Saturday, December 18, 2010

2010 Gridiron Gear Retail Rack Packs (x5)

(Sorry, no pack picture this time--I forgot to scan one)

So I hadn't intended on buying any more packs before the new year, but I stopped at Meijer for some other stuff, saw some of these and decided to grab five in case they were any good.  The results:

Purchased from/price:  Meijer, $4.99
Packs/cards:  5 packs of 40
Set size:  250 base cards, including 100 rookies
Key features/cards: Pretty much the rookies

Base card front and back

Set completion:  128/250 (51%)
Extras:  67/195 (34%)
     Doubles:  52
     Triples:  15 

Inserts:  5  (Besides forgetting to scan the packs I neglected to note the insert odds, if any, but it looks like you get one insert per pack)

NFL Nation:  Matt Schaub
Silver O's:  Vince Young, 221/250
Rookie Orientation:  Montario Hardesty
Gamebreakers:  Larry Fitzgerald, Wes Welker

Best card:  I dunno, the numbered Young, maybe?
Best pack:  Pack one had the Young, plus some decent stars.  Really none of them was very exciting.

Quality control and collation:  5/20  First off, I ended up with a big handful of cards with bad corners.  That was bad enough, but GOD DAMN that's a lot of doubles.  A good 1/3 of what I pulled was useless, and that just blows.
Base set: 10/20  Probably the only thing I actually liked about these packs, the base set looks pretty good.  However, it's 250 cards in size and you only get four of the 100 rookies per rack pack, so good luck completing what will probably be a $50 set for less than $150.  Player selection was decent, but do we really need THAT many rookies?
Inserts:  1/15  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Hits and extras:  0/15  I don't feel like I had any reasonable hope of pulling anything, and my "extra" in every pack was a blank/decoy card, which is probably worth more than any jersey card I would have pulled somehow.
Value:  5/30  As there's no way in hell you're gonna have a reasonable shot completing the base set, even just the first 150 veterans, with a sane number of rack packs, and considering I got too many doubles plus five lame inserts, what is there to consider valuable here?

Overall:  21/100
Recommendation:  KILL IT!  KILL IT WITH FIRE!
Wow is that ever a bleak review, and definitely the lowest score I've posted since I started this blog.  There seriously isn't much to like here, though; my typical experience was 35 veterans, four rookies and a crappy insert, with most of the base being dupes and without any hope of a redeeming hit of any kind.  I'm so unenthusiastic I might not even waste the time to complete the set, so if anybody needs any of these besides the Wolverines, please let me know.

Yeah, at least a pulled a few of these, including some TRIPLES

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  1. That blows.
    I've been buying a little of Prime b/c I like the great pics, but I feel like the inserts are crap. Maybe I just haven't pulled one worth a damn, but I'm going to work on the set.