Monday, October 4, 2010

Trade packages in time for the playoffs

First, this is probably the first time I've mentioned it but...
Georgia Mindset.  Group break.  Teams available.  Sweet cards.  Low prices.  Get in.  Or suck.  Your choice.  Ripken plz.

Mmmm...mail day...arrrrrrrrrrggggggmmmmm

Two great trade packages in the mail today:

My Cardboard Mistress:

Adam at My Cardboard Mistress and I worked out a pretty good deal.  I originally hit him up for the 1999 Finest Ripkens he posted about a few weeks ago (what can I say?  I'm a fan of that design).  I sent him a bunch of players from his wantlist, generally Ryan Zimmerman, David Wright and the Upton brothers, and he hit me back with some Ripkens, Gwynns and Michigan guys.  Here's some highlights of my return:
A few Ripkens, a couple Gwynns and a pair of aces (also love those 2008 Stadium Clubs)

WOLVERINES!  Heavy on the UD Heroes, a nice-looking set

I don't know how many trade packages this is for me, but there hasn't been one dud in the bunch.  Thanks for keeping the streak alive, Adam, and props on your end of the deal!  Hope you enjoy your stuff as much.

BA Benny 2:  Electric Boogaloo:

So I sent Mike of BA Benny fame another large box stuffed with stuff from his favorite New York teams, and again he reciprocated with some excellent stuff.  Trade with this guy, you will not regret it.  Of note:

Lots of Lions and Wolverines.  My favorite here was the Griese Blue Refractor (just a winner of a design, amirite?) but there was a top-notch selection of stuff here, including multiple RCs of guys like Stafford and a good bump in Calvin Johnsons for me
A Shef angrier than Gordon Ramsey, Refractor goodness of Tigers pitchers (sorta) past and present, too many Grandersons (including a Refractor!) and a Gold Polanco for good measure

JUMBO PICTURE GOODNESS:  easily my favorite card in the whole package, a beaut that celebrates JV's 2007 no-no against the Brewers.  I bet this came from a group of packs back when he reviewed the set, 2008 UD Masterpieces

...and the back, because why not?
So all that plus just a huge pile of Tigers, Wolverines and other stuff.  Mike is an un-Gerald Laird-like 2 for 2.  Thanks again!

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