Monday, September 6, 2010

2010 Topps Football Retail Blaster

Happy Labor Day, everybody.  This will be a short review as I already reviewed a jumbo box of this stuff, plus I didn't pull much that was really new.

  • Purchased from/price:  Meijer, $19.99
  • Packs/cards:   10 packs / 8 cards
  • Set size:  440
  • Key features:  One Throwback Patch per box
  • Base cards pulled:  57, including another Bradford RC (I have a few of these if anyone needs one)
  • Extras:  0 (woohoo!)
  • Set wantlist help:  9 cards
  • Inserts:  
    • 52 Bowman:  Joe McKnight, Chris Johnson, Ronnie Brown
    • Attax:  10, including Brady (my only new Michigan card, and it's a crappy Attax, so no Wolverines section at the bottom today)
    • Peak Performance:  Arrelious Benn, DeMarcus Ware, Jamaal Charles
    • 75th Draft:  Tim Tebow, Vince Young
    • Reprints:  Tony Dorsett
    • Gridiron Lineage:  Dorsett/McCoy, Peterson/Harvin
    • Gold:  NY Jets #0405/2010
    • Gridiron Giveaway:  1 (already spoken for)
  • Autographs:  None (none expected)
  • Relics:  Brandon Jacobs Throwback Patch (1:box)

Overall score: A-
This seemed like a pretty typical Topps Retail Blaster in my opinion.  For $20 I got a bit of set help, a bunch of inserts, and a cool guaranteed patch (which is available, by the way--I'm no Giants fan, unless you count Amani Toomer and Mario Manningham, hint hint).

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  1. I used that code you gave me the other day.

    EPIC fail.

    the flames are still burning..........