Friday, December 10, 2010

A Michigan Blowout my team's defense WASN'T involved in

So amidst all the other excitement this week with the group break and all, I grabbed two more packages of Michigan cards from my favorite Blowout forums seller, Mdskyhawks, and a nice single from a different seller.  Total price for everything below (18 cards):  a ridiculous $40.  You read that right:  another 18 autographs and jerseys for $40.  DELIVERED.  I loves me some Blowout forum sales, and so does friend of the blog SpastikMooss, a.k.a. Tim of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame, just observe here, here, here, and here.

Ok, enough with the continued free advertising, on with the loot:

Amani Toomer 2001 SP Authentic jersey:  a cool blue Giants swatch from former Michigan WR great Amani "IT'S NOT A" Toomer! Apparently he's playing "Duck-duck-goose" with himself.

Amani Toomer 2003 Topps Pristine Performance jersey:  this one has a swatch that's kind of boring, but when it comes to Michigan cards I'm not as picky.  Plus this one plays up a nice statistical season he'd had the year before, which is cool.
Anthony Thomas 2001 Fleer Focus Shirts and Skins Rookie Premiere jersey-ball:  a cool dual relic of the A-Train, one of three Thomases I picked up this time for my growing collection.  An NFL washout but a college great.

Anthony Thomas 2002 SPx Winning Materials jersey:  one of the larger Michigan relics I have, though as you'll see shortly that list is growing.  A nice large Bears jersey swatch makes for a nice card.

Anthony Thomas 2002 UD Piece of History Rookie Glory Jersey:  a much smaller but still decent A-Train jersey rounds out the trifecta this time.

Braylon Edwards 2009 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads dual jersey:  his scan of the card didn't make it obvious this was a dual-sided jersey card, which was a nice bonus, as was a shot of #1 in his Michigan uni.
Chad Henne 2008 SPx Winning Materials jersey:  kind of a small, boring swatch, but still a decent, numbered Henne relic from his rookie year, plus any Henne hit you can pick up for $2 is worth it in my book.

David Terrell 2001 Absolute Memorabilia RPM jersey-ball-RC:  I'm sure I've said it before but I'm a fan of Absolute's RPM cards.  Though this is an early version, and maybe not as spiffy as the latest iterations, it's still pretty cool.  Terrell is the other recent UM Bears draft bust, but he was awesome at Michigan and is still worth collecting as far as I'm concerned.

David Terrell 2005 Donruss Throwback Threads jersey:  another Terrell, though not as cool as the above, at least it's not a boring-ass white swatch.  I also like that the card notes Terrell being picked up by one of my favorite teams, the Wolverine-loving Patriots, though he never ended up sticking around there.
Gabe Watson 2006 Leaf Certified Materials New Generation auto-RC:  a pretty nice numbered autographed RC, even if it is a sticker.  Watson was a beast for Michigan's D, though he hasn't made a huge impact in the NFL with Arizona, at least not yet.
Greg Mathews 2010 SAGE HIT Silver auto:  a nice parallel of a nice autograph of one of Michigan's solid if unheralded WRs who probably won't ever crack an NFL roster for significant playing time.  Still, I'd be remiss if I didn't get at least one hit of the guy.
Jake Long 2008 Leaf Certified Materials Freshman Fabric jersey:  more LCM love and yet another addition to the Long collection, I just couldn't say no to this huge jersey swatch, especially for $2.  Nor could I turn down...
Jake Long 2008 Leaf Certified Materials Freshman Fabric Mirror Red jersey:  its Mirror Red counterpart, numbered to $100.  Apparently my Long collection is growing so quickly it's spawning twins!
Jamar Adams 2008 Donruss Threads auto-RC:  another guy I didn't want to miss, even if he didn't do much in college and absolutely nothing in the pros.  Jamar was a safety here from 2004-08, signed with Seattle and has since bounced around a bit.
John Navarre 2004 SP Authentic Scripts for Success auto:  it seems like it's been a while since I picked up a Navarre auto, so this was a nice find.  While he's yet another guy on this list who washed out of the NFL, he'll be remembered well for stepping in for the traitorous Drew Henson, beating Ohio State, and, oh yeah, this thing:

I'll take Gumpiest QB ever taking a convoy to a trick play score for $100.

Marlin Jackson 2005 UD Reflections Signature Reflections auto:  adding to my small Marlin Jackson collection is this beauty (albeit a sticker).  Here's hoping the guy's career isn't over after a ridiculous number of lower-body injuries.

Marquise Walker 2002 SP Authentic Authentic Threads jersey:  a standout WR at Michigan, Marquise was a rare Wolverine on the Bucs.  Overall this is a fairly boring card in terms of design, but that's a cool red jersey swatch at least.  Hopefully my Walker collection improves, though I'm limited to what was available of him at the time in the earlier days of relics.

Rich Hill 2006 UD Future Stars Clear Path to Greatness Signatures auto:  the one card in this group that I bought by itself ($5 dlvd) while looking at a guy's Black Friday break, and the only from a non-football player in the bunch.  Hill's bounced around a few teams lately but is one of the better pitchers to emerge from Michigan recently (plus SpastikMooss will probably be jealous, even if it isn't a UD Heroes...).

Like I even need to remind you guys, the old Michigan personal collection is here.  Thanks for looking, and get yourselves over to those forums sometime to find some nice deals, why don't ya?

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  1. Nice lot! I especially like the Anthonty Thomas and Braylon Edwards duals.

    And as for the Hill lol...that card at the end was actually one I watched on Ebay forever back when I full on supercollected Hill. Always a bit too much money, and then one day there was a super cheap Ebay auction that I pounced on and it was mine. Definitely one of my favorite Hill Autos (I think I have 3 not counting Heroes). Mine is in this post:

    But yes, if I didn't have it, I would be very very jealous. His best is the Masterpieces Stroke of Genius one though which is on card and realllly nice. Do you have that one yet?