Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trade packages and other blog news

Many thanks again to everyone who not only linked to this brand new blog, but mentioned it on their own, sometimes even flatteringly.  I don't want you to think I forgot my end of the bargain, otherwise....

So, if your blog's name remotely resembles one of the following, I've sent out 60 soiled matresses a free trampoline trade packages to you and you should receive them soon:
HOWEVA, if I haven't mentioned you, fret not as I haven't forgotten you--I've just had a buttload of trade packages to put together.  In fact, a couple are going out tomorrow.  I still need to put a couple more together, get addresses, etc.  Don't worry, I'm on it.

In other news:

I have no plans for busting anything in the next couple days, but did win a few lots of 2005 Topps Chrome Series 2 packs (I can haz Ether/Butler/Cabrera/Verlander RC autoz?) <plug>at awesome prices thanks to my favorite (and currently only saved) eBay seller, fortycards17.  The guy sells pack lots he acquires wholesale and shrinkwraps, and that results in some pretty sweet deals.  I can vouch for him having bought some 05 Topps Chrome I and 04 Topps Traded packs a while ago at bargain prices, so check him out next time you need a pack fix.</plug>

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