Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy mail Monday!

But first...
Reminder:  I'm trying to get a group break started, so check out the post below.  Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging that I sometimes get to on Mondays...

In today's mail, #1:

You might remember Emerald City Diamond Gems' post last week featuring this thing, but in case you didn't, he offered a sweet Orioles 1983 World Series patch (an actual patch, not a card) and I stepped up to yoink it from probably more deserving Orioles fans, because 1) that's the year I was born and 2) it's the year Cal won the MVP and his only Series, the last one Baltimore has even been involved in.  Here it is in all its patchy glory:
This is a very cool addition to my collection and much appreciated.  Thanks again, Larry!  While I'm at it, best of luck on your newest blog venture.

In today's mail, #2:

As mentioned ad nauseum here, I've started trading and buying stuff through the BlowoutCards forums.  I've made several acquisitions in the last couple weeks, some of which should be showing up soon.  The ones that came today:
Mario Manningham 2008 Leaf Limited Slide Show autograph

Mario Manningham 2008 SP Rookie Edition autograph
A pair of Super Marios for the old personal collection.  This puts me up to six Manningham hits, so maybe it's time to focus on someone else, but who can forget what the man who inspired The New Math (86=1) did to hated Penn State in 2006 (Nittany Lions fans may want to look away; they're probably still worried that Alan Branch is right around the corner):

Good times, good times.  So that's it for today, but more acquisitions to come soon, so keep an eye out for those.

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