph #2!  I can't believe I have more Joppru stuff than Marquise Walker, for example, but my collection is young, and Joppru's no slouch.  Joppru!

Chad Henne 2009 SPx Winning Materials patch:  Here's possibly the best card of the bunch:  another Henne hit!  Here's hoping Michigan alum Jim Harbaugh accepts the Dolphins' head coaching offer (since it looks like Michigan's no longer an option), turns them around and gets the most out of Henne, who's had some ups and downs but has to deal with craptacular WRs, no run game, and the B.S. that is the "Wildcat".

John Navarre 2004 Bowman Chrome auto RC:  My Navarre collection slowly marches on with another autographed RC of the out-of-the-NFL former QB.

Mike Hart 2009 Topps Career Best auto:  Yes, another Mike Hart auto because, as I said yesterday, he's my favorite Michigan RB of all time.  His sig looks pretty good, too.  I like the design of this set, other than the Green/White thing going on there.

More lots to come, I'm sure, especially since I just snagged yet ANOTHER one today.  Until then, GO BLUE (as in go find a coach)!

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  1. You are on a roll! I can't wait to see what shows up next.