Friday, October 8, 2010

Gimme a break, and other news


BOXES!  GET YER BOXES!  (Once again yoinked for advertising purposes)

AJ's group break over at Georgia Mindset is tonight!  10 pm EST,  Somehow I doubt he'd mind if you put in a last-minute request for one or more teams as long as it's before he gets started.  Even if you don't want to buy in, get some vicarious thrills by peeping the promised (if that doesn't work his backup is Youtube vids, still good too).

Yours truly got dibs on the Tigers (AJax RC/Auto and Cabrera 1/1 patch plz) and Orioles (much to Beardy's chagrin, but sometimes a guy needs to get his Ripken on) but there's still some pretty good teams left.  Anyway, don't miss it!

Michigan-Michigan State, 3:30 EST Saturday

Heading says it all.  A beatdown of little brother for my big brother's birthday would be awesome.  Here's hoping for the Denardening and not the Retardening.  A fun video for the meantime:

Since I likely won't be posting tomorrow, here's this stuff a day early:

Other blogs?  Other blogs.

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  1. I won the Internet!?!?!


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