Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 SAGE HIT Low Series Football blasters (x3)

This is going to be a bit of a mini-review as these boxes don't warrant too much discussion, but it's been a while since I had something useful to post, and maybe these'll interest some of you.
Today (Sunday) I headed down to Meijer since they were actually advertising cards being 20% (which doesn't happen very often).  I grabbed three of these boxes, plus a couple others of baseball that may get posted eventually.  The SAGE boxes were actually already half off (originally $20), so these seemed like a nice deal.  I'd purchased a few before and did decently well, so for $8 each I thought I'd grab them.  The goods:

Purchased from/price:  Meijer, $7.99 (x3)
Packs/cards:  20 packs of 5 cards each (x3)
Set size:  50 base cards (with #s 46-50, the "program" cards being SPed)
Key features/cards:  2 autographs per box; players in college unis; lots of star rookies, including Bradford, Spiller, McCoy, Mathews and Gerhart

Sample front and back
As you can see, the design is fairly simple (read: BORING), but the cards generally feature good action shots, and I mostly approve of the backs as well.

Set completion stuff:  I already had a bunch of these, so I mashed them all up together, and as expected because of the stupid SPs (some of which seem to be more SPed than others) I only ended up with one complete set.  I'm working on more, of course, so if you can help, please let me know:

Set 1: 53 56 59 66 79 95 96
Set 2: 44 47 53 56 58 59 63 65 66 73 79 83 84 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98
Set 3: 44 47
Set 4: 37 41 44 45 47 49
Set 5: 37 39 41 42 44 45 47 49 

The hits:  Each box is configured such that you get 20 packs of 5 base cards (and ONLY base cards--NO inserts), plus a separate shrink-wrapped pack (or a mini zip lock bag, in one case for me) with two autographs.  While the base cards only include the low series, the autographs come from both, including parallel versions.  Here's what I got:

As you can see, I ended up with four silvers, which is pretty cool.  All told I came out with about $50-$60 worth of autographs for my $24, not to mention a buttload of base cards.  While I didn't end up with the players I got the first time I bought these (including Sean Weatherspoon and Brian Bulaga) I think I did alright.  All of these are available for trade if you see your favorite team.

Overall:  this is a recommended buy from me because the two autographs are worth your $8-$10 (but not $20, really) alone, and if you grab a couple of these you should be at or near 1-2 sets, depending on those stupid SPs.

Expect to see some giveaway action considering all the extras I ended up with, but first I'll probably work on completing some of these sets.


  1. 6 auto's in $24 worth of cards are pretty good odds. I will be looking into this for sure. Looks like it was fun to open.

  2. I found something while going through older stuff this weekend and wanted to check and see if you were interested.

    1992 Classic Draft Picks Desmond Howard (#1)

    Also ran across a few Larkins
    2000 Prism
    02 Topps
    93 Donruss
    03 Donruss